Abortion Pills in Nueva Ecija: Being the eldest & the breadwinner , she has to defer raising a family of her own (entry # 156)

Abortion Pills in Nueva Ecija   Hello everyone! I want to share my story and i hope na makatulong ito at mag bigay ng comfort sa mga kagaya ko na nagbuntis ng hindi handa. It’s been more than 2 weeks after ng medical abortion ko that happened last March 11, 2024. 4-5 weeks pregnant ako […]

Abortion Pills in Bulacan: Meds without blister packs and ridiculousIy difficult “preparation” are the biggest red flags (entry # 155)

Abortion Pills in Bulacan   It’s been a week since I had my MA (Medical Abortion) at 18 weeks which happened last March 16,2024 and I can say I’m relieved yet devastated. I’m 21 years old and my partner is 23 still both on college level. After being together for more than a year we […]

Abortion pills in Iloilo: I am grateful to my bf for sticking by my side all throughout (entry # 154)

Abortion Pills in Iloilo   I’m having mixed emotions right now while sharing my story and the journey of having an abortion. It was not an easy decision for me and my boyfriend, although we know that it is the only solution. When I found out that I was pregnant, I didn’t know what to […]

Abortion pills in Dumaguete: Meds from shopee failed, desperate student asked help from her sister whose friend was a Project 486 patient (entry # 153)

Last January, I was having discomfort with my body. I was feeling nauseous in the morning and I thought it was just nothing cause I’ve been feeling like that lately for the reason that I’m not eating on time. I was also stressed out that time because it’s finals week. I had to study until […]

Abortion in Cagayan de Oro: After 5 years of no protection, luck runs out, couple started scouring the city for abortion clinics to no avail (entry # 152)

Abortion Pills and Clinics in Cagayan de Oro City    I thought I could never get pregnant. For the past 5 years being together with my partner, doing the thing without protection, I never became pregnant. There were times that I missed my period , but when I did a pregnancy test, it always turned […]

Abortion Pills in Baguio City: While in bed and midway into her procedure, she was ordered to transfer to another room (entry # 151)

Everything was going smoothly until na na force ako out of bed, di ko pa time para tumayo, di pa 12 midnight. but I was forced to stand and move at 10, I was scared, I got scared that the procedure was cut short. What if it was incomplete and I have to be in […]