Abortion pills in Bataan: Student ends unplanned pregnancy without the support of cheating bf (entry #132(

Abortion pills in Bataan


Not starting another broken family

First, I’d like to start off with my family background because it is also one of the factors why I chose this path instead of being a loving and caring mother to my supposed to be child.

When I was still a child I had a complete family, although it wasn’t always full of happiness and far from being perfect, I still find joy in the moments when we were all still together. As I grew up, I noticed and understood that what I thought of as a “family” wasn’t really what it was. And soon enough what I expected to happen did happen, my mother and father separated. And to everyone who grew up with the same background or knows someone who does, you know how hard it is to be a child of a broken family and as much as possible you would want to avoid it when it is your time to start a family because you want your child to not experience the pain of growing up without the love of a mother/father, you don’t want them to grow up in a house full of arguments, and you never want to force them to make a choice against their will when it comes to their custody.


Undecided, abortion plan sidetracked until bf cheats

Now I would like to tell my current situation and the main factor of why I made the decision to abort my baby. I met someone while I was going out with my friends, he asked for my name and we went on a couple of dates, soon enough he became my boyfriend. We were in a long distance relationship because of his work which required him to be stationed in different places, and every time we do see each other, we had sex (unprotected). There was a time when he had a 1 month vacation but before he went home to see his family he visited me first and of course we slept together that night, at that time because of travel and fatigue he said he didn’t remember if he pulled out in time, I also didn’t feel anything inside of me so we just  shrugged it off. Then came the time for my period and I didn’t get it, I told him and we both just thought that I was just late. I guess we were both in denial of the situation, after a month and half of me not getting my period I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. 

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At the time I was deciding if I wanted to continue the pregnancy and surprise him with the results because he wants to have a child while I didn’t because I wanted to finish studying first before starting a family because we talked about it before. So without him knowing I was looking for methods and clinics that does abortion. After looking for a while and didn’t find anything I got sidetracked by my studies so I forgot to continue my search about abortion for like a month. As time passed by so did our relationship, little did I know that from the time that he went home for vacation he was cheating on me. Good thing that I found out about it before I told him that I was pregnant and school also ended. After a few days of processing the break up I continued my search on how I could abort the baby because I couldn’t support the both of us while I am still studying and I didn’t want to continue my relationship with a cheater because I know that he would just leave me and the baby once he finds another girl that would be willing to be with him even if he has a child.


No support from ex, no problem

After days and nights of searching, inquiring, and emailing I came across project 486, I read a few entries and just found out that abortion pills are available in the Philippines. I immediately send an email and hoped that they would reply immediately, to my surprise after a few hours I did receive an email back. I sent my details and consulted with Doctor John, it was a race against time because I was already at 12 weeks when I consulted with Doc John. At this point I told my ex about my decision to abort the baby and at first he didn’t support me but then he came around, and after a few days he disappeared again not that I was surprised I already expected that I would shoulder all the burden I just wanted to let him know. By the time that I got the medicine he was also already out of the picture again so I did the procedure by myself without my family’s knowledge as well.

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I am very thankful for Doctor John for being with me every step of the way and reminding me of the things that I needed to do during the procedure. 

To Doctor John, Alex, and the whole team of Project 486 I cannot thank you enough for the support that you guys give, not only to me but to others who also have the same situation as me. 

And to my supposed to be baby, I am very sorry that I had to do this. Because of our mistakes we couldn’t give you the life, future, and opportunity that you deserve. This will forever be a lesson to me that I will take to my grave.

-Tia, 23, Balanga City, Bataan

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  1. I, Cha, am also from Balanga City Bataan. I decided to abort my baby because i don’t want to raise a child in an unstable home and family. Not only are we unstable I also have a broken family. I cannot supporth this child now and I am thankful for project486 for having this program for us troubled women.

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