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Abortion Pills in Angeles City, Pampanga helped a young couple continue to pursue their dreams (entry # 129)

To see latest blog entries, just keep scrolling down. Beware: Cebu Abortion clinic male nurse rapes patients while bf’s out to buy supplies Realization From the beginning, I was so sure that maybe – hindi ako mabubuntis. Because it was not our first time accidentally getting the semen inside me. So, I was determined na […]

Abortion Pills in Angeles City, Pampanga: She accompanied her friend before, now it’s her turn (entry # 122)

Abortion Pills in Angeles City, Pampanga Multiple Pregnancy Tests February 26, 2023. I took 5 PT tests. 2 came out negative, while the other 3 had a faint positive line. I got scared, but I remained calm. I bought 3 PTs again just to make sure, 1 came out negative, and the other 2 had […]