Abortion in Iloilo City: Young woman still wants to do many things in life before starting a family (entry# 94)

Patient’s name/alias : Ly Patient code:  PRJCT486- 041522AL Age: 23 Location: Iloilo City LMP : Feb 03 2022 Missed period: Feb 28, 2022 Date of conception (unprotected sex): 1st-2nd week of March Date(s) of procedure: April 26-28, 2022     Hi sir, here’s my story to share.   “ Hi, i’d like to share my […]

Abortion in Iloilo City: Nurse still building her career decided to keep her abortion secret from her boyfriend (entry #67)

August 20, 2018 Chit-chit, 24, Nurse Iloilo City, Philippines     its been 2 weeks na po since i did the procedure. so far ngayon po nagpapagaling na emotionally and physically as well as mentally. Hindi ko pa ring maiwasan na pagsisihan ang ginawa ko, pero mas naging strong ako ngayon sa pag face nang […]