Abortion in Pangasinan: Successful medical abortion changed the life of a 19 year-old student (entry #101)

Abortion in Pangasinan

Patient’s name: Mia

First day of Last Menstruation: June 21, 2022

First day of missed period: July 21, 2022

Date (s) of Medical Abortion Procedure: Aug 2-4, 2022


I don’t want to burden my parents

It took me some time to write this testimony. I’m Mia, 19, a college
student who became pregnant after unprotected sex. I decided to get a
pregnancy test during the first month that I went without a period. I used
four pregnancy tests, all of which were positive.

abortion in pangasinan


I decided to go to the
nearest clinic to get a pregnancy blood test because it was more accurate
than the pt that can be bought at the pharmacy for I thought there must be
something wrong with the way I performed the test. To my surprise, the
result was positive; I am now becoming a mother at such a young age. Both
of us were not yet ready, we are still a student who was not financially
stable. I am aware of what we did, but I don’t want to burden my parents
any further. I also took into consideration the kind of life that my unborn
child will have to live. I want to give him the best of life but now is
not the time.


Hardest decision I’ve ever made

Ff, it’s been a week since I had the abortion. At first, I was hesitant
with project 486 because the money we have was our last money for that
month and I am afraid of being scammed. It took me some time to decide
whether to risk what I have or seek help from my family for assistance (no
one was aware that I was pregnant) but Sir. John assured me that Project
486 was created to help women who are going through this kind of situation.

abortion pills in pangasinan

The decision was the hardest I’ve ever had to make. The procedure wasn’t
easy, I had to follow a strict diet plan and time to increase my success
rate. The last day was the hardest because I was home alone, experiencing
cramps, abdominal pain, and being unable to stand or sit, but everything
was worthwhile.

abortion clinic in pangasinan

After the successful abortion, I have been unsure of my
feelings. It changed my life, that much is certain.

No more next time

To Sir. Alex, Sir. John, and the team behind Project 486 who have helped me
throughout the entire process, words can’t explain how much I am thankful
for your service. Even though it only lasts three days, the journey has
been long for me. If you are looking for a legit and safest medical
abortion, you came to the right place.

You will never see me writing on this page again because there will be no
next time for an abortion.

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  1. Good day Everyone! I have the same reason with the author of this post. I am a 20 y/o working student. My boyfriend got me pregnant accidentally and I have no choice but to abort the unwanted pregnancy because of I don’t want to disappoint my family and people surrounds me. I don’t want to stop studying because I am an incoming 3rd year college this year and next year I will be a graduating student. I choose project 486 to assist me to abort this unwanted pregnancy because of I have a friend who have a succesful abortion thanks to project 486. I am with my friend during her abortion journey and I know how legit this website is. I am wishing and hoping that abortion will be legal in the Philippines. I am hoping that sir Alex and John will help a lot of women like who have no one to rely.

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