Where to buy abortion pills in Cebu?

Abortion pills in Cebu

Cebu  has been a concern for Project 486 because of the alarming number of women getting scammed in the area.  Early this year, Cebu suppliers  had been aggressively pursued by the authorities (click here to see related news: news 1  news 2 ). However, it seems the communication arms (operator of their contact numbers and social media accounts) of those apprehended (jailed) are still taking orders, receiving payments but do not deliver the needed medicines leaving desperate women more hopeless and devastated than they already are.

2 Stories from Cebu

Story no.1

In the first story below, featured is the abortion story of a certain Janet (not her real name), a 29 year old mother of two. Some blogger recommended Project 486 to her when her attempt with alternative herbal medicines failed.  Her failure with herbal alternatives made her doubt this recommendation so she typed “ Where to buy abortion pills in  Cebu, Philippines? “ and  much to  her surprise, Google came up with a business listing of abortion/abortion clinics in Cebu City.  She texted them and  not very long, they replied. With the exchanges of text, Janet had the impression that whoever set-up the business listing is shady. Abortion clinics and abortion in general are illegal in the Philippines so the business listing was a trap to begin with.

Janet then proceeded to  contact Project 486 as earlier recommended by the blogger.

where to buy abortion pills in cebu?

We do appreciate it when bloggers recommend us but we don’t approve of any alternative abortion methods as they could be dangerous and without scientific merit. We strongly advice women to stick to the best that science can offer, the safest and most effective option for termination of early pregnancy — Medical Abortion through the use of the abortion pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

Janet had a productive consultation session (over the phone)  with her assigned consultant.  Her doubts and apprehensions were dispelled and in that moment, she truly felt that  she is indeed getting assistance from the right people.

This is her story:

Not painful yet successful abortion

It was painstaking.
I have a 4 year old and a 6 month old baby, when I realized that  I am pregnant again.

We are currently settling issues, and the truth is I am the only one supporting our kids even if we both have stable jobs. (For similar story click here)

He was busy prioritizing other things rather than us. More so, he’s busy flirting with other women that he reneged on his responsibilities with our family. To my dismay, he keeps infecting me with the STD he contracts because of his promiscuity .

I know there wouldn’t be enough reasons as to what I did, but I was desperate. I am alone. And so I resorted to searching the internet. And I came across a blogger and immediately contacted her. She directed me about vit c overdose, dong quai, and parsley intake and I religiously followed it but a week passed and nothing happened.  So she said I must try contacting Project 486. And so I did.

where to buy abortion pills in cebu?

They were very accomodating. And I was assigned under the care of Mr. John.  He comforted me during our consultation and made sure it will all be alright. I was scared. But  his reassurance made me go all the way.

The meds were packaged very discreetly, and then I engaged to the process the next day.

where to buy abortion pills cebu city


Fasting and mifepristone for two days, and day 3 came.where to buy abortion pills cebu city

Again, I followed Kuya John’s directions and he was with me all the time –

Reminding me every step.

At 8 am, I put the misoprostol tablets  in my vagina. I felt discomfort in my stomach but that was not painful.  Few hours after, i felt the urge to defecate so i did it on the diaper. I was alone, so I am fixing myself.   I felt a surge of water, i thought my water broke.

At 11am, I drank a cup of water.  At 12 noon, I  placed the misoprostol tablets in my buccal cavity and waited. Again there is discomfort. But I remained at my position, then again there ‘s a gush.

At 3pm, I swallowed the remnants of the misoprostol tablets  with water and at 4, place another set of misoprostol for buccal intake. Kuya john told me I can now sit and stand. I only saw
watery blood in my diaper so i walk a little and I felt I want to defecate again so I got the dipper. As soon as I  was positioned, I was able to defecate then a pool of blood rushed out from my V … followed by fetus.

I can only see its feet, then the placenta followed. Then I stayed in that position crying.

I texted kuya john and told him I  saw feet. He replied to me that i can just take pictures of the other things that came with  the fetus , not the whole thing.

I was crying and I barely managed to look at it. But Kuya John’s comfort made me stand again and fix everything.  I know there’s nothing to be proud of. But yet, somehow, I am hoping for forgiveness. Thank you Project 486 for staying with me and not judging me.

Janet, 29,  Airline Employee

Cebu City, Philippines



Story no. 2

She wish not to break her parents’ hearts so a college student  from Cebu made a tough decision

Glad she did it with the safest option possible and with the right people too


Here is another story from alias Abigail (patient code: PRJCT486-102921MA), a  recent patient from Cebu who contacted Project 486 on the last week of October 2021 and had a successful procedure that was completed on Nov 9, 2021.


Oct 30, 2021 – This is what she shared in our comment section after she had a very informative consultation with her assigned consultant:

I’m a college student when I found out I was pregnant. At first, I don’t even know what I’m going to do about this matter. I was petrified because I know my parents will get disappointed on me. My father is a police. He’s very proud of me, especially my mom. At this age, I’m not ready to become a mom. So my partner and I decided to do such a perilous decision. We visited a lot of abortive clinic but it was closed. So I searched on google then I found some contact number that says they can help me with my problem. But I sense that it was scam because they tell me to send first the money. So I searched again and I found someone’s comment. She says that project486 help her with her problem so I searched in google and share about my matter. I chatted them and sir Alex replied immediately. He recommended me to sir John. He was very kind to me when we spoke on phone. He never judge me by my decision and I can sense that I can trust this project486. Sir Alex did help me and explain to me what I’m going to do. Next next day I’m going to do the procedure and hoping it’s going to be success. I’m going to thanks in advance to sir John and sir Alex for being there when I don’t even know what I’m going to do.

abortion pill cebuabortion pills cebu city

plaza independencia cebu city
Abigail proved that she is really from Cebu by sending this very short clip of a landmark http://bitly.ws/jU9u

(click link to play video clip)

This is the picture of the meds taken by the patient to prove that she already received the medicine parcel. The medicine parcel is packaged discreetly.


The POC (Products of Conception) is covered with blue circle. The size of the blue circle is about the same size as the POC which is already at around 11 weeks a.o.g.  Medical Abortion is best done before the 12th week of pregnancy. Patients, however are advised to do it as early as possible. The earlier it is, the smaller the POC, the lesser strain on the patient’s body and the faster is the recovery.


Here is a glimpse of the text message exchanges between Abigail and her assigned consultant who was monitoring her closely during the procedure.  Technical support is a very important part of the procedure. The smallest mistakes on the part of the patient can cost unnecessary delays (if not outright failure)   but the smallest modifications/adjustments  by her assigned consultant can all the more improve her chance of completing the procedure early.


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  1. I’m unexpectedly pregnant and pushing through with this this pregnancy is a nightmare for me. Me and my boyfriend have discussed about this. I desperately need real help now.

    1. Hi Sir Maam. I am hoping that you can help me with my problem.I am here because I want to buy a cytotec. How much?

      1. Ms. Mars, Cytotec or Misoprostol is not enough. For a successful procedure, you need to have Mifepristone. Mifepristone is the more important medicine. Many of those who did it with cytotec only have incomplete or failed procedure. Sadly, the Philippines is flooded with fake and substandard Mifepristone. Check your inbox or spam. We already replied to your email message.

    1. We offer assistance to Filipinas from all over the Philippines and from all over the world. We already responded. You got mail, Ms. Nanette

  2. Hello, already sent email regarding the form that needs to be filled out together with the pictures. Kindly review my email. Thank you so much. I really need your help 🙇🏼

  3. Hi me and my wife need help, kakascam lng samin Ng ka transaction ko and now we have more problems pleaseeee contact me were from cebu

  4. I got abused at nagbunga. After a lot of thinking, I chose not to continue my pregnancy. It was my friend who recommended this site. Napaka bilis nila magrespond and napaka detailed. I had a teleconsult with Sir John and he walked me thru the process. it was an ease knowing na finally there’s Project486 na ready tumulong.

  5. Please I need your help. I am on my 6th week. I don’t know what to do and where else to go. We once tried going to a birthing clinic but they only judged and embarrassed us.

  6. I need some advice, because delay na po ako ng 3 days and regular po yung Men’s ko lately. Nov 9 nag meet kami ng bf ko then may ngyari samin may protection naman siya ginamit but second attemp niya wala but alam ko pong di niya nilabas sa loob worried lang ako sa pre – cum niya then nov 25 dapat may dalaw nako but until now nov 28 wala padin nag woworried lang ako but nag delay ng ganto katagal mostly na delay ko 1day lang and I tried ko used PT kaninang umaga then negative naman lumabas ask ko lang bakit ganun po and medj nakakaramdam din po ako ng sakit sa breast ko and mild na sakit sa puson but wala pong morning sickness and di rin ako nahihilo feel ko lang nasusuka ako pero hindi and parang naglalaway po

    1. Precum can get you pregnant.

      The possibility of pregnancy is there whenever you engage in unprotected sex, even if you use a “fertility calendar”.

      At 3-4 weeks from conception, hCG (pregnancy hormone) levels can be too low to be detected by your OTC PT. Do the test again after a week.

  7. Good evening po, Im supposed to have my menstrual bleeding at Nov 21 but I had bleeding on Nov 18. It was lighter than my normal period but it had clots on the first day. The bleeding stopped on the 4th day and stopping continues until Day 7. I am worried po na baka implantation bleeding. Kelan po kaya ako pwedeng mag test. Im super anxious na po and I dont know what to.

    1. Take pregnancy test tom morning. Use your first urine after waking up. Better if you can use two different brands of over-the-counter PT. If you get a negative, repeat the test after 5 days then get back to us. Update us by sending an e-mail to moreinfo@project486.com

      1. I need some help. Im 4 weeks pregnant. I take a lot of medicine and even go to a near manghihilot to this abortion. I cant buy Misoprostol/ Cytotec because its prohibited here. Can project 486 help me on this? My parents gonna kill me. And how much? Thank you and hoping for a fast response.

  8. Hello,

    I am asking for a friend who is 7 months pregnant and has been taking misoprostol but with no success. Unsure if what she is taking is real or not. Can project 486 help?

    My friend is very young, living around on her own and has even made attempts to end her life.


    1. What your friend is doing is wrong in so many levels.

      First, medical abortion should be done by taking not just misoprostol. A prior intake of mifepristone(200mg) 24-48 hrs before the misoprostol is needed for best results

      Second, medical abortion by the use of mifepristone and misoprostol is only recommended for pregnancies not longer than 3 months.

      Taking misoprostol at 7 months aog may induce premature “live” birth. So stop the intake of misoprostol.

      continuation of this response to your query will be sent via email.

  9. Hello 🙂

    I hope that you will be able to help or advice me, cos I don’t know what to do 🥺

    Last Friday, I had an unprotected sex with a guy, and it goes until Saturday. I just found out on Sunday, on my Calendar period App that Friday was my Ovulation day.. I tried the Yuspe Method (Lady Pills) on Monday.. But I wanted to be sure. I feel like I’m so bloated right now & I don’t know if it’s the effect of the pills that I took. I’ve read that one of the signs of early preggy is bloating.. So now I’m still worried. I wanted to know if I am preggy & if I am, I wanted to remove as soon as possible. 🥺 I’m not really mentally & financially stable & busy peron and I can’t afford to carry & be responsible for now.. Please help me 😢

    Hoping for your response.

    Thank you so much,

    1. It’s too early to know if you are indeed pregnant. Pregnancy hormones starts to be at detectable levels at around 4-5 weeks. You have no choice but to wait. Bloating and other discomforts can be due to the intake of emergency contraception.

      The Yuzpe Method is most effective if done the 1st day after unprotected sex. As time passes, its effectiveness declines.

  10. Hello

    I recently just discovered your program while I was researching regarding with my situation. I hope that you will be able to help.

    Last Thursday. My gf and I had a protected sex but after we did it, I threw out the condom i used to the bin but had to throw in a plastic so picked it up again to threw it in a bin. A few minutes passes by. She wanted me to finger her, I forgot to wash to my hands (But my hands were dry), And now my gf and i ade panicking about the situation. We’re both financially unstable. We can’t afford to be responsible for now. It got us overthinking about the situation we just did.

    Is it possible to get pregnant by fingering her? (while my hands were dry at the time)

    1. If your hands were dry, any sperm that accidently ended up in your hands were either dead (sperm needs moisture) or too weak to swin. Still, take a PT after 4 weeks.

  11. Hi, I recently found out that I was pregnant. Me and my partner got with a fixed decision that we will not gonna keep the baby since we’re not at tha exact age and we don’t have money or stable job that could provide the baby. I badly really need your help for this one. Please help

  12. Im from Cebu City

    Me and my partner had unprotected sex on Nov 20, 2021. She felt a headache on nov 27, 2021 (kind of dizziness). three days ago was suppose to be her menstrual period (written today dec 6). Is she pregnant by any chance?? we are both working but financially not enough to have a baby yet. And she is currently processing her papers for work outside of the country. We decide to go with this method. Please help us.

    1. Is she pregnant? Without a pregnancy test, it would be very hard to tell as pre-menstrual symptoms can be very similar to early pregnancy symptoms. Take a pregnancy test then get back to us.

      You got mail by the way.

  13. Hi po currently on my 3rd week po. Had bleeding with blood clots 9 days ago and took a pregnancy test today and still turned positive. Currently in Cebu City.

  14. Currently residing in Cebu and I need help po. Last missed period was Nov. 20 and currently had 2 positive tests. First test done last Nov. 26 and 2nd test done today. Both positive. Had bleeding with clots last Nov 29 and currently not experiencing any pregnancy symptoms except a missed period. Please help me po.

  15. Good afternoon po sir/maam. Yung gf ko po kasi sir ay 2 weeks ng pregnant, tapos nag decide po kami na hindi muna i keep yung baby kasi wala papo kami sa tamang edad namin tsaka wala padin po kaming trabaho tapos nag aaral padin kami. Need po namin ng help niyo sir/maam.

    Sanay matulungan niyo po kami. Maraming salamat.❤

  16. Good day! I’m currently talking now to Sir Alex and Sir John about my situation. I’m 6 weeks pregnant now and will undergo the procedure by next week maybe.

    I’m working now as a Public School Teacher and we all know that teachers must serve as the role model especially to students and here I am committed this sinful act. We don’t have choice. Me and my partner are not fully ready for this. I’m the breadwinner of our family and my partner is not still permanent in his job. So here we are deciding to do this.

    I am fully assured that I’m in good hands now by talking to Sir John and Sir Alex. They’re really approachable and update me from time to time. Project 486 is indeed a great help for me and to each and everyone. Thank you!

  17. Good evening, I am in need of help on how to terminate my pregnancy as soon as possible. The last time I had my menstruation was last August 18, 2021 so I’m guessing 4 months turning 5 months na and I don’t want to be scammed because I really saved money to pay for what needs to be payed to terminate my pregnancy. I hope you can help me

  18. Hello.

    I am in contact with Sir Alex and Sir John about my current situation, I am about 11 weeks and I am a first year Med student. I will undergo the procedure by next week, and I am fully assured that this procedure will be successful because I am in good hands with Project 486.

    This is a very difficult choice but I need to do this so not to disappoint my parents. My partner and I are not capable of becoming parents, and are not capable enough to give the needs of the baby, esp. for hospitalization given the crisis we are facing right now.

    Sir John is very informative and are updating me from time to time same as with Sir Alex. I know that I am in a right place to ask for help, and Project 486 is a great help for many women experiencing unwanted pregnancies. Project 486 assures that every women will conduct this act in a safe way. Thank you Project 486!

  19. Good day sa inyo. I’m here and humbly need your help to terminate my unwanted pregnancy. I sent email already and waiting for respond. I missed my period last November and probably im in 8th weeks right now. I don’t know what to do and glad i found here. I’m from province of Cebu. Hoping and waiting your reply. Please help me. Thank you in advance

    1. I already responded. Check both your inbox and spam folders. Your email service might consider our messages as spam

  20. Hi sir alex. I responded to the email with the necessary info. I just want to check if you received it. Thank you.

  21. My partner and I broke up so I made my final decision to end my pregnancy because it’s too complicated to mention. I researched for an abortion pill in Cebu and crossed a comment about project468. I emailed Sir Alex directly and they assigned Sir John as my consultant. Hoping I can start my procedure as early as possible, like this week.

    1. Reply sent to your email, Ms. Annalorena. Check both your inbox and SPAM folder. Sometimes our messages are considered spam by some email services.

      1. I’ve already checked my inbox and replied with a instruction you gave me, I only have 2 weeks left to solve this situation I’m in, please, please reply to me asap.. I really need your help.

    1. Cytotec and Misoprostol are the same thing. Cytotec (by Pfizer) is the brand and Misoprostol is the generic name. What you need is the combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

  22. Good Day

    I am currently in contact with Sir Alex and Sir John about my current situation, I am about 16-18 weeks and I am a 2nd year College student. I will undergo the procedure by next week, and I am fully assured that this procedure will be successful because I am in good hands with Project 486.

    It took me a very long time to get on with this because the previous websites and people I contacted didn’t seem trustworthy and just instantly gave us prices on the meds but with Project 486 they made sure to consult, clarify and settle everything for my safety before they gave us the prices and the packages that suits my case well.

    This is a very difficult choice but I need to do this so not to disappoint my parents. My partner and I are not capable of becoming parents, and are not capable enough to give the needs of the baby, esp. for hospitalization given the crisis we are facing right now.

    Sir John is very informative and are updating me from time to time same as with Sir Alex. I know that I am in a right place to ask for help, and Project 486 is a great help for many women experiencing unwanted pregnancies. Project 486 assures that every women will conduct this act in a safe way. Thank you Project 486!

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