Abortion Clinic in Cebu City: This is my body, shouldn’t I have a say in what goes on..and correct mistakes I’ve made while I still can? ( entry# 118)

Abortion Clinic, Abortion Pills in Cebu City Warning! : Abortion pill scams abound in Cebu. Don’t be a victim.  More stories: Metro Manila    Pampanga  Bicol  Cagayan de Oro  Davao More stories of Project 486 patients (medical abortion) from Cebu (click here) A Project 486 patient  (click here & see story #2) proved she is […]

Abortion in Rizal: Couple not convinced with meds without proper packaging (no label, no blister pack, just ziplock) (Entry# 118)

Abortion in Rizal Light at the end of the tunnel Dear Alex and Sir John Good day! First of all, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to both of you. You really give me and my girlfriend “the light at the end of the tunnel”. Our decision to end her pregnancy so far […]

Abortion in Pampanga: Despite her low tolerance for pain, working student had a successful procedure (entry# 117)

Abortion in Pampanga Hi, this is Jill. First of all, I want to thank Sir/Maam Alex and Sir John for assisting me and with the guidance they had given to me. Sorry if this testimony is going to be a long story but I just want to make it detailed..   FINDING OUT I WAS […]

Abortion in Quezon City: I thought I was ready to have a baby…I was wrong (entry# 116)

Abortion in Quezon City Hello po sir. It took me few weeks to calm my thoughts and find words to meaningfully reflect to what happened to me last month. Here is my reflection and I gave you the whole consent to post this in your page as long as my personal information can be kept […]

Abortion in San Juan Metro Manila: 7 years of no protection finally resulted to pregnancy but she just got promoted (entry # 115)

Abortion in the City of San Juan Metro Manila Greetings Sir Alex and Team, I hope all of you are doing well and is continuing to help those who are in need. Please hide my identity. It took me a while to write my story as I was still recovering while continuing with work. Actually, […]

Abortion in Cagayan de Oro: She needs to terminate it before the board exam (entry # 114)

Abortion in Cagayan de Oro Hello, Its been 2 weeks since I haven’t posted anything yet regarding the procedure. Honestly, the past week has been the most stressful week I had after I did the procedure kasi i was one of the 2022 takers sa NLE. The anxiety & worries I had di ko ma […]