Abortion in Cebu: Supportive male partner made sure his GF’s procedure would be safe and successful (entry # 161)

Hello everyone I’m tobiash the male partner.
To start our story, me and my partner get in a situation the both of us didn’t expect and yes that
is pregnancy.


It started when my girlfriend period is delayed and we thought it was just for a couple of days or
for a week, as the day passed by, there is still no sign of menstruation and the both of us
decided to take pregnancy test and just to be sure i bought 2 pt (pregnancy test).


Then as my girlfriend approached me after taking the first pt (pregnancy test) at first i thought
she was joking for saying it was positive, until i saw it with my own eyes that it really is positive.
Both of us decided to take pt again with me accompanying her in the bathroom and for our
surprise it is still tested as positive.


The both of us really think that maybe it was false positive since the other line is blurry or
unclear (half the color of the first line) we searched through the internet and was total in
shocked that it still means positive “even if the line is blurry/unclear if you can see two lines in pt
it means one thing and that is positive.
Both of us are not ready to have a child yet. We can’t cater a child needs because both of us are
still in our second year college. We think through it on what are we going to do with it and what
is the best course of action for now and we decided to share it on some of our friends only 4 of
them. friends who we trust the most, We bought pt again and let my girlfriend’s friend take the pt
the same time with her so we will know that is it real or not. Because at this time the both of us
still having doubts of pregnancy test and it still surprises us to see that our friend tested
“negative” and my girlfriend was tested “positive”. The both of us accepted the fact that this is
real and she is really pregnant.


Then one of our friend helped us and introduce us to project486.
FYI: She didn’t do the abortion but has a friend that did it in the past and luckily she still
remember the site name which is “project486” and still it was our final decision to give it a try.
Both of us think through things and decided that the best course of action for us might be the
abortion. We know for sure that we might sound selfish but before we decide to go through with
the abortion process we also thought about raising our baby. it might sound easy but it’s really
hard to raise a child without work. As i have said before “we can’t cater a child needs” since we
don’t have our own income. We go on with our final decision doing the “abortion”.


I as the male partner, did a research about the abortion pills, abortion process, if abortion is
legal, etc. After doing my research I searched the site and made a contact with it, after waiting
for a few hours Sir Alex replied to my email and told me to take picture of the pt’s in different
angles and Sir Alex asked some questions too.
(Let’s just skip the emailing process because you will know once you get in touch with them o

Sir Alex introduce us to Doctor John, he is such a warm person and he didn’t judged us for our
decision and how we unexpectedly get in this situation. In fact Doctor John made us feel safe
and comfortable, he made us feel that there is still a way.


I as the male partner was in contact with Doctor John, he and us talked about the procedure
and the whole abortion process. We felt relieved after hearing that we still have chance and in
fact the chances are really high what i mean is the (successful rate of the procedure) Doctor
John will asked you and your female partner some questions and it’s really necessary to answer
them honestly and please avoid lying to Doctor John because it will made things harder for you.
Don’t worry because Doctor John will make you feel safe and in fact he is here to help you.
Me (the male partner) told my girlfriend to focus on her health instead of getting stress by
thinking about other things, while she was doing her best trying to be stressed free. I was also
doing my best to handle everything financially, mentally and emotionally because I know for sure
that my girlfriend is the one who will handle it physically, that’s why i told her to focus on her
health and be stress free.

This was our battle but the both of us are battling it separately, no matter how much we think
about things positively there’s always be a negative one and it affects me especially my
girlfriend’s mental health. We get into a lot of fights, struggles and challenges and I’m so proud
to the both of us that we are able to conquer it. I can say this one thing that we have been
through a lot you guys cannot bear to imagine.
When I finally got the meds Doctor John will tell you everything you need to know about the
procedure, especially the things you needed before doing the procedure. I know it’s hard not to
worry and overthink things but one thing i learn from Doctor John is thinking positively and
stress free “can help you with the process” but thinking negatively or overthinking things and
even being stress will not only “not good for the both of you it will also delay your process”
(Let’s skip about buying the meds and everything else because Doctor John will be the one who
will help you with it)

The procedure day. This is the 3rd day and might as well call it the “big day” both of you and
your partner must be calm and stress free for you to increase the chance of faster procedure
and successful rate and again don’t worry because Doctor John will accompany you through
whole process even in after the process which is the healing process for the female partner.
Me and my partner did all Doctor John instructions and was chilling the whole procedure. my
partner feeling cramps but not too much because she was stress free and thinking about happy
things. The both of us watched k-drama and just trying to make ourselves comfortable as much
as possible.


We succeed on the process and procedure, as long as you guys follow Doc John instructions
everything will be totally fine and will go along your way. We deeply would like to thank
project486 especially Doc John and Sir Alex for helping and guiding us throughout the process and procedure, and I pray for those people who are about to go with abortion to be well and to
be successful as well.
Thank you so much project486

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