abortion pills in u-belt manila

Abortion pills in Manila: Goal-driven fresh grad surprised to complete her procedure with just Mifepristone alone (entry # 125)

Abortion pills in Manila saves soon-to-start career of a goal-driven fresh grad I am Felicity (alias), 22, from Manila. Things were looking good for me after I graduated this year with flying colors from my dream university. Since I am the oldest child in the family, my parents do really have high expectations on me […]

Abortion Pills in Makati: FuBu relationship to cure loneliness resulted to unexpected pregnancy (entry# 124)

Abortion in Makati It has been 10 days since I succeeded the procedure, and all I could think of within those days are all the lessons that I never thought I needed. But before I continue to elucidate these lessons, I would want to let you all know my story first. Lonely and confused I […]