Abortion in Danao City Cebu: Her dysfunctional family made her lose interest in starting a family of her own (entry #110)

Abortion in Danao City Cebu

abortion clinic in danao city cebu

“The world didn’t look too good”

Living & growing up in a dysfunctional household causes trauma that make me
lose interest in starting a family of my own.

Hi! Missy here, a 30 yrs old atheist from Danao Cebu. I didn’t want to get
pregnant, but my partner did. Im seeking for someone to help me out of my
current circumstance. Thank goodness i came across a site link to

abortion pills in danao city cebu
BIOAVAILABILITY OF MIFEPRISTONE IN CAPSULE versus TABLET — https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/18477493/ —This study suggests that the two formulations of mifepristone are bioequivalent. ——Bioavailability – The degree and rate at which a substance (as a drug) is absorbed into a living system or is made available at the site of physiological activity .


We started the procedure on Sep. 10, my body responded similarly to the
first and second procedures..I began to sweat profusely and felt cold. And
I vomit a couple of hours after taking mifepristone, but i feel fine
On the 3rd day of operation I was extremely anxious, afraid, and full of
worries bec. It was the big day of the procedure and i was alone in the inn
with no companion.
At 4pm i took 2 Misoprostol vaginally; this was the first time I had ever
inserted my finger into the deepest cavity of a vagina(i felt scared). I
had lower abdominal cramps two hours after vaginal intake, which required
me to maintain pillow maneuver. Only 1 glass of water at 7pm, 2 buccal
intake at 8pm &12am, and no other food or beverages for the duration of the
The pain is excruciating, like a needle piercing my lower abdomen.
“pain is a good sign” Mr. John says. So no pain reliever until
the procedures are completed, so I’ll try to relax so that pain will be

<Her  assigned consultant

told her  no more painkillers AFTER the 2nd dose/intake/interval of misoprostol.

Patients can still take painkillers BEFORE the 2nd intake>


I also experience lbm 3x during the end of procedure, hunger &
severe stomach cramps. The procedure was successfully completed around 3am
and discovered that my pregnancy is 6-7 weeks along.

abortion clinic pills cytotec mifepristone in danao city cebu
embryo at 6-7 weeks : no limbs yet; no human form; looks like a ball of flesh


Mr. John gave me aftercare instructions so no worries then.

From the 4th – 7th day after the procedure, I experienced cramping that was
tolerable, blood clots, and leftover tissues dropping as well as dizziness
& fever for 2 days. Light bleeding from the 9th – 17th day.

Pregnancy is indeed frightening. Thats an initial 9 months of terror. I
fear for the babys health while fearing for my own. Fear of what the world
the baby will find once she is born specially at this time. Im afraid
they’ll be treated inhumanely like i was.
Also im not capable of meeting their needs.

In the hand of my controlling & manipulative family I came to see that
women don’t have the same freedom as men to live the lives they want. I am
a pro-choice woman, merely in being  supportive of  having the option available.

Abortion should be legal & accessible.


Thank you for your assistance Mr. Alex, Mr. John and the rest of the
Project486 team. Hoping this is our first and final contact because i don’t
want to do it again (the pain & stress is not easy). A sweet farewell to
you all. 💞

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