I am just a college student and having a baby was never on my plans (entry# 162)

A month and a half have passed already since I finished the procedure with project 486 and until now, I’m very thankful for them. I’m writing this to share my all throughout experience starting from when I found out that i’m pregnant and all the process of the procedure with project 486. This is going to be a long story so please bare with me as I’m doing this to show my gratitude and appreciation to their team and also to be able to guide others, especially women, in need of help. If you’re reading this, then this is your sign to trust Project 486.

I really keep track of my period constantly, as a person who’s in a sexually active relationship, I believe it is important to do it. My tracking app is very accurate and I was never late to have my period. Days before the predicted day of my period, I felt just the usual symptoms I feel every month before magkaron kaya nothing really bothered me and I never really felt any signs that i’m preggy siguro kasi super early pa nun. But then I started to worry na nung I was 3 days late na since never talaga na late ang period ko pero I thought maybe I was just being paranoid so I waited for 2 more days and nothing really came out. So I bought a PT. Nasa party pa ako non ng friend ko, dinala ko ‘yung PT kasi I have no courage doing it at home. Even before I open the pack, one thing I keep telling on my mind is ‘hindi pwede’. If ever it shows what I’m already expecting to see, alam kong hindi ko siya pwedeng i-keep. Then the first PT showed 2 lines. Even if I’m already expecting it, in-denial pa rin ako so I tried another one after a few hours. The second PT also showed 2 very clear lines. I was shaking na that time kasi I really don’t know what to do, all the emotions striked. I’m just a college student and having a baby was never on my plans. Especially not with my family na very important for them ang studies and boyfriends so telling them never crossed my mind. I was very disappointed with myself. I was mad and frustrated. I didn’t even know paano sasabihin sa bf ko.


I didn’t bother to finish the party kasi I was really filled with so much emotions so umuwi na ako agad and started to search for abortions online kasi that was the only way I could think of. I tried to search on FB and tried to message one page offering painless abortion but ending up deleting my message because the vibe was just untrustworthy. Natatakot din ako for myself syempre. I searched and searched all night, until I saw a comment on one of the websites I was scrolling through to try to look for project 486. I don’t know, something just came to me and pushed me to look it up. It took me several minutes of scrolling before I found their website and I’m really glad that I was patient that time.


As I was scrolling through Project 486’s page, reading some of their patient’s comments, I sent them an email. It was 3:03am of April 22, 2024 when I sent my inquiry. I was still having doubts but trying and hoping is all I can do that time. It only took 40 mins before they replied to me. All the information I needed to know was already included in there. Still in doubt pa
rin ako so nagbasa basa pa ako about sa page nila before I slept. Later that day, sinabi ko na sa bf ko. Inopen ko na rin na I found project 486. He said he wants to keep the baby but whatever my decision is, he supports it daw. V thankful din ako na naintindihan niya ako kasi kung hindi, that would just make things harder for me and for us.


The next day, April 23, 2024, I sent them all the information they were asking for and then I was introduced to Dr. JJ. Nag sched kami when can I call for him to explain further details. During the call, I was comfortable talking with Dr. JJ honestly. We suspected that I’m 4-5 weeks pregnant that time. He explained every details and everything I need to know about the procedure. After the call, I was assured and determined to trust them. Days after when I finally got to pay for the meds, overthink striked again kasi I got scared to be scammed but I really just hoped for the best that time. 2 days before we got the package, si bf kumuha and kinabahan pa siya pag open niya, may ibang laman so akala niya na scam talaga kami. But we were relieved that the meds were there at the bottom of the container hehe.


It was April 30, 2024 when I started to do the fasting. It wasn’t hard not eat since days before that, nasusuka na ako everytime I eat. Day 1 and Day 2 was not so hard for me, nakakaramdam lang ako ng mild cramps sa puson at times. Siguro most challenging part lang was trying not to vomit while dealing with pregnancy symptoms. There are times din na para akong nilalamig and nagppalpitate plus hilo so I was at my bed lang talaga. May 2, we prepared everything Dr. Jj told us for the final procedure, the 8 hours pillow maneuver. Doc was very patient and responsive to all my questions. I was supposed to start the pillow maneuver at 4:00pm but I had class so I started at around 4:40pm. Everything went well naman during that 8 hours, nakaka ngalay lang and masakit sa back. I started to feel my period coming out at around 9-10pm. In my case, the feeling naman and the pain was like having my usual period cramps lang ganon. At around 11pm the pain intensified a little but it was bearable naman. 12am of May 3, I finally got to stand up and clean up. I felt hungry after kaya nagpaalam ako to eat kay Doc kasi dapat 2am pa but he allowed me to eat at 1:30am. After finishing my meal siguro mga around 2:00 the pain intensified again but that time iba na, the pain felt like it’s crumpling up my stomach. I knew that was it. Ang sakit ng tummy ko and puson ko, pakiramdam ko im about to poop. Pagtayo ko siguro after a minute I felt something came out, I wasn’t sure pa if it’s the POC na kasi it felt like a big chunk of blood then na poop din ako that time. I guess it was the orange I ate before I start the pillow maneuver that made me poop so siguro iwasan na lang din to eat food that can make u poop. After checking, we sent the pics to Dr. Jj for confirmation.



May 3, 2024 around 3:00am, Doc confirmed that I’m no longer pregnant. Sobrang mixed emotions that time, I felt relieved kasi it’s finally over but at the same time, it felt heavy. Nilagay namin siya sa small box and prayed for our little moon before we slept and buried moon the next day.


To our Moon, you will always be in our heart. I hope you hear my prayers for u every night and how sorry we are for doing this.


To Dr. Jj, thank you so much po for your patience and guidance throughout the process. It meant a lot to me how you’ve been very responsive to all my concerns up until now.

Finally, to Project 486 and their team, thank you so much for being there for us who are not yet ready for a family and for bringing us opportunity to continue with our lives. I hope you continue to guide others with the same worries. This has been a lesson for me and I hope it goes the same with the others.

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