Abortion Pills in Zamboanga: My family is unaware that inside my room , I am undergoing self-managed medical abortion (entry # 150)

Hi, Sorry it took a while to send and share my story, I’m still in the process of moving on and healing physically and emotionally. Please do hide my identity. It’s been 3 weeks since I had my A, and up until now, I’m still recovering from what happened— from all the pain, guilt, and […]

Abortion Pills in Bohol: One night stand got me pregnant but I dont want to lose my fiancee who is working overseas (entry 149)

Abortion Pills in Bohol I ALREADY HAVE A STABLE JOB, A COMFORTABLE LIFE, AND A FAMILY-ORIENTED PARTNER BUT… Hello everyone! I just want to share my story, my journey with Project 486. But before that, let me share with you the reason why I am in this situation. I grew up in a religious family […]

Abortion Pills in Cagayan de Oro: BF wants the pregnancy but GF already decided long ago (entry# 148)

Abortion in Cagayan de Oro An abortion story in the perspective of the boyfriend A week before knowing… We were travelling early January for a Vacation, di pa kami aware na may dala na palang bata yung jowa ko. Di naman kasi sya nag pakita ng signs of pregnancy or symptoms kaya bulag na bulag […]