Where to buy abortion pills in Cebu?

Abortion pills in Cebu

Cebu  has been a concern for Project 486 because of the alarming number of women getting scammed in the area.  Early this year, Cebu suppliers  had been aggressively pursued by the authorities (click here to see related news: news 1  news 2 ). However, it seems the communication arms (operator of their contact numbers and social media accounts) of those apprehended (jailed) are still taking orders, receiving payments but do not deliver the needed medicines leaving desperate women more hopeless and devastated than they already are.

11  Stories from Cebu


Story no.1

Abortion with herbs failed so she looked for pills online


In the first story below, featured is the abortion story of a certain Janet (not her real name), a 29 year old mother of two. Some blogger recommended Project 486 to her when her attempt with alternative herbal medicines failed.  Her failure with herbal alternatives made her doubt this recommendation so she typed “ Where to buy abortion pills in  Cebu, Philippines? “ and  much to  her surprise, Google came up with a business listing of abortion/abortion clinics in Cebu City.  She texted them and  not very long, they replied. With the exchanges of text, Janet had the impression that whoever set-up the business listing is shady. Abortion clinics and abortion in general are illegal in the Philippines so the business listing was a trap to begin with.

Janet then proceeded to  contact Project 486 as earlier recommended by the blogger.

where to buy abortion pills in cebu?

We do appreciate it when bloggers recommend us but we don’t approve of any alternative abortion methods as they could be dangerous and without scientific merit. We strongly advice women to stick to the best that science can offer, the safest and most effective option for termination of early pregnancy — Medical Abortion through the use of the abortion pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

Janet had a productive consultation session (over the phone)  with her assigned consultant.  Her doubts and apprehensions were dispelled and in that moment, she truly felt that  she is indeed getting assistance from the right people.

This is her story:

Not painful yet successful abortion

It was painstaking.
I have a 4 year old and a 6 month old baby, when I realized that  I am pregnant again.

We are currently settling issues, and the truth is I am the only one supporting our kids even if we both have stable jobs. (For similar story click here)

He was busy prioritizing other things rather than us. More so, he’s busy flirting with other women that he reneged on his responsibilities with our family. To my dismay, he keeps infecting me with the STD he contracts because of his promiscuity .

I know there wouldn’t be enough reasons as to what I did, but I was desperate. I am alone. And so I resorted to searching the internet. And I came across a blogger and immediately contacted her. She directed me about vit c overdose, dong quai, and parsley intake and I religiously followed it but a week passed and nothing happened.  So she said I must try contacting Project 486. And so I did.

where to buy abortion pills in cebu?

They were very accomodating. And I was assigned under the care of Mr. John.  He comforted me during our consultation and made sure it will all be alright. I was scared. But  his reassurance made me go all the way.

The meds were packaged very discreetly, and then I engaged to the process the next day.

where to buy abortion pills cebu city


Fasting and mifepristone for two days, and day 3 came.where to buy abortion pills cebu city

Again, I followed Kuya John’s directions and he was with me all the time –

Reminding me every step.

At 8 am, I put the misoprostol tablets  in my vagina. I felt discomfort in my stomach but that was not painful.  Few hours after, i felt the urge to defecate so i did it on the diaper. I was alone, so I am fixing myself.   I felt a surge of water, i thought my water broke.

At 11am, I drank a cup of water.  At 12 noon, I  placed the misoprostol tablets in my buccal cavity and waited. Again there is discomfort. But I remained at my position, then again there ‘s a gush.

At 3pm, I swallowed the remnants of the misoprostol tablets  with water and at 4, place another set of misoprostol for buccal intake. Kuya john told me I can now sit and stand. I only saw
watery blood in my diaper so i walk a little and I felt I want to defecate again so I got the dipper. As soon as I  was positioned, I was able to defecate then a pool of blood rushed out from my V … followed by fetus.

I can only see its feet, then the placenta followed. Then I stayed in that position crying.

I texted kuya john and told him I  saw feet. He replied to me that i can just take pictures of the other things that came with  the fetus , not the whole thing.

I was crying and I barely managed to look at it. But Kuya John’s comfort made me stand again and fix everything.  I know there’s nothing to be proud of. But yet, somehow, I am hoping for forgiveness. Thank you Project 486 for staying with me and not judging me.

Janet, 29,  Airline Employee

Cebu City, Philippines



Story no. 2

She wish not to break her parents’ hearts so a college student  from Cebu made a tough decision

Glad she did it with the safest option possible and with the right people too


Here is another story from alias Abigail (patient code: PRJCT486-102921MA), a  recent patient from Cebu who contacted Project 486 on the last week of October 2021 and had a successful procedure that was completed on Nov 9, 2021.


Oct 30, 2021 – This is what she shared in our comment section after she had a very informative consultation with her assigned consultant:

I’m a college student when I found out I was pregnant. At first, I don’t even know what I’m going to do about this matter. I was petrified because I know my parents will get disappointed on me. My father is a police. He’s very proud of me, especially my mom. At this age, I’m not ready to become a mom. So my partner and I decided to do such a perilous decision. We visited a lot of abortive clinic but it was closed. So I searched on google then I found some contact number that says they can help me with my problem. But I sense that it was scam because they tell me to send first the money. So I searched again and I found someone’s comment. She says that project486 help her with her problem so I searched in google and share about my matter. I chatted them and sir Alex replied immediately. He recommended me to sir John. He was very kind to me when we spoke on phone. He never judge me by my decision and I can sense that I can trust this project486. Sir Alex did help me and explain to me what I’m going to do. Next next day I’m going to do the procedure and hoping it’s going to be success. I’m going to thanks in advance to sir John and sir Alex for being there when I don’t even know what I’m going to do.

abortion pill cebuabortion pills cebu city

plaza independencia cebu city
Abigail proved that she is really from Cebu by sending this very short  video clip of a landmark Plaza Independencia

(click link to play video clip)

This is the picture of the meds taken by the patient to prove that she already received the medicine parcel. The medicine parcel is packaged discreetly. ——see related study: BIOAVAILABILITY OF MIFEPRISTONE IN CAPSULE VS TABLET — https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/18477493/ —This study suggests that the two formulations of mifepristone are bioequivalent. ——Bioavailability – The degree and rate at which a substance (as a drug) is absorbed into a living system or is made available at the site of physiological activity


The POC (Products of Conception) is covered with blue circle. The size of the blue circle is about the same size as the POC which is already at around 11 weeks a.o.g.  Medical Abortion is best done before the 12th week of pregnancy. Patients, however are advised to do it as early as possible. The earlier it is, the smaller the POC, the lesser strain on the patient’s body and the faster is the recovery.


Here is a glimpse of the text message exchanges between Abigail and her assigned consultant who was monitoring her closely during the procedure.  Technical support is a very important part of the procedure. The smallest mistakes on the part of the patient can cost unnecessary delays (if not outright failure)   but the smallest modifications/adjustments  by her assigned consultant can all the more improve her chance of completing the procedure early.


Story no. 3

More and more women from Cebu are getting scammed. It’s becoming the norm.

This is the story of Juris, a patient from Cebu who got scammed by someone who is still using the account of someone who’s already in jail.  Juris was “ghosted” once she completed the transfer of funds. Such story is becoming the norm especially in Cebu and Central Visayas  where most med suppliers got busted and jailed  by the authorities in the early months of 2021. We have  little sympathy for these jailed suppliers because what they were selling were the wrong combination of meds in the first place. Also, they were giving non-standard instructions that are downright dangerous. . They are the major contributors to the frequent incidence of abortion-related complications in the region.

It is understandable that Juris had instantly developed “trust issues” as a consequence of getting scammed.


Patient’s name : Juris

Last Menstrual Period (LMP) : 2nd week of December

First day of Missed Period:  3rd week of January

Date of conception (unprotected sex): Dec 24 2021 – Jan 8, 2022

Date of procedure: February 5-7, 2022


It’s been 29 hours since the procedure was completed. I won’t go into
details as to why i came with this decision. All i can say is during my
toughest days, Sir John & Sir Alex was with me along the way.

Here’s how it went…


I’m from Cebu, the moment i knew i was pregnant… i became desperate and
impulsive. Went to google and search for abortion pills, paid it right away
through Gcash in the end i was badly scammed by J. Guirigay (related news). It was too
late for me to know that this guy is already in prison but his number is
still active, somebody else is using it to scam desperate women like me.

abortion pills in Cebu

Went on google to search for reliable sellers, that’s where i found
project486 blog. I just read at least 3 reflections on their blog and i’m
ready to take risk again. I emailed them and because i was desperate &
anxious, i sent multiple emails  good thing they replied after a few


Followed their instructions and got my free consultation with sir
John (the most helpful, almost available 24/7)… He explained the pros &
cons of the procedure that lasted more than an hour of discussion. I payed
for the meds, while waiting i kept on texting sir john begging not to scam
me but he always makes me calm with his reassurance statement, they even
emailed me my waybill as a proof. Got the meds 3 days after here in Cebu
(that’s thursday) did the procedure on Saturday.

Day 1:

✔️ 6am-8pm = light diet

✔️ 8pm-11:59pm = fasting (no food, no water)

✔️ 11:59pm- swallow Mife#1 with a cup of water

– i’m pretty fine with day 1. My only problem is water since i’m a heavy

Day 2:

✔️ 12:01am-4am = fasting

✔️ 4am-8am = light meal

✔️ 8am-11:59am = fasting

✔️ 12noon = swallow Mife#2

✔️ 12:02pm = 3pm- fasting

✔️ 3pm-11:59pm = light meal

– Felt nauseous & light headedness, hungry and thirsty. But i managed
not to vomit.

Day 3 BIG DAY:

✔️ 10AM – 4miso insert

– i was alone on day 3. Watching Netflix the whole time. I never
experienced dysmenorrhea before So i don’t know what cramps would really

✔️ 2PM – 2 Bucal miso

– Felt discomforts and slight pain on my abdomen area. But what made me
more anxious is that NO BLEEDING pa rin. I kept on texting sir John if the
meds are working on me but he told me to relax.
– After like an hour i felt the urge to poop so i did. I thought that
was it but when i checked it’s all poop and there’s STILL NO BLOOD. Got
pretty anxious again. Texted sir John again… Again, he told me to relax.
But i was already crying maybe its not working.
– No Pain at all and No Bleeding. I stop thinking of it and continued
binge watching.

✔️ 6PM – Modified instruction: Sublingual intake of the last 2 miso tabs.

– I can now sit stand and clean myself. I was still worried because
there’s still NO BLOOD even a brown discharge is nowhere to be seen.

When i went to the CR and pee, right there and then everything came out all
at once. I finally saw blood coming out and the POC… immediately sent the
pictures since i am positive na yun na talaga yun and i am also in a hurry
to drink and eat. I was patiently waiting for sir john’s confirmation.

4 weeks embryo abortion in Cebu

After a few minutes he did text me confirming that i am Officially Not
Pregnant. Felt relieved and immediately asked someone outside to buy me
some Tinolang isda.

“That explains the minimal bleeding and pain. It’s early. 4-5.5 weeks. The
smaller the POC, the lesser is the pain and the lesser is the bleeding.
Recovery is faster too” – Sir John.


– it’s my first day after the procedure. My bleeding is very light, no
cramps i just feel tired.

I just want to thank team Project486 for your dedication and help. I know i
am not your only patient but you did handle me professionally. I had a lot
of nonsense questions & doubts but you answered them anyway. Thank you for
your help…

I hope and i pray not to meet you again to do the same thing. Sweet goodbye
team! ❤️

Story no. 4

Severe vomiting puts Cebu patient’s medical abortion procedure in jeopardy

story here —>   https://bit.ly/3K0HDWh


Story no. 5

Bought fake meds from an FB seller, a Cebu student failed in her first attempt

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Story no. 6

Medical abortion is the final nail in the coffin of an abusive relationship

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Story no. 7

She wanted to have a child but finds out partner is still legally bound to his ex

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Story no. 8

Abortion in Mandaue Cebu: The whole process was a breeze

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Story no. 9

18 year old student is “kinda sad and happy” doing something that “maybe good or bad”

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Story no. 10

Abortion in Lapu-lapu City: Young CSR mom relieved but not happy (entry #109)

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Story no. 11

Abortion in Danao City: Dysfunctional family and miserable childhood made her fearful of having a baby  (entry #110)

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  1. I’m unexpectedly pregnant and pushing through with this this pregnancy is a nightmare for me. Me and my boyfriend have discussed about this. I desperately need real help now.

    1. To everyone, start this project486 and to person who’ll assist me thru this. Sir John. Thank you in advance for letting me know I can choose for what’s the best decision I know. Not for myself but for the family that I have now. That I can proudly say. That this decision is not wrong until you consider it is. Hoping things will be done as expected. Thank you again.

    2. I am a graduating student and even if my boyfriend wants to keep the baby, I still chose not to keep it. I don’t want this to be a hindrance to my dreams. I know I have so much ahead of me. Thanks to doc John who really understand my situation right now. Thank you for helping me. Thank youuuu for listening, I really don’t have anyone to talk to about what I’m going through right now.

    1. Hi Sir Maam. I am hoping that you can help me with my problem.I am here because I want to buy a cytotec. How much?

      1. Ms. Mars, Cytotec or Misoprostol is not enough. For a successful procedure, you need to have Mifepristone. Mifepristone is the more important medicine. Many of those who did it with cytotec only have incomplete or failed procedure. Sadly, the Philippines is flooded with fake and substandard Mifepristone. Check your inbox or spam. We already replied to your email message.
        or send another message to moreinfo@project486.com

        1. Good day. Im doubting that i am pregnant but on early stage . I got off my implanon last april 8 2022 since we were advice to use condoms since my husband is hepa b positive early this year. But forgot to use condom.once after taken off my implanon. Please help me. Were not planning to have another one yet since we have a 3 and 1 yr old sons.

          1. Hi sir, I am in cebu also, I badly need your help, we need to do this because our family both have high expectations for us. We are college students and only a year for completion. Tho it hurts us, we don’t know how to keep the baby because we don’t have jobs yet. Please we desperately need your help. I already sent you an email.

        2. Hello, I really am in need of your help asap. We suspect that my gf is pregnant and we are still not ready to be parents. We’re in college but we still have a long way ahead of us before graduating. Please help us

          1. Hello Sir. I badly need your help 🙏🏻 I already sent you an email. Hoping that you’ll see it as soon as possible 🙏🏻

          2. We received your message, Ms. Kaye. Check both your spam and inbox, be sure to read all my messages

    2. When I found out that my girlfriend is pregnant, I don’t know what to react , matagal na kami , and matagal na naming gingawa iyon , amd hindi ko naman naipasok yunh sperm ko , I was really sure about it , kaya hindi ako maka react , hanggang sa binilhan ko siya ng pt it was positive and nagpa ultrasound siya more than 8 weeks napo ang baby. Sa isip ko kaya ko naman silang buhayin dahil meron naman akong trabaho but my gf decide to abort since nag-aaral pa siya. And naiintindihan ko naman. At nagpapasalamat ako ng nahanap niya ang project486 malaking tulong po ito sa aming malaking problema . To project486 sana matulungan niyo po ang GF ko kinakailangan po niya ng tulong niyo.

      1. I’m Maze and I really don’t know how to start but all I know I’m pregnant. At first I was really doubtful about that matter for signs of my monthly menstrual cycle is showing but since me and my partner are both paranoid because we both know he pop inside me. So I took 3 pregnancy test for 2 consecutive days and all showed positive. We’re both not ready for this thing financially, emotionally and mentally to happen so we search everywhere how to get rid of this thing. Good thing while browsing the net for the nth time I’ve seen a comment that she got help from project 486. Without hesitation I went to that site and found their contact info and message them. They are not the first people I’ve contacted to ask help honestly, but I was really hesitant for the first 2 person I’ve contacted because they won’t even ask my questions and they’ll just going to send instructions via Viber so that thought that was ridiculous. So when I was able to contact Project 486, they answer my queries politely and everything is informative. So I choose Project486 to help and finish this thing off asap.

    3. When I found out that my girlfriend is pregnant, I don’t know what to react , matagal na kami , and matagal na naming gingawa iyon , amd hindi ko naman naipasok yunh sperm ko , I was really sure about it , to project486 sana po matulungan niyo po ang gf ko .

      1. Rhythm/Calendar method is not reliable. Neither is pull-out method (Withdrawal). Pre-cum (fluid) that comes out before ejaculation, contains enough sperm that can get a woman pregnant. Simple arousal can make you secrete pre-cum.

        1. Hi sir, I am in cebu also, I badly need your help, we need to do this because our family both have high expectations for us. We are college students and only a year for completion. Tho it hurts us, we don’t know how to keep the baby because we don’t have jobs yet. Please we desperately need your help. I already sent you an email.

          1. Good day sir pleased help me I need your help pleased I badly need your help pleased reply me on my Gmail.

          1. I am from cebu pleased help me I almost on my 19weeks pleased how many times I lost money for this I hope this site can help me I’m disparate for your help sir pleased…….

          2. We already answered your email. Check both your inbox and spam/junk/trash folder

      1. Good day, i badly need help po , i sent an email to the gmail attached here po, please do reply i really need po as soon as possible. Thank you po

        1. Recently been scammed and felt hopeless. I found this site as a recommendation from your successful patient from the site where i have been scammed. Browsing through it, and seeing the stories evident gave me hope and I hope and wish you really can help me through this. I’m desperate and you are my only chance, please please help me.

    1. Im on badly needed ihave a 2 kidsss and separated father and tong bf ko ngayun na naka buntis sakin related parin sa ex nya .

    1. We offer assistance to Filipinas from all over the Philippines and from all over the world. We already responded. You got mail, Ms. Nanette

          1. Hii good day! I already sent you a message through Gmail. Please response, I badly need your help

      1. I need help please! Eager and desperate. Been scammed and lossing it. I already reached out, from cebu need help please .

      2. We need ur help Alex, My girlfried tested positive on PT and she took it after shift, around 1AM. Her period has not yet arrived and its been 38 days since her last period ended.

        I already emailed you, Alex plsss we need ur help.

        1. Do the pregnancy tests right after she wakes up. Use 2 or 3 different brands of PT to cancel out the posibility of false positives.

          If you still get a negative on the OTC PT, take a bHCG (blood test) test. The bHCG test is more sensitive in terms of detecting hCG.

          Now, keep in mind that a woman can be perfectly pregnant but can still test negative on both OTC PT and the bHCG test. Some women have very low levels of hCG. The hCG can also dip/decrease to undetectable levels at some point in the pregnancy. OTC PT’s usually starts to detect pregnancies at around 4 weeks from date of conception. It means if you are less than 4 weeks pregnant, you might still get a negative result.

          The best test therefore is the Transvaginal Ultrasound (TVS) done on the 6th-7th week of missed period.

          We had patients who got multiple negative results on both OTC PT and the bHCG but had evident Products of Conception (POC) on their ultrasound results.
          Ultrasound can also determine if whether the pregnancy is intrauterine or ectopic.

    2. I really need your help po. I already talked to Sir John and explain everything to me on what I should do during the procedure. Hope you could assist me and make it successful without any complications. Thank you.

  2. Hello, already sent email regarding the form that needs to be filled out together with the pictures. Kindly review my email. Thank you so much. I really need your help 🙇🏼

  3. Hi me and my wife need help, kakascam lng samin Ng ka transaction ko and now we have more problems pleaseeee contact me were from cebu

  4. I got abused at nagbunga. After a lot of thinking, I chose not to continue my pregnancy. It was my friend who recommended this site. Napaka bilis nila magrespond and napaka detailed. I had a teleconsult with Sir John and he walked me thru the process. it was an ease knowing na finally there’s Project486 na ready tumulong.

  5. Please I need your help. I am on my 6th week. I don’t know what to do and where else to go. We once tried going to a birthing clinic but they only judged and embarrassed us.

  6. I need some advice, because delay na po ako ng 3 days and regular po yung Men’s ko lately. Nov 9 nag meet kami ng bf ko then may ngyari samin may protection naman siya ginamit but second attemp niya wala but alam ko pong di niya nilabas sa loob worried lang ako sa pre – cum niya then nov 25 dapat may dalaw nako but until now nov 28 wala padin nag woworried lang ako but nag delay ng ganto katagal mostly na delay ko 1day lang and I tried ko used PT kaninang umaga then negative naman lumabas ask ko lang bakit ganun po and medj nakakaramdam din po ako ng sakit sa breast ko and mild na sakit sa puson but wala pong morning sickness and di rin ako nahihilo feel ko lang nasusuka ako pero hindi and parang naglalaway po

    1. Precum can get you pregnant.

      The possibility of pregnancy is there whenever you engage in unprotected sex, even if you use a “fertility calendar”.

      At 3-4 weeks from conception, hCG (pregnancy hormone) levels can be too low to be detected by your OTC PT. Do the test again after a week.

  7. Good evening po, Im supposed to have my menstrual bleeding at Nov 21 but I had bleeding on Nov 18. It was lighter than my normal period but it had clots on the first day. The bleeding stopped on the 4th day and stopping continues until Day 7. I am worried po na baka implantation bleeding. Kelan po kaya ako pwedeng mag test. Im super anxious na po and I dont know what to.

    1. Take pregnancy test tom morning. Use your first urine after waking up. Better if you can use two different brands of over-the-counter PT. If you get a negative, repeat the test after 5 days then get back to us. Update us by sending an e-mail to moreinfo@project486.com

      1. I need some help. Im 4 weeks pregnant. I take a lot of medicine and even go to a near manghihilot to this abortion. I cant buy Misoprostol/ Cytotec because its prohibited here. Can project 486 help me on this? My parents gonna kill me. And how much? Thank you and hoping for a fast response.

  8. Hello,

    I am asking for a friend who is 7 months pregnant and has been taking misoprostol but with no success. Unsure if what she is taking is real or not. Can project 486 help?

    My friend is very young, living around on her own and has even made attempts to end her life.


    1. What your friend is doing is wrong in so many levels.

      First, medical abortion should be done by taking not just misoprostol. A prior intake of mifepristone(200mg) 24-48 hrs before the misoprostol is needed for best results

      Second, medical abortion by the use of mifepristone and misoprostol is only recommended for pregnancies not longer than 3 months.

      Taking misoprostol at 7 months aog may induce premature “live” birth. So stop the intake of misoprostol.

      continuation of this response to your query will be sent via email.

  9. Hello 🙂

    I hope that you will be able to help or advice me, cos I don’t know what to do 🥺

    Last Friday, I had an unprotected sex with a guy, and it goes until Saturday. I just found out on Sunday, on my Calendar period App that Friday was my Ovulation day.. I tried the Yuspe Method (Lady Pills) on Monday.. But I wanted to be sure. I feel like I’m so bloated right now & I don’t know if it’s the effect of the pills that I took. I’ve read that one of the signs of early preggy is bloating.. So now I’m still worried. I wanted to know if I am preggy & if I am, I wanted to remove as soon as possible. 🥺 I’m not really mentally & financially stable & busy peron and I can’t afford to carry & be responsible for now.. Please help me 😢

    Hoping for your response.

    Thank you so much,

    1. It’s too early to know if you are indeed pregnant. Pregnancy hormones starts to be at detectable levels at around 4-5 weeks. You have no choice but to wait. Bloating and other discomforts can be due to the intake of emergency contraception.

      The Yuzpe Method is most effective if done the 1st day after unprotected sex. As time passes, its effectiveness declines.

  10. Hello

    I recently just discovered your program while I was researching regarding with my situation. I hope that you will be able to help.

    Last Thursday. My gf and I had a protected sex but after we did it, I threw out the condom i used to the bin but had to throw in a plastic so picked it up again to threw it in a bin. A few minutes passes by. She wanted me to finger her, I forgot to wash to my hands (But my hands were dry), And now my gf and i ade panicking about the situation. We’re both financially unstable. We can’t afford to be responsible for now. It got us overthinking about the situation we just did.

    Is it possible to get pregnant by fingering her? (while my hands were dry at the time)

    1. If your hands were dry, any sperm that accidently ended up in your hands were either dead (sperm needs moisture) or too weak to swin. Still, take a PT after 4 weeks.

  11. Hi, I recently found out that I was pregnant. Me and my partner got with a fixed decision that we will not gonna keep the baby since we’re not at tha exact age and we don’t have money or stable job that could provide the baby. I badly really need your help for this one. Please help

  12. Im from Cebu City

    Me and my partner had unprotected sex on Nov 20, 2021. She felt a headache on nov 27, 2021 (kind of dizziness). three days ago was suppose to be her menstrual period (written today dec 6). Is she pregnant by any chance?? we are both working but financially not enough to have a baby yet. And she is currently processing her papers for work outside of the country. We decide to go with this method. Please help us.

    1. Is she pregnant? Without a pregnancy test, it would be very hard to tell as pre-menstrual symptoms can be very similar to early pregnancy symptoms. Take a pregnancy test then get back to us.

      You got mail by the way.

  13. Hi po currently on my 3rd week po. Had bleeding with blood clots 9 days ago and took a pregnancy test today and still turned positive. Currently in Cebu City.

  14. Currently residing in Cebu and I need help po. Last missed period was Nov. 20 and currently had 2 positive tests. First test done last Nov. 26 and 2nd test done today. Both positive. Had bleeding with clots last Nov 29 and currently not experiencing any pregnancy symptoms except a missed period. Please help me po.

  15. Good afternoon po sir/maam. Yung gf ko po kasi sir ay 2 weeks ng pregnant, tapos nag decide po kami na hindi muna i keep yung baby kasi wala papo kami sa tamang edad namin tsaka wala padin po kaming trabaho tapos nag aaral padin kami. Need po namin ng help niyo sir/maam.

    Sanay matulungan niyo po kami. Maraming salamat.❤

  16. Good day! I’m currently talking now to Sir Alex and Sir John about my situation. I’m 6 weeks pregnant now and will undergo the procedure by next week maybe.

    I’m working now as a Public School Teacher and we all know that teachers must serve as the role model especially to students and here I am committed this sinful act. We don’t have choice. Me and my partner are not fully ready for this. I’m the breadwinner of our family and my partner is not still permanent in his job. So here we are deciding to do this.

    I am fully assured that I’m in good hands now by talking to Sir John and Sir Alex. They’re really approachable and update me from time to time. Project 486 is indeed a great help for me and to each and everyone. Thank you!

  17. Good evening, I am in need of help on how to terminate my pregnancy as soon as possible. The last time I had my menstruation was last August 18, 2021 so I’m guessing 4 months turning 5 months na and I don’t want to be scammed because I really saved money to pay for what needs to be payed to terminate my pregnancy. I hope you can help me

  18. Hello.

    I am in contact with Sir Alex and Sir John about my current situation, I am about 11 weeks and I am a first year Med student. I will undergo the procedure by next week, and I am fully assured that this procedure will be successful because I am in good hands with Project 486.

    This is a very difficult choice but I need to do this so not to disappoint my parents. My partner and I are not capable of becoming parents, and are not capable enough to give the needs of the baby, esp. for hospitalization given the crisis we are facing right now.

    Sir John is very informative and are updating me from time to time same as with Sir Alex. I know that I am in a right place to ask for help, and Project 486 is a great help for many women experiencing unwanted pregnancies. Project 486 assures that every women will conduct this act in a safe way. Thank you Project 486!

  19. Good day sa inyo. I’m here and humbly need your help to terminate my unwanted pregnancy. I sent email already and waiting for respond. I missed my period last November and probably im in 8th weeks right now. I don’t know what to do and glad i found here. I’m from province of Cebu. Hoping and waiting your reply. Please help me. Thank you in advance

    1. I already responded. Check both your inbox and spam folders. Your email service might consider our messages as spam

  20. Hi sir alex. I responded to the email with the necessary info. I just want to check if you received it. Thank you.

  21. My partner and I broke up so I made my final decision to end my pregnancy because it’s too complicated to mention. I researched for an abortion pill in Cebu and crossed a comment about project468. I emailed Sir Alex directly and they assigned Sir John as my consultant. Hoping I can start my procedure as early as possible, like this week.

    1. Reply sent to your email, Ms. Annalorena. Check both your inbox and SPAM folder. Sometimes our messages are considered spam by some email services.

      1. I’ve already checked my inbox and replied with a instruction you gave me, I only have 2 weeks left to solve this situation I’m in, please, please reply to me asap.. I really need your help.

    1. Cytotec and Misoprostol are the same thing. Cytotec (by Pfizer) is the brand and Misoprostol is the generic name. What you need is the combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

  22. Good Day

    I am currently in contact with Sir Alex and Sir John about my current situation, I am about 16-18 weeks and I am a 2nd year College student. I will undergo the procedure by next week, and I am fully assured that this procedure will be successful because I am in good hands with Project 486.

    It took me a very long time to get on with this because the previous websites and people I contacted didn’t seem trustworthy and just instantly gave us prices on the meds but with Project 486 they made sure to consult, clarify and settle everything for my safety before they gave us the prices and the packages that suits my case well.

    This is a very difficult choice but I need to do this so not to disappoint my parents. My partner and I are not capable of becoming parents, and are not capable enough to give the needs of the baby, esp. for hospitalization given the crisis we are facing right now.

    Sir John is very informative and are updating me from time to time same as with Sir Alex. I know that I am in a right place to ask for help, and Project 486 is a great help for many women experiencing unwanted pregnancies. Project 486 assures that every women will conduct this act in a safe way. Thank you Project 486!

          1. Hello, we badly need your help, we are yet to take a pt but we already suspect that my gf is pregnant since there are multiple signs of it such as missed period and strong vaginal smell. We are in college but still far away from graduation. We really need your help. We are still not ready to be parents and we don’t want to disappoint our parents. Please help us

    1. Done . Don’t forget to check your SPAM or JUNK folders too. Your email service may instantly consider our messages as spam

    1. I already did. Don’t forget to check your SPAM or JUNK folders too. Your email service may consider our messages as SPAM

    1. I already replied. Don’t forget to check your SPAM or JUNK folders. Some email service automatically put our messages in the receiver’s spam folder

  23. Im from bicol po and 5 weeks pregnant. I need your help po since i cant be pregnant again sana po matulungan nyo ako

  24. Hello

    I thought I won’t get pregnant if we followed the calendar method. It worked a lot of times before with my ex but this time, I might have miscalculated it. My friend and I did the thing 2 days before my expected menstruation. I got worried coz it didn’t happen after that. I waited for about 2 weeks to check. I saw a slight pale line at the T section. I waited another week and this time it’s confirmed. I’m pregnant. I started to panic coz I’m not ready for this. I’m the breadwinner of my family and I don’t want to embarrass them bcoz of my selfish actions. I searched online on ways to induce natural miscarriage. I tried most of them but it didn’t work. I was so desperate that’s why I started searching for clinics and underground doctors by reading comments on blogs, articles and forums. Then I came across with project486.com from one of the comments. I checked the site and emailed them right away. I got a response soon after then I was able to talk with John. He comforted me and informed me all the things I need to know. I pray and I look forward that this will be a success.

  25. Hi po!!!!

    For the past two months I always go online about abortion cause me and my partner are not ready for a 3rd baby because of this pandemic. That’s why we are looking for safe and legit website for abort.. until I see this website project486.com I send a email about my situation then sir Alex replied so quick. He introduce me to sir John and all I can say is very nice and informed that’s why no longer doubted and sure that I found the right person I can rely on for my problem..

  26. Me and my partner decided not to continue the pregnancy. We are both not prepared for the 3rd child, because I am the only one who has a stable job. I searched some pages in Facebook about Surgical abortion or Medical Abortion in Cebu, their are lots of pages or recommendations came out, so I pm’d them, but I am afraid that I would be scammed by this people so find other option again in Google, I searched again Surgical abortion and Medical abortion in Cebu. I click the first recom and check for the Reviews. I read one comment saying that she was scammed twice but cannot report it to the authority, however Project486.com is the one who helped her, and she is now free. I visit the website, and read some testimony of how grateful they are with project486. I know project486 will be the one to help me.

    1. Me and my boyfriend not in a stable relationship.I’m unexpectedly pregnant and i not ready for the reponsonsibility. I need real helpi

  27. 12 days na akong delayed and I need to abort this kasi ayaw ko ma disappoint parents ko, di pa ako nakabawi sa kanila 😞. Nag search ako sa tiktok baka meron doon nag po-post ng pills for abortion. Pero yun nga I realized while I was searching na marami palang scammer kaya naging hopeless na naman ako knowing na mahirap makahanap ng legit seller. Good thing is, may nakita akong comment na naka help daw sa kanya is project486. Kaya tinray akong e email sla and ayun nakausap ko c sir John. Btw I am from Cebu.

    1. I am 3 days delayed when I took a Pregnancy Test and found out that it was POSITVE .. After I found out that I was pregnant me and my partner decided not to continue this pregnancy . I dont want to dissapoint my parents because I am still studying college .. after that We immediately look for Abortive pills around cebu. And yes there’s so many people selling but it’s suspecious because they want the payment first and didn’t give you assurance about it . We still continue to find way how to get rid of this , until such time my friend told me about project486 . Without doubts we immediately look , after all reading their patients succesful procedure we feel relief . After reading all the comments we emailed sir Alex , I was so happy because he replied immediately and reccommended me to sir john .. I am now ready for the procedure and I will say thanks in advance to sir Alex and Sir john for helping me with this problem .

    1. Check email (inbox and spam) Ms. Jessy. I sent you 3 messages. Pay special attention to my message with the subject “Project 486”.

    2. Check email (inbox and spam) Ms. Jessy. I sent you 3 messages. Pay special attention to my message with the subject “Project 486”.

  28. Hello. I am Jean from BOHOL . I have a problem that needs to fix. My last period was Last year month lf December. And until now i didnt have my monthly menstruation i found this site and im seeking for your help. Please i need your assistance .

  29. Good evening maam/sir, I saw your site about abortion and not judging for people like me who need help, I’m hoping that this not a scam because some sites here in cebu was scam and I’m glad that I saw your site and you help and guide people who need your help. I know that this is a hard decision to me. Me and my boyfriend have already decided to abort our baby because we don’t want our parent’s disapoint us especially we’re both studying in college. My tummy almost 4 weeks. I just found out that I am pregnant because my period doesn’t came to my expected date and I also take the pregnancy test and it came out positive. I know that we did a big wrong because we don’t use some safe sex on that day but I’m hoping for forgiveness for what we have done wrong. I hope you help me what are the thing I would do. Hoping for your positive feedback.

    I’m from cebu

  30. Good evening maam/sir, I saw your site about abortion and not judging for people like me who need help, I’m hoping that this not a scam because some sites here in cebu was scam and I’m glad that I saw your site and you help and guide people who need your help. I know that this is a hard decision to me. Me and my boyfriend have already decided to abort our baby because we don’t want our parent’s disapoint us especially we’re both studying in college. My tummy almost 4 weeks. I just found out that I am pregnant because my period doesn’t came to my expected date and I also take the pregnancy test and it came out positive. I know that we did a big wrong because we don’t use some safe sex on that day but I’m hoping for forgiveness for what we have done wrong. I hope you help me what are the thing I would do. Hoping for your positive feedback.

    1. Ms. J, I already replied to your e-mail. Don’t forget to check both your inbox and your SPAM /junk folders. Sometimes, email services like gmail consider our messages as SPAM

      1. Hello po, Good evening! Me and my boyfriend had a protected sex and he always make sure to always cum outside and that’s what we’ve been doing every time we did it. Our last deed was on February 15 and my expected due date of period was on February 17 and up until now I still don’t have my period po. Is there anything you can help me po? I’ve been worried since this happened to me

        1. Dear Ms. Lexa,

          Cumming outside is not “protected”.

          Pull-out or withdrawal method is not protected sex at all. Pre-cum (liquid that comes out before the “cum”) can get you pregnant.

          Most of our patients are victims of overreliance on pull-out and calendar method.

          Take a pregnancy test, read my email messages (check your inbox and spam folders) and follow the instructions so we can assist you better

  31. I had a one night stand with my ex’s bestfriend. I was already 6 weeks pregnant when I had a PT. I don’t know what to do. It was a mistake. We had a talk about what to do and we come up to a decision which is to abort it. I don’t have any other option and so desperate. I am looking for a way, then I found this article on google. I was hesitant at first but when I got to read all the stories of those people who had the same issue as mine. I felt reassured and thankful at the same time.

  32. Good afternoon, I was worried I did not have my period for 2 months already. And started to have the “Morning sickness” symptoms. I took a PT and Ultrasound and found out I was already 2 weeks pregnant. Me and my boyfriend had a discussion and decided to abort it. We are very worried, we don’t know what to do and where to get the meds. Luckily I found this article and decided to contact them. I was worried and doubtful at first but after we talked with the consultant I felt reassured and safe. And very thankful.

  33. Hello sir,I need your help I’m preggy now,2months and 1 week may ng recommend Po sa akin na friend ko na I visit ko daw yong page ninyo kasi maraming na raw ang n success dito at kabilang na siya doon taga Cebu Po kami pariho sir, Kailangan ko talaga ipa abort ko Ang aking dinadala kasi ng aaral pa Ako at strict yong parents ko baka ano pa magawa nila sa akin kapag nalaman na preggy Ako 20yrs old pa Po Ako at medyo Bata pa ako Hindi ko pa Kaya Ang pagiging Ina Sana matulungan niyo Ako sir.Hindi ko Po ito inespect na ma buntis Ako.At pinagplannuhan na namin to sa aking bf na ipalaglag nlng kasi ng aaral pa Po Rin siya same kami strict Ang parents.

  34. Sir alex please help me. ill wait for your email patiently. i really need your help and your the only one i can trust

  35. I am a working student who believes that I have a bright future ahead of me and I didn’t want my dreams to be put into waste just because of this unwanted pregnancy. I wanted to become a mother but not at this early age that is why I decided to end this. I was looking for abortion clinics online and saw Project486. I’ve read different stories and I hope the procedure would be successful on me too, as it was with them.

  36. Hello

    I need help ma’am/sir. I had unprotected sex yesterday and my boyfriend did not pull out immediately. I took 4 tabs of trust pill as emergency contraception and another 4 tabs (12hrs interval). I am really afraid to get pregnant as I am on my fertile period. Can you please help me regarding this one?

    Thank you and hope to hear from you very soon.

    1. Actually this happened last March 12, 2022. I still did not try to use PT as it is still early for that. But, I am afraid since I am always bloated and my breast is tender. Is this an effect of the Yuzpe method? Or PMS?

      1. Ms. Ams

        Good thinking on doing the Yuzpe right after unprotected sex. If taken before ovulation, Yuzpe is 75% effective. However, it is least effective (some expert would say “not effective) if you are already ovulating.

        Bloating and breast tenderness can be the side effects of your ECP but can also be PMS or pregnancy symptoms.

        The most reliable emergency contraception however is IUD (ask your OB about it). It is effective at any point in your cycle. If you were ovulating when you had unprotected sex, IUD could have been the best ECP.

        Or you can just wait and take a PT at least 4 weeks after unprotected sex. If you test positive then medical abortion will be the best option.

        The questions you probably want to ask are:

        “Can I take Mifepristone and Misoprostol as ECP?”

        “Will it be safe if I take Mifepristone and Misoprostol even if I am not really pregnant?”

        The answer to both questions is…
        (continuation of this response is sent to your email)

        1. Hello
          I need help its almost 4months this months.. i really need to end this.. i am not ready yet to pregnant again..
          Please reply my message

          1. Check your inbox and your spam folder because I already sent you 3 email messages. Pay particular attention to the message with the subject “Project 486”

            If you didn’t receive anything, use another e-mail account and send me another email message at moreinfo@project486.com

        1. Check both your inbox and SPAM folders. Our messages are oftentimes forwarded by most e-mail service to SPAM folders

  37. Hi everyone! I am just an 18 year old graduating senior highschool student from Sarangani Province and I recently found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend and I know that we aren’t ready to have a baby because we want to continue our studies without disappointing our families. Them being disappointed and the fact that people would judge us in every way, scares us to death. I was searching stuffs on google out of panicking when I found myself reading a testimony saying project486.com is the most reliable website that gives consultation and sells medicines which can help girls, ladies and women with the same problem as mine. I told my boyfriend about project486.com and we immediately contacted them. They were very patient, helpful, and nice to us. I am undergoing the procedure of getting the POC out of my body on the week my medicines arrive. Thank you project 486! Wishing every one of us nothing but the best. ❤️❤️❤️

  38. Sir Alex , I already sent an email . Please see my Email .. I badly Need your help I Am from cebu .. I am now 3 days delayed .

  39. Hi I really need your help, I am 6 months pregnant and we are already made a choice that we will not continue my pregnancy. We have a stable job but we still need a lot of money and we feel that this not a right a time for us to have a baby. Please we really need your help as soon as possible and we are ready to pay for the pills.

    1. already sent you 3 email messages. Check both your inbox and spam folder. Check your spam folder and look for the message with the subject “Project 486”. Follow the instructions in that message

  40. Hi sir alex, pls email me again I acccidentally deleted my mails because it is too many. Plsss help me

  41. Hi sir alex, Icannot send you my information with the code because I accidentally deleted your mail. Pls email me again with the information to be filled and my code thank you.

  42. I was force to do sexual activity without the use of a condom. I was devastated to know I’m pregnant. I searched for any sites where it can help me for abortion and fortunately I found project 486 and after clarifying that they are not a scam I took the chance to contact them, and now here I am.

  43. Just starting to build a career but then i found out that i am pregnant. I searched the internet for abortion clinic but i came across project486, sent an email to them and after a few hours i received a rply from sir alex then he endorsed me to sir john. Had a consultation with him, he made sure i understand the procedure. Hopefully i can start the treatment. Thank you project 486

  44. I need help my partner is a single mom and and she’s not ready yet to have another baby because she just gone back to school and her parents is strict too because of what happened the last time😔

  45. My last missed period was April 11 and currently had 4 positive test. Nakakaexperience din po ako ng cramps and stomach ache. And nakita ko po tong site na to and nag sent po agad ako ng email sa kanila and after an hour nakareceived agad ako ng email from sir alex and nakapag consult na din ako with sir John. Hopefully makapagstart na ko. Thank you project 486.

  46. Solo parent for almost 8yrs last year I meet my partner for how many months where ok but this January 2022 hindi na dumating Yung monthly period ko so nakakabahala na talaga Kasi I have to take exam for my new career ngayun mahihirapan Ako Kasi lahat Ng mapait at walang lasa na medicine at kahit ano pa hindi Siya talaga nalaglag Ang I searched sa online nahirapan Ako now that I meet project 486 it’s really a big help to me Kasi explain what to do and what are the effects on it so now Gawin ko lahat magawa ko lang Yung procedure para hindi na Ako maging pabigat sa family ko. Thanks sa project,486 they really explain every details on what to do it’s my turn to do the action.

  47. Hello sir good day I really really need your help. My last menstruation is last January 30 maybe I am now 3 or 4 months pregnant. Please help me Sir, my boyfriend broke up with me. I don’t want my parents and family disappointed me. I’m planning to go abroad but I can’t travel is it because of my situation now. Sir I really really need your help 😭

      1. Good evening Sir, I really need your help Sir. I have also already sent you and email. Hoping for your reply Sir. Please Sir Thank you. Willing to listen to any steps Sir.

  48. Good day to you sir alex. I am here asking for help and guidance in terminating my unwanted pregnancy. My last period was on dec. 12, 2021. I am 4 months pregnant now. Please help me sir

  49. I’m only 21 years old and I’m still a student. I’m not ready yet to have a kid, nor is my partner. I am praying that you can help me and my boyfriend. We really need all the help and guidance we need. Thank you!

  50. I’ve been looking for some help and encountered this website, and it really did help me a lot. They accommodate those in need and gives a thorough advice and guidance. They’ll make sure you’ll understand the process and gives you comfort that everything will turn out fine.

    1. Good day sir.

      I really need your help and seeking for an advice and advice.

      I already emailed you and i hope you noticed my message

      Thank you, and godbless

  51. Good evening Sir, I badly need your help regarding my situation with my partner. I already sent you an email and I am hoping for your reply. Thank you Sir.

  52. Good evening Sir, I already sent an email, hoping for your reply. I am in urgent need of your help Sir. Thank you.

  53. Good evening Sir, I already sent an email to you. Please reply sir I really need your help. My partner is about 6 weeks pregnant. We have already decided to do this process because we are both not ready. We’re still students. Please Help, still waiting for your reply Sir. Thank you.

  54. Good day po, I really need ur help po. My LMP was on 1st week of april until I did PT and nag.positive po ako. Sana po matulngan nyo po ako.

  55. Last period q Po ay March 25-30,, expected n period q Po ay april25-30,, pero ndi Po aq dinatnan,, Kya Ng pt Po aq 1st,2nd at 3rd week, puro negative,,, may 24 nag patransvaginal ultrasound din Po aq,, Sabi nmn Po ndi Po aq buntis,, ndi n Po aq ngpunta Ng OB dhil kulang n Po pera q,,,, my chance Po bng buntis aq,, ilang weeks Po b bgo madetect Ng ultrasound n buntis?? Alala Po aq, auko q pong patagalin qng sakaling buntis aq,, til now Po KC ndi prin aq dinadatnan,, pls rply po

    1. 5 possibilities:

      1. You are pregnant but it’s too early for hCG to be detected by otc PT. Take a PT every week.
      2. You are pregant but it’s too early (less than 6 weeks a.o.g) to show in the ultrasound. Have a transvaginal ultrasound 2 weeks after your first ultrasound
      Best time for the ultrasound is around 6-7 weeks
      3. You are pregnant but pregnancy is not intrauterine. Pregnancy maybe ectopic. Ectopic pregnancies can be dangerous and life-threatening if not diagnosed and treated early

      4. You are not pregnant but menstruation is delayed because of other factors like stress, underlying medical issues esp those involving the ovaries, hormones, etc.)

      5. You are not pregnant but delayed because of the early stages of menopause. Bodies of women in their 40’s and 50’s may stop producing the hormones that cause menstrual period.

      5. You WERE pregnant but you either had an early miscarriage or a missed miscarriage that happened before your hCG levels become detectable. Thick endometrium can be an indicator. Missed miscarriage/thick endometrium can be treated with medicines or surgery

      The best thing to do though is to visit your doctor. If it is your health at stake, there should never be an excuse. You must seek professional help. Health is wealth and when it comes to reproductive health, your OB knows best.

  56. Good afternoon!

    Im in a bad situation right now and I need some help. I was scrolling and your webpage. It seems legit due to the testimonials thats why im reaching out to you.

  57. I am from cebu city. And I am noe 17 days delayed and the last time I try pregnancy test it is positive. Me and my partner is not yet ready we are still on chasing our dreams home you will help me sir.

  58. I really need yoir help project 486. We are still not yet ready to be a parents. We are still student and not stable.

  59. hello ako po si jems from cebu i really was in trouble when i found out that i was pregnant at the age of 19, good thing nag research ako ng mga sites and blogs about abortions here in cebu then good thing i found out about project486 and trusted naman talaga sila for sure that is why im doing this is for my own good and i am doing the right thing.

  60. i accidentally got my girlfriend pregnant and i was not expecting it to happen we are still to young for this so we decided to research more about possible abortions here in cebu so she found out about project486 and pretty sure it was all trusted because of the reviews we read, we are doing this because it is the right thing since it is not the right time to be parents yet but soon but not now, since we are still too young

  61. Im really glad to have found Project486 moat especially knowing Sir John and Sir Alex who have helped me enlighten on the things running on my mind. All the infos and procedures they have given is very accurate. They are willing to give advices as long as you open up and they will guide you through. I highly recommend them to those who are not yet ready for motherhood. Thank you so much Project 486🫶

  62. Hi Everyone! A lot of people might think abortion is a crime yet some women just pick pro choice and pro life decision where it takes a while to decide what should be. I am currently a student and has a big problem about early pregnancy. Despite of everything, I manage to seek help to those people who can be trusted and reliable. Project486 will surely be able to help me and assist me so that the procedure will be fine. I do believe and trust project486 since many of women spoke and share their testimony. To anyone who seek a helping hand, reach out to project486 and your problem will be solved as soon as possible.

  63. Good Day! I’m not a women but a man with a heart. At first I am hesitant for this because baby is a blessing for God yet as my partner chooses to abort the child, I am also into this matter of supporting her and not leaving her until the end. When she told me about project 486, we really appreciate the fast transaction with them. I trust project486 that my partner will be alright after the procedure and sooner be healed.

  64. I am willing to take the risk of sacrificing everything so this child I am bearing will not suffer what he/she does not deserve.

  65. I will continue with the procedure. There’s no turning back now. I am almost 8 weeks and I am suffering physically due to my situation.

  66. I’m accidentally my girlfriend got pregnant un expected she want to abort because she want to pursue her dreams in life i know this is a big mistake that i had to do in my life i dont want my child suffer difficulties in life sir plsss

  67. Thank you so much, Project486! We really appreciated your help. Everything was smooth sailing and easier for us to do it because of your help.

  68. Hello po, I badly need your help po, I sent an email awhile ago. Hope you can respond po. Thank you!

  69. Hello po I’m from Cebu city. My bf and I had sex last July 11. My period should be at least 11-16 but I didn’t get my period until now and it’s July 18 na, I also haven’t use a pt. I am so worried if I am pregnant. Is there a chance na I’m pregnant? My parents gonna kill me if they know this. I badly need your help po

  70. Im 18 yrs old from cebu takot po akung malaman ng magulang ko po kasi nag aaral papo aku. its been 1 month at mag 2 months napo akung pregnant at ayaw ko na pung patagalin . Na scam po kasu ako sa mga nagbebenta dtu sa cebu po and someone recommend me po sa inyo. Thank you for helping us.

  71. Hello sir.
    I’m desperately need your help sir.
    I’m in a complicated relationship. This is the only way to escape from any legal issues. Hopefully you’ll help me.

  72. Hello,

    I am emailing to ask for help as how this procedure is going. My younger cousin Just found out that she pregnant this month and is still a student and don’t wanna proceed as her bf left.

    What can I do and what will be done? please do reply thank you.

  73. Hello po. I’ve sent an email regarding my concern. Please check your mailbox. I badly need your help. Thank you for responding.

  74. Good day,

    I’ve been in contact with Sir Alex and Sir John about my situation right now. I am pursuing this process with them because I know I am in good hands at project486.

    As per Sir John’s diagnosis, I am now at 15 weeks, turning 16 weeks of my pregnancy. Which is already at 2nd trimester. I’m going to risk it all since this is the only chance I can get.

    I decided to take this step because there are so many factors to be considered if I’m going to pursue on my pregnancy. 1st factor that I consider is my family. I’ve been a disappointment to them for so many years because I got pregnant before, pursued it with my ex partner. However, me and my ex partner separated ways around 2 yrs ago and my 1st born is under the care of my parents while I’m working.
    They loved my baby so much but I know forgiving me of what disappointments I brought to them is very hard. I took time before they can talk to me politely. So I don’t want that to lose. They already forgave me of the 1st mistake I did and doing it again will never forgive me anymore. 2nd factor is that this fetus i’m carrying doesn’t have a father. We’ve also separated our ways long before I knew I’m pregnant. Very complicated.

    So here I am, taking risks. Leaving everything in project486 the guidance so that this process will be successful.

    1. As I’ve search on google on how to abort the baby I saw the website of project 486, I view it and nabasa ko lahat ng mga testimony na nagpa abort, nang natuklasan ko ang project 486 nabuhayan ako ng loob dahil meron pa palalang taong tutulong sa iyo without judgment, kaya napa email ako sa kanila and thanks to sir alex he is so very accomodating and also to sir john na tatawagan ka muna to inform you kung ano ang mga effect sa pill,the red flag of the pill kung fake o anong kulay and etc, sa ngayon po pino process pa po yung order ko but hindi na ako maka hintay dahil gusto ko ng maagapan upang hindi na ako ma stress o ma depress. I know napakalaking kasalan ito pero kailangan ko tong gawin dahil college student ako and my mom would really dissapointed on me if nalaman niya.
      To my baby I’m sad that I’ll never get to meet you. You could have your father’s eyes and my nose. Sorry dahil hindi pa ako ready maging mom, I’m sorry baby until we meet again. but I promise to myself that this would be my last abortion.

  75. I’ve been searching in any platforms kung saan pwede maka hanap or makabili ng abortion pills. Napansin at natuklasan ko ang blogspot ng project486. Sapagkat buo na ang loob ko na sumailalim sa abortion, nag send ako ng email sa kanila and I was given a time and chance to share my problems at kung bakit napag desisyonan kong ipa abort ang dinadala ko. Pinakinggan nila ako ng walang halong panghuhusga at lubos na inunawa ang aking kalagayan. Tinulungan nila ako in every step of the way at ginabayan sa bawat proseso upang masiguro ang aking kaligtasan.
    At first I was doubtful kasi alam naman natin na usong-uso ang scam, kaya nag research ako at nagbasa din ng iba’t ibang testimonya dito sa kanilang blog. Dahil dito ay nakita ko na matutulungan nila ako sa aking problema.

  76. My partner and I are not ready to have a baby because of financial issues. We chose Project486 because it was recommended to me by my friend who also has the same problem and who was also helped by Project486.

  77. As of now, me and my girlfriend wants to terminate the pregnancy because we lack financially and that we are not mentally ready for a baby. Project486 helps us by giving her a free consultation and giving her assurance and options that are with the procedure.

    1. Project 486 is very hands on with their clients and they are concerned that the process will be successful. Found this at one of the comments in google that they are helping women with unwanted pregnancies. Thankful that I have reached them and talked to them about the process.

  78. My parter and I decided to terminate the baby since we are not mentally and financially ready yet. Since we agreed on it I have try my best to do some research and almost got scammed because of my urge to buy the medicine ASAP. In my research napadpad ako isang review section ni google where someone commented that “try exploring project486.com” so I did and gladly found a legitimate one where we can trust.

  79. I chose Project486 because of 3 things:
    1. Established legitimacy
    2 Very professional personnel – John and Alex reply to emails and text messages clearly and consistently. They take time to explain the process and requirements and ensure you understand everything.
    3. The medicines they prescribe are not fake. They are focused on ensuring the medical abortion is done right.

  80. Me and my partner decided that we will terminate our baby because we are still both studying and we are not financially stable to have a baby at this time and we both agree because its for our own future and we dont want to have our baby have a mesirable life and then we took pt and it came positive and she already missed 1 month of her period so i started researching in the internet and then i came in this website at first we are hesitant because as my partner research there are lot of scammers about this thing but when we message sir alex and john they were very professionals about it and they even give knowledge of what were trying to do thats why we chose project486 and now we are having transaction as of the moment I will surely update everything on here. Hoping for all of us the best.

  81. Good day Sa lahat I will post a comment here about our story and experience on project and our reason why we will terminate our baby. We are currently on transaction with project486 hope we are having the right choice with them but I put the trust with sir Alex and sir John because they are very professionals about this and they even give knowledge and thoughts about this and they understand why we are doing this. So the reason me and my partner is terminating our baby because we are not ready for it as of this time because we are both studying he is already graduating and the most important is that we are not financially stable and we want to have a future of us that is stable and we don’t want the baby to have a miserable life while it’s early we decided to have our baby terminate. Hope project486 will be on our side until it will succeed.

  82. Good day sir Alex and sir John, i would like to buy abortion pills i think im pregnant bcos im having excessive discharge and last night i had a discharge which was sticky, pale-yellow, and had a bit of blood mixed. My mens should come this 18-19 and i dont think this is normal. It’s 2weeks now since me and my bf conceived. There was no penetration but i think there was precum, we’re not ready for a child yet we’re still studying as of the moment. Please help me sir Alex and sir John. Thankyou<3

  83. Hello I already emailed you po sir Alex please check email we badly need help, we are still studying and we don’t want to disappoint our families. Thank you.

  84. Hello Good day! this is Wes. My girlfriend and I had sex last August 12,
    2022, we used condom at first but after that we tried raw for a short
    period of time like a 5 strokes then we used another condom for the next
    round. She have IUD but we are still doubtful because the string of the IUD
    is not visible on the outside. That’s why we used Lady pills as emergency
    contraception 4 pills ASAP and 4 pills after 12hrs. She took the after
    12hrs pill at 4:56am on August 13, 2022 and until now my girlfriend didn’t
    get her period for this month. Her period for the month of May was May 1,
    2022 while for the June was June 12, 2022, for July was July 20, 2022. Her
    period is not normal but we are still so nervous that she might be
    pregnant, we didn’t have pregnancy test but will do for the next following
    days. Please give us any advise because we are only still students and we
    don’t want to disappoint our families. Please help us
    we really don’t know what are we gonna do.

    1. IUD, condoms, the Lady pills as EC – you exhausted every trick in the bag to prevent pregnancy. All you need to do now is take a PT. If you get a negative on the otc PT, take blood pregnancy test. If you get a negative on both the otc PT and the blood test then get a transvaginal ultrasound (best done on 6th-7th week of missed period) .

      Had you not “tried raw for a short period of time”, I could’ve just told you to relax.

  85. Hello Po , Good day ! I am jean from Cebu . Me and my partner both decided that we will be going to terminate the baby for the reason na I’m still studying and he’s jobless after the pandemic happened. And we just think about the future of our baby if we’re not going to do it. And since we agreed I already checked websites that can help solved my problem . And luckily I found Project 486 as I read I saw the reviews and comments and they’re all successful with their processed . So I emailed them right away and I’m so glad because they responded right away. As of the moment I already contacted sir John and Sir Alex . And I’m on the process I hope I will be successful . Thank You sir John and Alex for helping.

  86. Hi , I am clark . My partner got pregnant and it was unintentional. We agreed to terminate the baby because I’m not sure I can give the baby a healthy life since we still have a 1 year old son. I guess we got the best option and I’m so glad kasi nakakita ang partner ko ng page na kung saan ito ay ang project 486 handa silang mag assist at sa katunayan before makabili ng gamot ay meron talagang consultation happened. At first, I’m nervous kasi baka ma scam kami or what pero ng tumawag na si Sir John sa partner ko kumalma ako at panatag na ang aking loob. Sa katunayan makikita sa comments and reviews na maganda talaga ang kanilang service at mas lalong tumaas ang trust ko sa kanila. Sa katunayan , we’re on the process na po at sana ay maging successful kami . Salamat po sir John and sir Alex sa serbisyo at sana po ay marami pa kayong matutulongan .

  87. I accidentally got pregnant and sad to say I had to get rid of it because Im not yet ready and im still a student. I hope you can help me.

  88. We were struggling finding solution to terminate pregnancy with my partner so we decided to search online for possible solutions and find that many people were suggesting that project486 could help us with our problem. So I reached out to them and luckily they were easy to contact and very accomodating.

  89. I didn’t get my period last july and i was anxious on what to do, I didn’t want to keep the baby because his/her life would be miserable because my partner is not going to own the baby and Im still not financially and mentally stable. I hope this website can help me and not going to scam me by my decision because i was scammed once and is still afraid of being scammed twice but sir john assure me that i am in good hands with project486.

  90. Nag research aq kung sino pede mahingan ng tulong and thankful nakita ko ang project486.com. Wala talaga akong balak mag buntis o mag karuon man ng anak. Im 30 and its my 1st time to get pregy, lumaki kasi ako sa isang toxic family kaya wala talaga akong dream na magka baby dahil sa mga naranasan ko sa buhay. Sana matulongon nyo ako e terminate my pregnancy.

  91. Me and my girlfriend ay naghahanap kung sino pwede makatulong saamin. Nakit.an mn sakong oyab ang link mao nang naami diri kron sa project486. Daghan pod mga good reviews. We used calendar method then yon palpak. Both of us are on legal age but my girlfriend don’t want na mag ka baby bcoz of her trauma na naranasan nya sa family nya. I supported her kung ano man disisyon nya. Kinakabahan kami pareho ng girlfriend ko. since hindi namin alam anong mangyayare. Nasa bansang Japan ako ngayon at ang girlfriend ko nandyan sa pinas through social med ang communication namin. Sana matulongon kami ni project486, at sana wag nyo pabayaan ang girlfriend ko.

  92. I am Jenny from Cebu. When I tested positive on PT twice, I panicked and checked on places to buy abortion pill but at the same time I have doubts maybe I will get scammed. I contacted a different person first but seems questionable when we had our conversations. Luckily, I came across Project486.com wherein Sir John really explained everything to me and assured me about the safe procedure.

  93. I am delayed by two days and tested positive twice. I think I paid for a shady online seller good thing I didn’t stopped searching before finally doing the job.
    I’m thankful that there’s this project to help women here in Philippines (or anywhere in the world) I felt secured and really there’s no judgement. I told nobody about this. Even my boyfriend. He is pro life and he wants to have a kid na, but I am really not yet ready. 🙁
    This team is helpful in terms of step by step and technicalities.

    1. Tested positive after a week late from period. Was using birth control and when I saw positive I tested again. After that looked for alternative and was searching for miso in Cebu. Came upon this site and talked to Sir John who explained everything to me.

  94. Me and my partner are not ready for a second baby yet due to financial reasons. I was really desperate for help, good thing that I found this website and I hope everything will go as planned.

  95. Hello po, i badly need your help, we suspect na buntis yung gf ko and hindi pa kami ready sa stage na iyon, please help us

  96. I was devastated because my partner broke up with me and later on found out that I am pregnant. I don’t think I can make it and provide for my baby since my salary is at minimum wage only and I still provide for my parents also. I found this website and was thankful they are accommodating and reassuring that the process will go well.

  97. Project 486 is very hands to their clients and they are concerned that the process will be successful. Found this at one of the comments in google that they are helping women with unwanted pregnancies. Thankful that I have reached them and talked to them about the process.

  98. Sa pag scroll namin sa internet, dito kami naka meet ng very accommodating people and nafeel namin na may care sila. Kahit di pa man sure na mag avail sa kanila, nag educate na sila kagad. Happy ako na maexplainan ng procedure. Sana maging successful sakin.

  99. When my GF and I found out that we were pregnant, we were really worried especially due to the fact that we are currently reviewing for our board exam plus the fact that we are both not ready yet. Fortunately, I was able to hear from one comment regarding this project. Thankful for being accommodating plus very client-centered people. God bless!

    1. It was very frustrating to find out that I was pregnant with my 3rd child. I ask my friend to buy me meds (from a seller she knows) to end the pregnancy. I took 15tabs orally and inserted 5tabs in my V. But still, nothing happens. I emailed moreinfo@project486.com and referred to a consultant who explained the process of Medical Abortion. I will keep you updated on the next step of this procedure.

  100. I am not going to give my real name tsaka personal email po for now as
    I am still a bit scared and new to this whole thing. I am an 18 year
    old male, and my partner and I made love without contraceptives around
    October 19, we are still waiting for the results for the PT test.

    The sex was 100% with consent, and this choice for finding a place to
    abort it (if it comes out as positive), is also with both parties’
    approval. We are just too young and we believe that we are not ready.

    We also know about the legality of this whole thing and how it will
    affect our lives if this fails.

    We need medical advice regarding the chances of us conceiving a child

    It was around October 19 when we had unprotected sex, we were in heat
    and we were terrified

    We mostly did oral, and masturbation, but at one point we agreed to
    put it inside her vagina, but it lasted for only around 40 seconds,
    less than a minute.

    I do not think I pre-came inside, nor did I pre-came before I put It
    inside, and even if I did, she did an oral the entire time so she
    might have removed a bit the pre came.

    I came 10 minutes after the insertion, it was already outside by then
    since we only put it inside for 40 seconds or less to know what it
    feels like.

    In short:

    We had unprotected sex at October 19

    It was only inside for 40 seconds or less

    I never came inside

    I never “felt” that I precame inside (maybe I did as I couldn’t have known)

    She smokes a lot

    I drink from time to time

    And Both of us are very stressed from college, and this experience.

    When I came, I’ve never put it near her vagina, or even touched her
    vagina, or she touched her vagina with cum on our hands, as all of
    with went to her mouth, and some was wiped off with alcohol and tissue.

    What are the chances po that she will become pregnant from this?

    We will also contact you po once again when we get the result whether
    the results are positive or negative.

    We would then ask for a procedure if it is positive.

    1. Dear

      As long as there is penetration, no matter how brief, may lead to conception. Precum can get a woman pregnant. Precum can be or can’t be felt. The slightest stimulation or arousal can make males secrete precum. The best thing that you could have done was to take emergency contraception. You can take trust oral contraceptive (or any levonorgestrel-based contraceptives) as ECP. Just look up “Yuzpe method”, it will come handy in the future. Use reliable contraceptives. Pull out and rhythm method are the worst. Almost all our patients are victims of over-reliance on pull out and calendar method. By the way, hCG usually starts to be detectable at 4 weeks from conception/ You may still get a negative even if you are pregnant if you take the PT at less than 4 weeks aog

  101. Hi, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t even know I was pregnant and I was really prone to difficult pregnancy, this might lead to more complications. I had missed miscarriage before that lead to health conditions like alopecia and mental health issues. I hope you could help me how to terminate it as soon as possible.

  102. Reaching out to sir alex & sir john for desperate help. I received email reply after hours and had a chance to do consultation immediately after I missed my schedule from sir john (so considerate). I find my Consultation from sir john very helpful in a way of fully understanding of what we will be doing and a scientific explanation of how the procedure will affect our body especially the intention of getting rid of the embryo. I will be continuing what I intentionally started. Hoping and confident to have a successful procedure. Hope this will help you trust themysterious people behind this website.

  103. Hi I already emailed i think i might be pregnant since I’m 1 week delayed and this is early stage pregnancy i think. Please help me i badly need ur help. I’m still not ready to have a baby right now

  104. I just had a baby and he was delivered via emergency CS section. I was told by my doctor not to conceive in the next 3 years as my uterus would still be weak before then. But one high peak ovulation night, my second pregnancy was conceived. We are not equipped financially and frankly we haven’t recovered yet, what with the relentless toll of inflation and other factors. I have listed pros and cons for the looming endeavour I am about to go through, and unfortunately, the cons outweighed the pros. It’s just not practical for us to have a second child for now.

  105. Hi, I just found out that my partner is pregnant, though I am glad with the news, she got very nervous as she is their family’s breadwinner. She have always wanted to have a baby but since she is still supporting her family, especially her younger brother who is still in college, she can’t afford to support two families at the same time. With this, I would like to as for your help. Thank you.

  106. My boyfriend and I have only been together for 3 months. Though we really wanna have a baby, my bf is still haunted by his past relationship.
    Barely knowing each other, I got scared of having a baby fully knowing that anything might change in a matter of time. He might still go back to his ex and leave us and I might not be able to support the baby and I. I am in great need of your help.

  107. While I am of age, I am in no position to have a child and I am fully aware that I cannot support it financially, mentally, and emotionally, and it won’t have the life it deserves. I’m still struggling to support myself, what could I give another human being? I didn’t want a child now and my parter doesn’t either.

    That’s why when I’ve been delayed for over a week, I started to get worried that something is amiss. At first I thought it was just because I got really sick somewhere in my cycle, but I had a nagging feeling that told me to keep checking since I have always been aware of my cycle and it has always been regular (almost exact number of days every time).

    When I got that faint second line on the test, I felt like time stopped and everything turned cold. I could barely sleep that day and I turned online to seek for advice and help. Someone reached out to me about Project486, and shared her experience, asking me to consider them as a choice for what I was about to do. I decided to give it a shot, initially just to see if all she said had some truth to it. I’ve heard of many scams and bogus sellers on here.

    After reaching out and our initial conversations, I figured that maybe if I give them a little trust, they might be able to help me.

    To Project 486, first, thank you for getting back to me and allowing me a consultation. Second, I badly need your help. I hope that this will be a successful and smooth procedure. I have many many fears, but I’m starting to see that with your guidance, I have a good chance at having a different ending from this situation.

  108. Hi. I’m currently in Cebu and it has been a rollercoaster ride since I found out that I was with child. I was very confused and did not know what to do. However, I know that right now, I am not capable of to have a child, financially, emotionally and mentally.
    It pains me to make this decision and I was having second thoughts because I know the danger of the procedure if not done right. I was trying to find ways to do it safely until I stumbled upon Project 486.

    I am grateful that they accomadated my problem and explained the procedure to me thoroughly. I am scared, yes, of this procedure, but I know you will do everything to help me.

  109. Hi sir Alex, I was a patient last year off this site, and I just wanted to say na salamat po sa tulong niyo kasi na continue ko yung life ko after nun, Sana po marami pa kayong matulungan na kagaya ko po.

    1. Your friend Anna____ , a verified past patient sent me a message. I already responded to her. She will relay our message to you. Consultation process is much faster for past patients and their peers/kin.

  110. I got separated from my husband for a while now but not legally and still fighting over my child’s custody. I’m in a new relationship now and I didn’t know I’m bearing a child until it reached 9 weeks. I know I needed to find a way to terminate it since anytime it can be used against me and my ex might bring it to court just to get my child’s custody.

  111. Please help po I already emailed po regarding my situation I am approaching at my 4th week and badly need your help po. Sana matulungan mo po ako kc di pa ako handa po.

          1. I need help… I have had unprotected sex on 20th oct, I don’t get my periods yet. I had my last menses on 6th oct my cycle is usually 26 days but till now didn’t get ny periods even after trying so many home remedies.. I don’t want to be pregnant.. help

  112. Hi me and my partner just found out that she’s pregnant after taking 2 PTs this morning, she said she felt this weird feeling of cramps since last week. Me and my partner both agreed that we’re not having a baby please help us

  113. I have had unprotected sex on 20th October ( although my partner used withdrawal).I had my last menses on 6th October. My usual cycle is of 26 days. But as of today i haven’t started my periods. I have started using herbs and home remedies which i could do to miscarriage naturally I’m sacred and I don’t know if I’m pregnant. I don’t want this pregnancy if i am. Please help

  114. When I found out that I am pregnant. I was shocked and worried about my future. I know I am not mentally and emotionally ready for this. And I am still thinking about my future ahead. As I am still in the middle of achieving my goals and dreams in life. And I am thinking also about the welfare of the kid as I cannot give him the life he/she deserves. As I look thru Google about abortion one comment caught my attention about project486.com so I emailed sir Alex right away as I am desperately needed their help. And I’m thankful that they are willing to help me. They give me instructions what to do to make in successful.

  115. Found out Im 8 weeks pregnant and would like to terminate because I am in no way financially and psychologically capable of raising a child. Looked into buying these pills online, and there seem to be a lot of fake/expired pills being sold. project486 is the only reliable seller that I have found. There is proper consultation, they actually talk to you about the entire situation and what’s gonna happen. They have proper medical advices. This is the best place to purchase the pills safely

  116. Hi. Im from Cebu. I currently contacted Project 486 in hopes of helping me. Right now im assired by dr john. He walk me through the process , I am still expecting my medicine parcel. wish me luck! I opt thru this site since i already had wanted to buy the meds on C*** A******* clinic , but the “nurse” they had was too sketchy asking me personal details . Upon my research too, i bumped into a comment here that she has been preyed over that clinic. So im putting my hopes up in here ..

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