Abortion Pills in Bohol: One night stand got me pregnant but I dont want to lose my fiancee who is working overseas (entry 149)

Abortion Pills in Bohol


Hello everyone! I just want to share my story, my journey with Project 486. But before that, let me share with you the reason why I am in this situation.

I grew up in a religious family where my father has a big and important role in our church, as do my sisters and me. So, when it comes to the word abortion, we strongly disagree. We believe that it is wrong in the eyes of God, but when you are in a situation where you are so desperate, even if you come from a religious family, you will do whatever it takes.

Since high school and college days, I didn’t have any boyfriends in order to focus on my studies. But when I graduated and already had a stable job, I decided to have a boyfriend. My boyfriend and I are planning to have our wedding this year, so we did everything for me to conceive a baby, but we didn’t have it. So, my boyfriend decided to work outside of the Philippines and has a contract for 11 months.

Everything is going smoothly, but one day I was invited by my college friend to have a party at her house. My plan is to go there for a few minutes and go home, but I met this guy, the one that my friend introduced to me. Everything happened so fast. And then, the following week, I found out I was pregnant through a serum pregnancy test. I was so devastated and so hopeless that I didn’t know what I was going to do! My boyfriend didn’t know how I could tell him. I can’t afford to lose him! I know I am not in the position to rant about all of this because, in the first place, it is all my wrongdoing!

I went to Manghihilot, and I drank all the bitter herbals like mahogany, panyawan/panjawan, the root of malunggay, and ginger tea. But it didn’t help me at all. When I was searching on the internet, I accidentally clicked the link to Project 486. I just wanted to read all the testimony, and I realized that the website is all about helping Filipinos when it comes to abortion. I felt relief because, at last, I found something on the internet that may help my problem. At first, I thought that it’s a “fake” or not “legit.”. But because I was so desperate, I tried to email Project 486, hoping that they would help me (finger crossed). Then Project 486 replied to my email, and they told me to send my serum PT. and after that, they forward me to Dr. J. and we talk about my problem. Dr. J. is so approachable, and I didn’t feel any judgment at all. Instead, he educated me about this. I feel so relieved that, at last, I found people to help me. It All through out the process, Dr. J helped me in all ways. He made sure that I would not feel any stress and that everything would be alright. And now that I’m in the healing process, Dr. J is still monitoring me every now and then.
Thank you so much to the amazing people behind this project 486. Thank you so much for helping me! Hoping that marami pa kayung matutulungan! Thank you once again ! More Power!

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