Abortion pills in Cebu: Can’t concentrate on the board review because of unplanned pregnancy (entry# 138)

Abortion Pills in Cebu It’s nerve wracking but i have to do this para hindi ako itatakwil ng mom ko at family ng boyfriend ko. I just started my review for my boards after 2 weeks i feel nauseated and got easily irritated and told my boyfriend about it, I thought paparating na ung mens […]

Abortion in Baguio: I thought abortion is simply going to the hospital and get meds or surgery (entry# 137)

Abortion Pills in Baguio City more stories from Baguio City   Most of my period starts on every 21st. My period did not start even a week after October 21st last month. As soon as I tried pregnancy test, two lines came out immediately. I felt like throwing up and had trouble breathing properly. I […]

Abortion pills in Cebu: I dont want to suffer the same fate as my mom (entry #136)

I am a fresh grad and I just got hired to work when I found out that I was pregnant. I was scared. Before taking the pregnancy test, I already had a feeling that I was pregnant and so the first thing that I thought of was project486. I found out about this page because […]