Abortion pills in Iloilo: I was raped by my BF’s friend , got scammed and failed on my first attempt (entry # 163)

Hi there, my name is Precy from Iloilo City. I’ve been successful in the procedure for 2 weeks now, and during that time, all I could think about was all the lessons I never realized I needed. But first, allow me to tell you my story so that I can continue to define these lessons and support other females who are going through similar things.

When my friends and I decided to attend a friend’s party on January 20, 2024. My boyfriend’s friend sexually assaulted me that night. cruelly. After all of My friends had been drunk and sober, I was about to go to the restroom when He grabbed me and dragged me into the other room, holding a knife against me and threatening to stab me if I screamed and didn’t follow. I was crying and wanting to scream, but every time I saw his knife, I froze and could not move. Then he raped my body. It wasn’t long, yet it felt like the longest time in my life. I obviously shouldn’t even need to express how horrible it was, how traumatic.

I was so horribly ashamed of what happened, and so devastated and horrified and embarrassed. I knew it would absolutely destroy my boyfriend to find out what happened to me, so I decided to never tell him at first.

I hurriedly took a pregnancy test in February after my period did not come, and when the results were positive, my entire life fell apart. My intention was to get rid of it as quickly as possible, not to let him find out. There was no possibility that it was him because we had been using condoms. Since the incident, we had also not had any intercourse at all.

I told my one and only best friend over the phone, along with my plan. I was appreciative that my friend encouraged me and helped me in making my choice. We looked up the proper medications online together, but because we were inexperienced and young, we bought a fake medication from a fraud who seemed convincing at first. After ten days of preparation, the procedure didn’t work. I was devastated. I was unsure about what to do. I was hesitant to inform my long-term partner, my family, or any of my other friends. It was difficult since I had to save my allowance in order to get the medication.

After a week I continue to to scroll and search up on the internet. I feel like losing hope already when I unexpectedly saw the link of the website of project486. I clicked it and read some testimonies and saw a lot of pictures of evidence which convinced me that they are legit.

I immediately emailed project486. I was pleased to receive a response after a few hours. I scheduled a consultation call with Sir John. I was relieved following the call discussion with Sir John. He was really accommodating. he explained and guided me on these issues. He assured me and told me not to fear as long as I listen attentively. I felt really reassured when he told me about several events and scenarios. After that consultation I talked my partner about it and confessed to him all the things that have happened. It was hard but I’m grateful he understands and stayed with me during that situation. Following the consultation and payment, the pills were already shipped via LBC. When the pills finally arrived, a friend claimed them for me. It was safely and discreetly packed in another bottle.

Day 1 and 2 of the Procedure
We carefully followed the instructions given to us by our consultant, sir John. Day 1 and 2 is okay, I did not feel any cramps or pain.

Day 3
It is the most painful and longest method. We really bought all the items on the checklist given by Doc John. During the 4pm mark, the start of the longest method, we followed the intake instructions as well as the necessary preparations. At almost 12 am, I couldn’t bear the pain anymore, I would cry and sleep a bit because I was already tired and in a lot of pain. Around 2 a.m I feel like urinating and suddenly I felt the very excruciating pain in my life. after checking the POC came out already. I’m pretty sure because I already saw the fetus. I texted doc John and he told me to take a picture of it and my patient code on the side. I was in shock at the same time relieved when doc John confirmed that I am officially not pregnant. We rested a while and waited for the go signal to eat, drink, and take a bath.

Now, It’s been a 2weeks since my successful MA.
I bled heavily for a week and then started spotting. To our angel. I apologize for what we did, but I know you will only suffer if we proceed with the pregnancy. Sometimes I cry out myself to sleep. But I know I’ll recover. I will be alright in time. Second, I’d like to thank project486 for helping me. Also, many thanks to Sir John, thank you for being there for me from the beginning. He never left me on read, he constantly responds to my questions and provides reassurance. You are a source of hope for all the ladies out there, including mine.

Project 486 is entirely genuine. They are putting their lives in risk to support other women. Do not hesitate to contact them if you are experiencing the same thing as I am. They’ll assist you without passing judgment.


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