Abortion Pills in Makati: FuBu relationship to cure loneliness resulted to unexpected pregnancy (entry# 124)

Abortion in Makati It has been 10 days since I succeeded the procedure, and all I could think of within those days are all the lessons that I never thought I needed. But before I continue to elucidate these lessons, I would want to let you all know my story first. Lonely and confused I […]

Abortion in Makati: Her partner wants the baby but their relationship is toxic (entry #12 )

May 2, 2017 Misty, 22 Government employee Makati City, Philippines — I found out that I was pregnant, my whole world shattered. I am not ready yet and my relationship with my boyfriend is on the rocks. I usually get delayed so di naman ako masyado kinabahan. Pero nung last time, kinabahan na ako. Kasi […]