Abortion Pills in Angeles City, Pampanga: She accompanied her friend before, now it’s her turn (entry # 122)

Abortion Pills in Angeles City, Pampanga Multiple Pregnancy Tests February 26, 2023. I took 5 PT tests. 2 came out negative, while the other 3 had a faint positive line. I got scared, but I remained calm. I bought 3 PTs again just to make sure, 1 came out negative, and the other 2 had […]

Abortion in Pampanga: Despite her low tolerance for pain, working student had a successful procedure (entry# 117)

Abortion in Pampanga Hi, this is Jill. First of all, I want to thank Sir/Maam Alex and Sir John for assisting me and with the guidance they had given to me. Sorry if this testimony is going to be a long story but I just want to make it detailed..   FINDING OUT I WAS […]

Abortion in Pampanga: She wants to work abroad and pregnancy is ill-timed (entry #59)

Abortion in Pampanga February 5, 2017 Flo, 27, Therapist Angeles City, Pampanga <see more abortion  stories (with pictures)  from Pampanga>-   ABORTION HOME REMEDIES FAILED It all started last December when it was almost Christmas time. I was very busy at the beginning of the month because of certain projects at work that’s why I […]