Abortion pills in Cebu: Can’t concentrate on the board review because of unplanned pregnancy (entry# 138)

Abortion Pills in Cebu

It’s nerve wracking but i have to do this para hindi ako itatakwil ng mom ko at family ng boyfriend ko. I just started my review for my boards after 2 weeks i feel nauseated and got easily irritated and told my boyfriend about it, I thought paparating na ung mens ko then fast forward ilang weeks hindi nako dinatnan. I got anxious and bought immediately 2 different pts and ran to the bathroom to use it. I told my boyfriend everything while waiting for the result, hindi rin sha mapakali since we’re both on the same boat na last card nalang sa family namin para maiahon sila sa kahirapan. Then the result flashed before my eyes and saw the 2 pts with positive result, emotions swirled around hindi na ako mapakali, I told him na we can’t continue this since they’re expecting na mapapasa natin to.



He blurted na it’s too dangerous to have a MA since wala kaming background and knowledge about it. Allaying his anxiety i told him na if we continue this we can’t concentrate sa boards since lalabas at lalabas symptoms ko on or before the board exam. Then he promised what ever the result nandyan lang sya at hindi na namin to gagawin ulit and to practice safe s*x always. As i reached home i searched and searched some clinics around cebu to do MA and i stumbled upon a comment na you should reach out project 486, made an avid swing for the fence i emailed sir alex and waited for his response. While waiting for his response my boyfriend and i talked about going to an OB-GYNE to have me checked since gusto nya malaman ilang weeks na ako pregnant and have a consultation before we do the MA, i told him na i don’t think the doctor will allow us to do the MA and much better not to ask about it. Sir alex gave me the instructions and waited for the doctor John to respond. While waiting i managed to study in the morning until 2pm in the afternoon. At 3:00pm doctor John responded and bestowed me knowledge about this procedure and allaying my anxiety since this will take a couple of days. We had a good chat and thanking doc after the consultation. Paid everything and followed his instructions so that walang masayang na oras since our boards are fast approaching. Transactions were super smooth and i received the discreet parcel in just a few days.



First day was up, fasting wasn’t hard for me since i don’t eat a lot and i always do fasting back then. I just studied the whole day and set am alarm so that i can still take small snacks while studying.


Second day, still studying and fasting. Took a light meal at brunch since hindi na ako maka focus and continued studying. Took the meds on the prescribed time and studied again. Around 8pm i felt a cramping pain and informed doc about it and doc john is quick to respond na it’s fine the meds are doing the work.

MISO DAY or Third day, had a slight bleeding and informed doc right away since i got anxious, doc told me to rest and it’s a good sign na nag bibleed ako ng kunti. Third day wasn’t hard since my boyfriend offered his time to help me with this procedure aince hindi ako maka bangon. We just studied the whole time, bad headache and gushing of blood lang ung na experience ko while doing the maneuver, pagkalagay ko sa buccal i find it hard kasi dika puide mag salita or dudura, mataas ba naman gag reflex ko nun. But doc told me to endure it para successful ang procedure. At 12mn doc instructed me na puide na ako bumangon para mag pee sa bathroom floor then i felt a gush of blood came out of me and passed out on the bathroom floor, after a half an hour medyo may malay na i took some pics of the POC and sent it to doc john and answered all his questions and followed all the post-op instructions then headed to bed since matamlay talaga ako after the procedure.


I know doing this procedure is a big no no dito sa PH and i don’t want to raise my child bombarded by insults and problems. We both passed our board exams, My boyfriend and i promised that this will be our last abortion, if this will come back soon tatanggapin na namin and hindi na namin tatalikuran. My unwanted pregnancy will serve as a lesson saming dalawa na to do safe s*x always. To the young folks out there please chase your dream first, i know we’ve made a mistake but please follow all the advices that our parents told us before it’s too late. To sir alex thank you for responding to my emails immediately and to doctor john for broadening my knowledge, decreasing my anxiety and guiding me throughout the procedure. To the team behind project 486 thank you for your dedication and support will always be thankful for this site 💗.

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  1. Hi, I’ve decided to end my pregnancy because I’m not ready, I know it is a very big mistake, I don’t want to but I have to as I have a lot of plans this year. Though my partner is ready but as the one who will carry the child, I find it uncomfortable and I can’t stop overthinking about my future, our future as we haven’t had enough financial support. I am happy yet nervous that I found this site as a first timer and I really hope everything ends well and succeeds. As I’ve read a lot of testimonies, I began to trust project486.

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