Abortion pills in Manila: Ineffective pills (naked Mifepristone tablets) from FB failed, Project 486 to the rescue (entry #112)

Abortion pills in  Manila

“On that day, we knew that the meds …procedures, methods, or
steps provided from this online seller has completely failed– sira, palpak,
at bagsak.. everything has resulted to an incomplete abortion. Now, I am messed up.”

smilar story: Cebu student gets fake meds from Facebook seller

This is patient “PRTCT486-092522PB” and this is a long story.

I really wanted to extend first my overflowing gratitude to this
organization, project 486.

Sir John whom I believe that I became my instant professor he-he. He made
it simple and precise to elaborate a certain thing or explanation– a bite
size infos about these meds and how they plainly but essentially work.
Nakalimutan kong mabalisa noon dahil sa mga provided infos na naibibigay
nya. You would certainly think that he’s more than a consultant. Simply,
this is more than an organization. They extend and will reach out their
helping hands to you. Thank you for giving me a second chance to live
again. Hindi ko alam kung nasaan na ako ngayon kung hindi ko kayo siguro
nahanap. I owe you a lot.
Sorry po talaga kung hindi ako nakapagsulat agad. Up until this day, I am
still re-gaining my strength.

Determined to end it early on

Looking back, I didn’t listen to my body that time. Ang tagal ng araw na
nagka breast tenderness ako. That’s unusual at nakuntento nalang sa
thoughts na malapit na akong magka period. Kasi tama naman diba? One of the
strong sign sa ating mga babae na kapag masakit yung dibdib ay ibig sabihin
lang din non ay malapit na tayong magkaroon. But every cycle is different.
Moreover, I tend to track everything; my vaginal discharge, period cycle,
my pms symptoms and not until nagising ako ng isang umaga, still certain na
hindi ako buntis. Pero wala pang four minutes, the faint line appeared on
the test line– gumuho na lahat nang dapat gumuho.


I tried to be calm and went on reddit reads to see someone na pwede kong
makausap with the same situation I have. May mga katulad din ako na
naghahanap ng ways at meds na nauna nang makabili ng meds discreetly mula
sa mga online sellers sa bansang ito. I talked to them and dealing with the
same dilemma I had. Most of them are re-taking the high dosages of meds,
too. Because they believed that the first take was a complete failure. Our
money was right then and there.

Mostly and fortunately, it is the foreign people and they live in these
country kung saan may safe at legal abortion. They’d emotionally supporting
each other. They are open and emotionally supported me. Reminded me about
the fake meds, practices and the reliable organizations. But I had no time
to rely on them because it’s outside of the country and the custom
settings. Nakakadurog sa pakiramdam na wala ata akong magagawa kung hindi
mag-resort sa mga online sellers. I am 3-4 weeks pregnant and had to do
something. I am just an incoming 4th yr college, bread winner at kaka
resigned lang sa isang trabaho. How in tf could I have my own money to pay
for the meds that I’ll need? At the end of the day, we manage to find some
ways to have our money.


I am aware of what to do next. But I knew a friend of mine na nag undergo
sa two months nyang abortion noon. Nakuha nya yung treatment, meds and
raspa sa kakilala nya sa Quiapo and there’s no way na matutulungan nya ako
since 24/7 siya halos sa pagtatrabaho. But she’s the only friend that could
help me. Sure, sinagot nya ko sa mga tanong ko pero hindi ko maimagine na
paaabutin pa niya ako ng ilang weeks para ma-confirm nga na buntis ako
because she recommended that I should wait for the next days, weeks or
months for me to confirm. I just don’t understand. Desperado na ako noon at
alam kong hindi nya na ako matutulungan.

Social Media’s unreliable meds and info

September 22 when I took pt test noon and from that very same day, we’d
impulsively made our decisions to buy from this online seller sa isang
social media platform. We might know the consequences of dealing with these
online sellers but still we proceeded. Ang alam ko lang, mas magandang may
masimulan na ako dahil sa dami pa nang gagawin ko sa mga susunod na araw.
Mas okay kung mapaaga. We needed to face these consequences. There’s a part
of me that can’t wait to nourished a child with a lots of love and care.
However, this thing don’t deserve to see the real world for now. Not now
especially it is not planned. Lalo at hindi sa ganitong panahon at bansa.
My family will feel disgusted at wala naman silang pakealam sakin. I cannot
simply fail them.

On that day, we knew that the meds and the given procedures, methods, or
steps provided from this online seller has completely failed– sira, palpak,
at bagsak. Hindi ako masyadong dinugo as expected and everything has
resulted to an incomplete abortion. Now, I am messed up.
Imagine all the cover ups that I’m doing inside our house para hindi nila
maisip na may nangyayaring kakaiba sa akin. Iyon ang pinakamasakit. Every
day, it feels like I am dying with this pregnancy hormones.

I overdosed myself to vitamin C’s, caffeine and toxic bad habits (five days
straight na halos walang tulog, walang maayos na kain at tubig). Wala na
ata ako sa maayos na kondisyon noon. Feeling ko ang layo layo ko na. I feel
helpless, given the fact that we live here in the Philippines and
technically, we are not even allowed to choose our own body, there’s no
healthcare and corruption is purely invasive. Suicidal thoughts came in.

*My 1% of energy *


Project 486 to the rescue

And I went online, searching again. 486 website showed up and I clicked. Of
course, I can’t imagine these people telling the truth while reading their
stories sa website. Kahit naman sino diba? Pwede mo talagang maisip na scam
lahat online eh. Lalo siguro sa part ko na I believe eh na-scam ako sa
unang meds na binilhan ko plus yung methods na sinunod ko pa sa seller na

Wala na ako sa maayos na utak para magdesisyon but 486 feels different.
I emailed 486 on their provided email address posted on their website and
received their reply. Desperado na ako sa re-take ng meds habang maaga pa,
basta bahala na. They’d redirect me to Sir John whom I believe that is more
than to our typical consultant. He educated me about the Mifepristone and
how’s the rest of the meds essentially works. Why it has to be stored in a
proper, sealed and safe storages. The professionalism, the perspectives,
and the knowledge has clearly provided to our very day one and almost five
ungodly hours of phone call.

Napaka pambihira at unimaginable na pwede at posible pala akong makakuha
nang maayos na medical consultation sa napaka imposibleng bansa.
But yeah, hindi pa ako 100% convinced nun lalo pagdating sa payments, you
can’t blame me. I felt like a victim dahil sa unang meds at treatment na
natanggap ko noon sa pinagkatiwalaan kong online seller. She’s cold and
unresponsive. Lagi niyang sinasabi na napaka simple lang ng procedure at
nakukulitan pa sa mga tanong ko. Mali talagang pinagkatiwalaan ko siya agad
pero dahil wala na ata ako sa tamang isip noon, I proceeded. Thinking that
mas magandang may masimulan na ako.

At the end of the day, dumating sakin yung meds from that same day of our

abortion clinic in manila
Misoprostol 200 mcg, Mifepristone 200 mg, Antihemorrhagic – — see related study: BIOAVAILABILITY OF MIFEPRISTONE IN CAPSULE VS TABLET — https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/18477493/ —This study suggests that the two formulations (tablet and capsule) of mifepristone are bioequivalent. ——Bioavailability – The degree and rate at which a substance (as a drug) is absorbed into a living system or is made available at the site of physiological activity


Everything is secured at hindi natapos sa receiving of meds ang
natanggap ko, kundi yung overall monitoring at guidance ni Sir John at ng
486. Unimaginable but it is happening to me.

First two days of taking the meds was manageable kahit involved ang fasting
at light diets. Yung day three which is Misoprostol was declared as our
crucial day. Maraming movements na hindi dapat gawin, maraming dapat sundan
because there’s a pieces of misoprostol for me that needed to be taken
(vaginally and buccally). Again, everything was somewhat manageable. Sa
pillow maneuver lang ako medyo nag struggle kase sobrang nakakangalay kaya
I’m stretching my legs once in a while.

I bled decently at this time hindi katulad nung nauna kong pinagbilhan mula
sa online seller. Overall, my cramps were manageable at hindi naging
deadly yung pain unlike sa iba na halos triple ata ang sakit. Mine was just
feels like my day one of having period.
Three hours after the procedure, there’s some droplets of my blood at mga
ilang oras lang din, may maliit na clot lang na lumabas.


abortion in metro manila


I’m afraid because it’s so tiny yet Sir John declared that it’s 85% promising since I’m only
on my 3-4 week of pregnancy. It’ll always vary on the size and scooping
within the spectrum. Still, you can imagine my fears and cold sweats that
morning habang pagod yung partner ko buong madaling araw. Natatakot ako
kasi baka wala na akong mailabas. But Sir John reminded me that it’ll take
a maximum of a hundred and twenty five hours for me to release something
and I should gain my strength. All the reassurance was present, naka
monitor pa rin at hindi sila mawawala.

I ask Sir John if I could sleep, hoping that it would help to ease my mind,
as well as my body and he suggested me to do so.
When I wake up, I went home at eight AM in the morning and there’s another
or second blood clot that only has the size half of my fingernail. I
immediately send it for documentation and I understand that the team is
busy on monitoring another patients.

cytotec in manilaabortion clinic in metro manila


Ako, balisa pa rin. I see my mom chilling, having a good time with my
younger sister. I can’t imagine telling her that I’m in this situation.


I tried to get up, wash my face, checking on my pads and brushed my teeth.
There’s a cramps and that feeling of dysmenorrhea na sobrang sakit na ata
kasi may feeling na hindi ko mailabas, but it’s tolerable. Now, when I did
brushed my tongue that morning at na-trigger yung pagsusuka ko, that has
caused me to release something out of my V. That’s funny and crazy to
remember again. Hindi kasi ako katulad nung iba na nag gushed out nalang
bigla ng dugo at clots the moment na tumayo sila.

I immediately checked on it and there’s a different size of clot that is
sitting on my pad.

where to buy abortion pills in manilahow much is cytotec in mercuy drug

Same size ng new piso coin at kapag ini-spread, magiging kasing laki nya na
yung limang piso.
I washed it, taken pictures of it and send it immediately for
documentation. Sir John responded that it has now raised to 99% level of
confidence. It is consistent to 3.5-4.5 weeks of pregnancy and has declared
that I’m no longer pregnant. I asked for enlightenment and I received it.
All of the sudden, there was a kind of gentle sigh of relief.

4-5 weeks pregnancy abortion manila

Roller coaster of emotions

It took me days to finally write for the website. Hindi pala talaga madali
yung aftermath ng ganitong sitwasyon. I got an empty mind. But I’m still
having a lot of guilt, disgust, hiya, lungkot at kung anu ano pang
feelings. I had a baby at habang buhay ko siyang aalahanin.
Overall, it made me realize that our country and its women are the most
unfortunate. It seems like we’re not even allowed to choose our own body.
Napakalayo pa natin sa katotohanan at kailanman, hindi pa pipiliin ng mga
namumuno sa bansang ito na mabigyan tayo nang maayos na healthcare system.
They will never choose it with their overflowing corruption. This is
disgusting and painful.


Back on track

And if ever that this is a sign for you to trust project 486, please, reach
out to them first and talk with the consultant. I leave the judgement to
you and maybe it’ll be such a great help for you to talk with someone who
can listen to your mind with no judgements.
I am writing also to encourage you to hang in there. I feel you and I
really do.
Know that this organization exist and we’ll get back to our track again.
Medical abortion, surgical abortion or name any procedural abortion is a
healthcare. Our people is just doomed to believe that isn’t at napakalayo
pa natin sa reyalidad na makakuha ng kalinga katulad sa ibang bansa. Hindi
kailangan mamatay ng mga babae sa bansang ‘to para makakuha ng maayos na
health care system patungkol lalo sa safe abortion. Unfortunately, it will
and still happening.


I’ll write again for my upcoming results. Again please, hang in there.”

*– “Shi”,*
Manila, NCR



5 months later, Shi updates Project 486 about her mental health and her successful use of  contraceptive injection


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  1. Hirap na hirap nako sa nararamdaman ko gusto ko ng matapos nalang lahat.. wala eh nandito na pero di handa yung ama nya at diko naman kaya buhayin kasi may una akong anak na kelangan ko pag tuunan ng pansin dahil baby pa 😭😭

    1. Even in my early 30s, having a child was not part of the plan for me and my husband. We are in no position to raise a child. I don’t want to be selfish enough to raise another kid when I’m not yet ready. Back then in my teenage years, it was so hard to find a community that will make you safe – both decision and meds.

      After I had a long talk with John, I feel like I met a hero who could help so many women have access to safe and caring environments. It pains me to see misinformed people trying to persuade others who are not ready with their pregnancy to change their minds, as if they know what’s best for someone’s life other than their own.

    2. 2years ago i got pregnant,umabot sa point na hindi ko alam ung gagawin ko kasi kaka start ko palang sa work…Pandemic pa trabaho ko lang ung inaasahan ko para buhayin ung anak ko.Naisipan ko mag search sa internet at nabasa ko ung isang comment about sa project486…Nakalagay doon na sila ang makaka tulong sa problema ko…Nag lakas loob ako na mag email sa kanila at hindi naman ako binigo…Maraming salamat po sa inyo lalo na po kay Si John..Sa pag kakataon pong ito kakailanganin ko po ulit ang tulong nio…

    1. Use another email account. Use another email service like gmail or anything other than yahoomail. Also try using another internet connection, data internet may even be better.

      1. We did not receive anything from Jan but we did receive your message, Xian. Check both your inbox and spam folders

    1. We did not receive anything, Jan. If you use the same internet connection , maybe our email service is banned by your provider. Use another provide or use data internet

  2. Hello po sir Alex, please email me because I need help. We suspect an unwanted pregnancy, what do we need to do? Please sir

    1. Hello sir alex good morning, I want to abort my pregnancy because were not ready yet, it is unexpectedly and were both 22 yrs pld, were not ready yet tk have a baby. I hope you can help us sir

  3. Hello sir, I just seen this on comment..Ive been handling this..I dont know and im not sure about the months of the baby..Im just chilling and thinking that its just my birthcontrol but then these days i can feel baby kicks already what should i do, Can you help me? I cant have another baby for my situation im just a senior high school

      1. Hi, I’m Marie, a graduating student in 2024. I have big dreams in life. I’ve been with my partner for 4 years. So, last December 2023, I freaked out being 10 days late. Took a pregnancy test alone at home after Christmas, and it came out positive. I’m at home alone with just my youngest sibling. I didn’t know what to do, so I contacted my partner. I was crying and clueless. The idea of abortion crossed my mind because I’m a graduating student, and it would be a waste of a year, and being pregnant messes up the plans. Also, Im not yet ready. I’m sure my parents will be mad when they find out because it’s a wasted year when I could have graduated. Plus, they’ve spent money for my entire year in college. I searched thoroughly since it’s my first time dealing with this. I read reviews about abortion clinics and found someone mentioning ‘Project 486.’ I looked it up, found past experiences, and it gave me hope it’s not a scam. I emailed them, and they replied immediately. Dr. John contacted me and explained all the information I needed to know.

  4. Hi I am Sam
    I’m 20 years old and decided to have a abortion the moment I knew that I was pregnant .
    I’m a working student on second year college
    And I study In morning and working at night
    I’m already delayed that day for 5 days and decided to took a pregnancy test. it’s morning around 8am and my parents is in province that’s why I do the pregnancy test at home ,
    When I see the two lines I didn’t know what to do or who to contact with. I started thinking of the future ,what will going to happen, a lot of what if and I think a future judgement.
    I cannot live with that life , I’m not ready to give my time, attention ,love and money to the baby
    I have a sure decision to abort the baby without no one knowing,

  5. Hi, Sir Alex. I sent you an email but I am not sure if it got delivered. Can you send me an email instead? We badly need your help since my pregnancy is interrupting with my studies. Thank you!

  6. Hello po sir alex and sir john thank you for helpinq me aqain hnd ko akalain na aabot ulit ako sa qanitonq sitwasyon .I used pills for almost 5 months pero d ko kinaya unq side effects nya kaya tiniqil ko.nanqyari na naman ..Ayoko na po tlaqa maqbuntis dahil hnd po kmi financially stable .Sana maqinq maayos.ulit anq procedure na qaqawin ko .thank you ulit

  7. I am about to start my endeavor with the unexpected pregnancy, and Project486 has been very accommodating from the start. They will guide and walk you through the process and answer any questions that you may have.

  8. Project 486 is legit. I am a repeat patient, and they are still the same. For those who are in my same situation. You’re in good hands. Just trust them and follow instructions.

    1. Good thing I have found this website first before going/buying somewhere else Talking to the consultant broaden my knowledge regarding the procedure and he has helped me feel safe and secured that I can do it. I hope that I’ll also have a successful story after doing it.

  9. Thank you, Project 486. I bought my meds online from an underground group of doctors but failed my MA. Whatever the reason is, I’m happy that someone from reddit referred Project 486. Upon talking to Sir John earlier, I was able to feel how genuine they are in helping women who are currently on this situation. Thank you.

    1. Same case with others, we bought underground meds from another seller and results are failed. No bleeding at all and all it happened was a vagina withdrawal of the medicine. We immediately, look for another seller, and this time much delicate and all the instructions are well included. This will be great help for those who will find this kind of situation.

      1. I actually had no choice — I just graduated college and just starting my career when I knew this situation. The father did not want it, my family also doesn’t like the idea of it but is very supportive. I did not come from a rich family so I believe that I couldn’t give the right future for it, and also to myself. I had to think over it a lot of times and always go back to the conclusion that I cannot do it. I am glad that this group exist — we could avoid getting scammed from underground seller who only cares about money. So this group is really a life saver, all women deserve this freedom to decide and to choose whats best for our future.

        1. I’m a 2nd time patient here in Proj486. 4 yrs ago lumapit ako sakanila kasi I wanted to ask help on an unwanted pregnancy. I dont want to bring a child into the world just to make them suffer or be miserable because of my actions. My ex-partner that time was a gambling addict and later on, succumbed to drugs and that was the final nail in the coffin. I decided on what I think is the best for me and Proj486 was there during the procedure and even after. Nung 1st time ko with the MA with Proj486, I never felt alone. I feel taken care of by individuals on the other side of the phone/screen rather than my ex-partner back then. So for the 2nd time around even if the circumstances are different now, sakanila paren ako lumapit kasi I trust them, they wont judge you, they will educate and inform you if ever you have any questions, their meds are safe and effective, and they will guide you every step of the way. So to anybody who’s in the same situation, with Proj486 you are in good hands.

  10. Hi I’m shane
    I’m 22 years old and still studying. at first I’m 50/50 percent decision. 50 percent gusto ko buhayin yung baby 50 percent na hindi. Iniisip ko na sobrang laking kasalanan yung gagawin ko kapag ginawa ko yon. Pero mas masama siguro kung hindi ka financially stable tapos bubuhay ka ng isang tao. Hindi mo mapapag aral ng maayos at mabibigyan ng maayos na buhay kasi studyante palang kami ng bf ko. Kaya naisip ko nalang i abort yung bata. At habang buhay ko hihingi ng tawad sakanya at siyempre sa Diyos. At nag papasalamat ako kasi nalaman namin tong website na to, natutulungan kami sa aming problema at Sobrang accommodating ng mga consultant dito kapag hindi mo alam yung gagawin mo todo explain sila.

  11. I am already a mother of 4, and had recently got out of a long-term toxic relationship with my ex about a year ago. I guess you can say that being sexually active again had been one my coping mechanism after the separation and unexpectedly had gotten myself pregnant with my new relationship.

    At this point, I am sure I can not take responsibility of a new human, neither does my new partner. So I wanted to get rid of the pregnancy as soon as I could, then I found few seller via Twitter that sells abortion pills. The invited me over to Facebook for the transaction and even got into a group chat where they have all these girls doing the procedure. It was convincing at first, so I trusted them.

    On my procedure itself, ,my experience is quite different from the others. I didn’t feel any pain or cramps on my pelvic, and I did not bleed as much as I expected. I instantly knew something was wrong, so I tried to look at Google for a similar concern that’s when I stumble at this exact article.

    I did not hesitate to contact them via email, and it did not disappoint me cause I got a response almost immediately. I was given instruction and was eventually introduced to my consultant, John, who seems to know everything he’s talking about and gave a very detailed walkthrough of how the medication works and what the procedure will be, they assured you that they will be with you every step of the way, which gave me more confidence in their service.

    I am hoping that in the near future, women will be given free will to choose to what to do with their body without sacrificing their safety.

    Kudos to Project486!

  12. This is the 2nd time we’re gonna receive help from project486, sadly it didn’t work between us and we dont want our baby to suffer the same situation we’re currently facing, not just financially but also other stuff we’re not ready yet.

    1. Hello sir. I am Liz. I just had my C section a year ago and to cut the story short I am currently 1 month pregnant. I cannot afford to have a baby as of now because of my medical condition. As per OB’s advise I should not get pregnant no matter what or else it will put me at risk.
      Sir Im begging you. Pls help me. Please sir.

        1. Hi I’m Nics

          To be honest at first kala ko is hindi ako buntis kase usually is delay ako nang isang buwan. Nag try ako mag Pt and nag negative so moving forward after another month is delay parin ako so thats the time i took another pt and the 2pt results showed lines, I dont know what to feel that time. Kinausap ko yung partner ko about the result i saw the disappointment and i know his not ready yet. And napagtanto ko na hindi namin kakayanin since we’re both working student. And i was so lucky that after 1st attempt of searching online I saw details in regards project486. The review and the procedure seems legit so i decided to trust them and help me with the process. Sir John and Alex are so kind they will give you adv and such. They will assist you and give you information if you really needed.

  13. I just recently found out that I am pregnant. This was unplanned and I have no intention to give birth anytime soon during my studies. My partner found this website and I am very grateful to have such accomodating consultants. I am hoping for a successful procedure. Sending my regards to all who are reading this comment.

  14. My partner is still waiting for the meds, I hope Project486 will continue to guide us, Sir John is accommodating, and hoping he won’t leave us on the air. Thank you

  15. Hello! I badly need help, for my girlfriend got pregnant. We don’t want to pursue with our child right now, since we’re both in college. We honestly couldn’t afford to raise a child, and we know that our family will be furious about the situation. We’d like to sincerely ask for your expertise on this matter, specifically safe abortion. We’ll truly be more careful until we’d be on the right time for it.

    I’m looking forward to your response and kindness.

    Thank you!

  16. i was searching for a help and i found project486. they have accommodating consultants, they will explain the procedure first before actually doing it. i am hoping that they will guide me until the end.

  17. To my opinion and own point of view, it is honestly better to have guidance to people who know more than what we do than to be scammed and twisted with words. We should never go the easy and comfortable way if our health and safety would be the cost of it. Project486, for me, is one of the most accommodating and hands on people I’ve talked to. They will really take care of you and never leave you along the way. They will be with you on every step.

  18. One of the struggles I have encountered was having trouble of finding someone or some place which could help and attend to my needs. I kept on searching and searching for valid places and not those easy go-to places where I might be scammed. Luckily I managed to see Project 486 from a comment where they were praised for being so helpful and truthful with everything. Then, I guess, this is one of the right decisions I was able to make – to trust Project 486. I chose Project 486 to help me not because they responded so quickly, but because I was assured and informed well about the things I have to know before, during and after every procedure. So, to all the other women out ther who might and is experiencing the same things as me, trust me Project 486 is your person.

  19. When the news came to me, my world fell apart. I wasn’t ready for it. I’m not ready yet to raise a new life other than mine. I tried asking people—the internet, for any options. Came across thousands of accounts that offers cheap medicine for abortion. I was desperate;not in the right mind, when I purchased the medicine from one of those FB accounts online. It was fast. I paid delivered at the same day but the results were futile. My health just got compromised by having UTI. And then when I tried again, I came across of project486. It actually took a lot of time for me to decide, they were patient to wait and explain for me. And now, I’m ready to put my trust in them.

  20. You know the tone when someone is willing to help. They are so transparent, patient and they know what to say and when to say words you want to hear. It felt like the world has shifted when I came across with project486. I want to correct my mistakes.

  21. All I knew is that I wasn’t ready enough to face the consequences of my actions. When I searched online, I came across Project486 and read some articles. I immediately contacted them and luckily they answered willingly to help me. They explained the process thoroughly and I trusted them. They really are a big help.

  22. This April, I am waiting for my menstruation and is confident that I will get my period because I have the signs that I’ll be getting my period such as tenderness/heaviness of breasts, slight pain in my puson. But as the days goes by, my period is not coming but my breasts was still tender and heavy. I also noticed that I always want to lie down (fatigue), I am experiencing nausea and I feel like I want to vomit whenever I see and smell foods. My boyfriend keep on insisting that I should take PT (he always monitor my period that month, and very concern about it). I keep on refusing because I still believe that my period was late for a weeks. Since I have the experience before. Until one day, he persuaded me to buy PT because he said naglilihi na ako (craving for fruits) and that’s the time I am convinced. I take PT in the morning the time I woke up. As expected, its positive. My boyfriend is happy about it but I know deep in my heart that I can’t afford to raise a child this early. We’re just fourth year students and I don’t want to disappoint our parents. Dahil ako ang inaasahan nila na makakatapos na sa edukasyon. I know, evem before that if I ever get pregnant, I will abort it (for so many reasons that can’t be discussed). But I don’t know how and when and where, because I know it is considered illegal in the Philippines. But one night, I am desperately searching in the web, I discovered tge medicines that need to use, the miso and mife but as usual, I don’t know where to get it. Luckily, I found one article that shared about her experience in project486. I red it and sleep. Until the morning, I keep on thinking about it, so I read more confessions because Im still doubting. But I don’t know what happened, it took me 3 days to email the website. I thought it will took days or weeks for them to reply but they emailed me back the same night. It took me 2 days to respond and contact the consultant.

    Actually I am still nervous and is scared to do it. As the days passed, I am slowly accepting the baby. I also want to cry when I talk to Dr. John but I know deep in my heart that this is not the time for this. I am sure about this decision but feel sorry for my baby.

  23. My financial situation cannot allow me to support a child. I knew that allowing the pregnancy to continue would put my life with my partner in jeopardy. I chose project486 because I needed help and that they are backed by consultants that know what they’re doing and talking about.

  24. I’m certain that I don’t want to continue my pregnancy because I couldn’t bear bring a human being into this world knowing I’m not financially nor emotionally capable. I wouldn’t be able to bear the guilt associated with that, compared to just ending his/her misery while it hasn’t started yet.

    I came across Project 486 after almost a week of searching thru the Internet. It wasn’t easy to find, mind you. Hence, I feel so lucky finding about them.

    I was also scammed by an FB seller – the meds given to me didn’t work (more of this once I write my testimony after my procedure with Project 486).

    Project 486 has given me another hope completing my desire to end this pregnancy. Thank you, sir Alex and sir John for guiding me and shedding lights into the dangers of fake meds. Thank you for being patient with my questions. Im excited to start my procedure (the correct procedure with definitely not fake meds). Will write my whole journey once I’ve completed it (I’m positive that it will work this time)

  25. Hope you can help me. I do not know what else to do . You are my only hope project486.

    I already send an email, hope you would notice.

  26. Hi! I need your help. I’m a college student who just had sex for the first time. It was a huge mistake because I thought it was safe sex because I told him to wear a condom, but it was removed without me realizing it because it took so long. We took a break, and he said he thought it wouldn’t go on, so he took off the condom, but he did the pull-out method. Then I realized that it was my ovulating day, so I did the Yuzpe method, and now I’m still taking pills. That’s why I feel the vivid early pregnancy symptoms, but I’m a little worried because the symptoms of the pills are none of the other feelings that I’ve read about the symptoms of early pregnancy. I should have my period on the 1st or 2nd week of this month, but now that it’s the 2nd week, the flo app said that I will have my period tomorrow, but there are still no signs, so I’m planning to take a pregnancy test on the 13th day of June to see, and this would be my plan C, so please help me. – yelly9399@gmail.com

  27. I have recently found out that I am pregnant, this was not planned. Me and my partner have been together for 7 years already but we’re not financially stable yet to face this responsibility, we know that we should have think ahead to use contraceptives, but these things happen. We came up to this conclusion to reach out to Project 486, and thank God we did. They will not judge you and try their best to understand your situation. Ladies if you are experiencing this, you are not alone, we are in this together. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

  28. I am currently 5 weeks pregnant wanting to terminate because I am not ready to bring a child to this world. I am not financially capable yet.

    Thankfully, I found project486. Had my consultation already and it’s been very comforting to hear that someone genuinely wants to help you and respect your decision without any judgement.

    I will post again here once I finished my procedure.

    To whoever is reading this or came across this blog and reading all comments, reach out to them. They are very approachable.

  29. At the moment, I am in the early stages of pregnancy, approximately 5 weeks along, and I am considering terminating the pregnancy due to feeling unprepared to raise a child and lacking financial stability.

    Fortunately, I discovered project486, and I have already had a consultation with them. It has been incredibly reassuring to know that there are people who genuinely want to assist and support you while respecting your decision, without passing judgment.

    Once I have completed the procedure, I will provide an update here.

    For anyone who is reading this or has come across this blog and is going through the comments, I encourage you to reach out to project486. They are very approachable and accessible.

  30. I’m 24 years old, an okay age to make a family, but we are not yet financially capable and mentally ready.

    As I tested positive, I immediately searched for a clinic and stumbled in the reviews to check “project486”.

    After reading all published experiences in Project486, this made me put my 100% trust and contact them instantly. An hour later, I luckily received a reply. With this, it’s a sign for me that I have solved my worries and now hoping for the best- to be successful in doing the given procedure.

    I can say that Project486 is my rainbow after the rain. Don’t hesitate to reach them because your questions will be answered.

    A huge shoutout and thank you to the best Sirs (Sir John and Sir Alex) for being a light in this darkness.

  31. When I discovered that I was pregnant, I was really scared and I didn’t know what to do. I was not ready to have a child and am still a student who can’t provide for one. I found out about Project 486 from my partner and when they talked to me about the procedure and the risks. Now I’m ready to go through it.

  32. Learning about my situation made me think how its gonna be hard and affect my life. And the process makes me anxious but I need to go through with it. And talking to them, made me comfortable and no matter how risky, they will explain that they will be assisting you all throughout. Which I think is really essential especially with how this will affect one’s mental health. Appreciate what they do.

  33. I need to focus more on my work and prepare for what the future holds. I am not yet ready. I chose project486.com because of the assistance and honesty given by Sir John.

  34. It made me a lot of realizations when I found out that I’m pregnant. I know that I’m not capable enough to provide everything specifically in financial aspect, I also don’t have that courage and emotional capacity to carry the burden and to face the reality. My dreams are bigger than this. It’s not my right time to do this but I know 10 years from now I know how capable how I am to provide a good life on my future little one. I want to finish my study, continue to do things that I’m used to, and to learn and explore everything about life.

    Diving into this site and having a conversation with Sir John gives me hope and enlightenment. Sa mga taong bumubuo behind this project, maraming salamat po sa walang sawang pag-check at advice sa amin. I know it’s impossible, but I hope we our paths accidentally crossed to give some token for what you’ve done to help us. Sana maganda na po ang buhay ko kapag nakilala ko po kayo. Ingat po kayo palagi.

  35. We already have 2 kids. Both toddlers, mahirap. We want to give our attention and good life to them.
    But having a 3rd child right now is not a good time. My husband got laid off pa.
    We decided to end my pregnancy for now.
    We wanted to give our best sana muna sa 2 kids. Hindi namin yun magagawa pag 3 na, everything right now lalo na sa bansa.

    Then i searched first sa a group of “doctors and nurses”. Ang complicated ng suggested procedure at mahal pa. Plus may mga additional pa para ma avail agad yung service nila na pwedeng umabot daw ng months if di mag avail ng rush option.

    Buti I searched again, led me to Project486.
    Mabilis sila mag response, sobrang time nilaan sakin ni Sir John, to explain even the history of it. Very informative and helpful.
    They really wanna help, hindi lang yung mga babae but our country mismo.
    I see their vision.
    I believe in it.

  36. Hi, Sir Alex and Sir JJ! This is Steph (not my real name) and I am 26 years old. Akala ko ready na ako to have a child because nasa tamang edad naman na ko. But I was wrong. When I knew I was pregnant, bigla akong naguluhan. Bigla akong napaisip. And by that time, I knew I have to end my pregnancy as soon as possible (late ko na nalaman na preggy ako kase sobrang dinedeny ko pa sa sarili ko and ayaw ko talaga tanggapin). Takot ako and hindi alam yung gagawin ko and kung sino lalapitan ko. I even got scammed pa nga sa facebook kase nga super desperate ko na na matapos tong problema ko. As I was searching sa google, napunta ko sa PROJECT 486 and super basa talaga ko as in halos lahat nga yata nabasa ko. Then I immediately sent an email to Sir Alex asking for help. Grabe, super accomodating nila and even have a free consultation with Sir JJ thru call. As a first time preggy, super dami mong matututunan during consultation. Super big help. Super thankful ako na nakita at nagtiwala ako sa kanila.

  37. As a woman facing the decision of whether to have an abortion, you find yourself at a crucial crossroad where your career aspirations, responsibilities as a mother to a three-year-old daughter, and financial stability intersect. Your journey as a woman is uniquely yours, and it is essential to acknowledge the complexities and challenges you navigate.

    Choosing to prioritize your career and focus on your beloved three-year-old daughter demonstrates the strength and determination that characterize the modern woman. The pursuit of your career aspirations is not merely a selfish ambition but a testament to your desire for self-improvement and personal fulfillment. It exemplifies the empowerment of women to carve their paths in a world of endless possibilities.

    As a devoted mother, you understand the immense responsibility that comes with raising a child. You recognize the significance of dedicating your time, love, and attention to your daughter during her formative years. By prioritizing her needs and ensuring she receives the support she deserves, you are laying a strong foundation for her future success and emotional well-being.

    Acknowledging your current financial situation is a responsible and thoughtful approach. Recognizing that you are not yet financially stable to support another child reflects your commitment to providing the best possible life for both your daughter and any potential future additions to your family. It is a testament to your prudence and foresight as you strive to create a stable and nurturing environment for your loved ones.

    Having a supportive partner who understands and accepts the decision to pursue an abortion for now is invaluable. It signifies the strength of your relationship and the open communication that exists between you both. A partner who stands by your side during challenging times offers emotional support and a shared sense of responsibility, strengthening your bond as a couple.

    As you navigate this challenging decision, it is crucial to remember that only you can determine what is best for yourself and your family. Trusting your instincts, being informed, and seeking support from your partner and loved ones can help ease the weight of the decision-making process.

    Ultimately, the ability to make informed choices and take control of your destiny is a testament to the resilience and autonomy of women in the modern world. Embracing the complexities of motherhood, career aspirations, and financial considerations empowers you to shape your life according to your values and aspirations.

    Thanks, Project486 for helping and supporting this tough decision in my life. I am still open to have pregnancies in the right time but not so soon.

  38. I am 22 years old and recently decided to study in college again. I will be a freshman this august and i really cant afford nor want a child in my life. Ive always wanted a child-free life with my partner and we both agreed upon it.
    I am so grateful to project 486 for educating me and guiding me through this.

  39. I got pregnant unexpectedly and my partner is not yet ready. I need to accept the fact that I have to end my pregnancy. We talked about it already and we have decided both about abortion until we found project486.com

  40. Ako po ay 21 yrs old masyado po maaga para magka anak ako nasa college palang ako may financial problem din hindi ko pa po kaya mag buhay ng bata ng jowa ko pero sinasabi din ng isip ko na kaya kong buhayin to pero dahil sa hirap ng buhay nakapag desisyon na ako na ipa abort nalang ayoko naman tong ilabas na hindi nabibigay needs nya

  41. Me and my bf were still a student and I accidentally got pregnant. We made a decision to get an abortion since we cannot sustain the needs of a newborn since we’re still on college and we didn’t have any work. We don’t want to leave up all the expenses to our parents. We think that this is the best decision that we can make because we don’t want a child to grow up in not financially stable family. I chose project 486 to assist us because my friend did the same thing and she recommended us to them.

  42. Facing an unexpected pregnancy was a daunting experience for my partner and me. Despite my regular periods, we didn’t anticipate the possibility. Our circumstances, with career aspirations and strict parents, made the idea of an unwanted pregnancy even scarier. After careful consideration, we decided that terminating the pregnancy was the most compassionate choice. We believed it wouldn’t be fair to bring a child into a world of uncertainty.

    At first, we felt lost and overwhelmed, not knowing where to turn. We scoured the internet for information on medical abortion, hoping to find guidance. Through our research, we came across a blog that directed us to Project 486. Initially unsure, we decided to proceed with a consultation led by Sir John. His professionalism and knowledge put our fears at ease. He walked us through the process, highlighting the dangers of other questionable methods. The credibility and compassion displayed by Project 486 made us confident in our decision to work with them.

    We’re truly grateful to Project 486 for their invaluable support. They’re like heroes to us. I want to emphasize that considering abortion is a personal choice, and you shouldn’t be afraid to explore your options. Our experience has shown us that organizations like Project 486 can provide a safe and caring environment during such challenging times.

  43. I was a past patient before when I had my first pregnancy. It was a mutual decision and it was successful. My partner and I were too young to have a child so we decided to give up the baby. This time around, I know that we are still not ready – financially, mentally and physically. My husband and I decided to not continue the baby. It was a hard decision but we care for the baby’s future. We are worried that we might not can give him/her a bright future. I trusted Project 486 and Dr. John and Alex are very helpful and they are well-detailed to instructions.

  44. I got pregnant unexpectedly, me myself is ready yet I’m on my last year on tertiary and there are a lot of circumstances that happened that lead me to decide to give up the baby. A friend that happens to have a friend that was sa former patient of Project 486 referred me to this solution. The consultation and assistance of Dr. John and Alex helped me a lot to get through this.

  45. I recommend project 486 to my friend because it help me at my past case, and i know project486 can help her in her case now. And i hope project486 can help others who needs their help.

    1. I am a past patient and I am very thankful to sir alex and sir john for helping me. I know that this is not right to do it again and and it is not a mistake at all but a “decision” to make since it is the second time to do it. But we are not yet ready and stable. I am the eldest in the family and they look me up like I am their only chance to change their life and help the family.

  46. I am a repeat patient of project486. Before I came across with them the first time, I have searched all over the internet to try to find kung sinong pwedeng mapagkakatiwalaan. I even asked a trusted friend from before and recommended someone she also just saw online. I won’t lie, initially I tried to consider them because of affordability pero I was scared. I knew I had to find someone na mag-guguide all though out at hindi ako iiwanan sa process once they got my payment. Hindi ako nagkamali sa project486. I entrust my safety during this procedure to them. And I’m hoping for another safe and successful procedure. Thank you for giving me an option, project486.

  47. I am a past patient and I am very thankful to sir alex and sir john for helping me. I know that this is not right to do it again and and it is not a mistake at all but a “decision” to make since it is the second time to do it. But we are not yet ready and stable. I am the eldest in the family and they look me up like I am their only chance to change their life and help the family.

  48. It was unplanned pregnancy my body wasn’t ready for being pregnant. Past few weeks i was hospitalized due to hyperemesis gravidarum. Severe vomiting maybe 20-30 times a day, napaka uncomfortable. Na sstress na ako. Hindi na ako makapasok wa work for almost 4wks na. Kaya me and my partner decided for abortion since bago lng din siya sa work niya and hindi kami mentally ready for biger responsibility. Marami na kaming napagtanungan online for abortion pill pero ang daming red flag sa mga gamot na binibenta nila walang label, walang balot, nakalagay lng sa plasitc. very risky, baka makaapekto pa a health ko. Nag offer pa ng bogus na raspa without proper instrument and procedure ang mahalaga daw eh matanggal yun. May preparation png pinapagawa sobrang nakaka stress yung procedure. so i did more research and sawakas na hanap ko itong project 486. Thanks to sir alex and Dr.JJ napaka informative about the proper procedure, explaining all meds and medical instrument na gagamitin. And i know this is the right thing to do. Kaya naman buong tiwala ako sa project 486 sa pag papaterminate ng aking pregnancy, from the safest procedure and proper medicine 💯.

  49. I noticed that my monthly period does not came this month. My menstruation cycle is regular. So this is not usual. Thats why i immediately took PT. And it was positive. I started worrying for my 3 children. How can i provide their needs if i will be having a new baby. When my partner knew about it i felt a little unhappiness from him maybe because currently he lose a job and thought that he is just a burden for me. Depression hits me. Until ive seen myself searching online about groups of doctors or nurses that can help me because we are not ready yet for another baby we dont want our baby experience hard life in this world because i already experienced it when i was a kid. I want a better life for my children thats why ive decided to end my pregnancy 🙁
    I think i am lucky because it was my first time to search online and project486 prompted to me and i started reading comments and stories. Then i sent an email that night. Yes it is true that trusting such online transaction is very hard decision. There are many hesitants but when i already talked to Doc John in our consultation time. My worries depressions stress are pulled back. And i felt a little hope in life and also the conscience that bothering me turns in how can i raise a new born child in this kind of country where governments officials didnt care about their people. It is sad reality. This group of people are helping those women that experiencing hardships in life like me. Thats why I chose to trust them. And right now im waiting for my meds to arrive. I believe that your guidance will be there until the end of the procedure. Thanks to Doc John and Sir Alex they are very accomodating.

  50. I’m still a student and I can’t bare to raise a child and let my parents know that I’m pregnant, everyone in my family have a high expectation from me… kung iisipin mo to like you are in my shoe halo halong emotion ang kinakalaban namin ngayon, the searching for abortion here in the philippines will crush your mental health and sabay pa yung studies and etc.. i know it’s our fault that we got here in this situation but sometimes there is what we called a very big mistake that could flip your world upside down and I believe in second chances.

    We keep digging and digging and found this prj486, we inquire and ask every page on any platform that we could think that is not a scam we do a research on every page that we think that could help us. And so ayon hanggang feel namin na naging ffrustated na dahil the time is running we inquire and got intouch with Dr. John which is we got surprise and a sense of relief.. Hope this procedure turn into success.

  51. I was surprised when I found out I am positive with my pregnancy test. I even tookmorning after pill but still got pregnant. I am a single mother of 2 and I cant have another child on my own. My partner isn’t prepared as well so we decided to just proceed with abortion. I was doing a a research about doing the abortion in Philippines and I have come across Project486 which has made me feel taken care of. My consultant and I spoke for hours to make sure that I am given the right information and instruction about the procedure. I felt that I am not alone in this journey. I made the right choice in having Project486 in my decision to terminate as they have assisted me through out. Thank you.

  52. First of all, hindi pa ako ready sa malaking responsibility na haharapin ko. Although my partner want to be, pero mas pinili niya parin yung desisyon kong hindi ko pa kayang panindigan ang pagkakaroon ng malaking responsibilities in life. Marami pa akong gustong maabot sa buhay ng wala pang bubuhayin, kaya mas pinili kong alisin muna ito. And pinili ko tong project 486 dahil alam kong matutulungan nila akong masolusyonan itong gagawin kong procedure.

  53. Hello I am the eldest out of three siblings and cannot bear to have the responsibility of having a child. Without a stable source of income and without a stable life in general, I cannot possibly conceive a child into this world, especially in the world we live in today. My partner stumbled upon Project 486 by chance and after a failed attempt at abortion with vague instructions and questionable medications, we thought it best to give it a try. After my consultation I can say that we made the right choice in contacting Project 486 with our situation and our decision to terminate as they have been very accommodating of my questions and they have provided assistance throughout the process.

  54. I was just starting a new job when I found out that I was pregnant. I even took PT twice just to make sure but both turned out positive. The fear of not being ready to become a parent yet gave me a lot of thoughts. And all the plans I have in line starting to fall into pieces. It’s not because I don’t want to have a child it’s just that I am not ready for the big responsibility yet.

    I did some research and it landed me to this page where I found out about Project 486 until the time I decided to email the team and they contacted me the next day.
    I talked with one of their consultants and I felt relieved.
    They answered all my questions and inquiries and they are very accommodating and responsive.
    I think these are the people who can help me with my decision in life.

  55. I’m asking for help from them again for the nth time. Years have passed from my previous transactions with them, still I am not financially, mentally, and emotionally ready to start a family. When I found that I am on the same scenario again, this project is the first thing that comes to my mind. Luckily, I was still able to remember their name and found their website. They entertained my queries again without any judgments.

  56. I’m Kaye, a 20 year old college student. Actually this is my second time na magpa ab*rt. Same reason parin, hindi pa kami ready financially and mentally ng partner ko. Mas naging maingat naman kami after ng first ab*rtion pero hindi kasi 100% ma-gguarantee na hindi ka mabubuntis kapag walang protection na gamit.

    Itong project 486, sila talaga yung nakatulong sakin before na magkaroon ng 2nd chance at baguhin buhay ko. At first medyo takot pa ako pero nanatili sila throughout the procedure and ngayon sakanila ulit ako nagseek ng help kasi tiwala ako sakanila at totoo lahat ng sinasabi nila.

  57. I’m Mia, 24 years old from manila. Dec 11, 2023 when I tried to use pregnancy test and It came out positive. I have decided to terminate my pregnancy since I’m not yet ready Financially and mentally. my partner has a bright future ahead and having a baby is not the best time for us.

    my partner was looking for an article about abortion here in the Philippines, he manage to see this website (project 486) and we tried to send them an email. Sir John is our assigned consultant and we already communicate with him. as of this moment we are about to receive the medicines and we are looking forward for a 100 successful procedure.

    I’m very thankful to Sir John for assisting me and for giving me a lot of information that we needed. I’m so grateful that we found this website that could help a lot of women here in the Philippines.

  58. I’ve been through a roller coaster ride this week. Received both good and bad news. And for me, bad news ang malamang pregnant ako through taking pregnancy tests which turned out positive for all three. I’m 31. A sole provider of my family, have one child, and a solo parent. I cannot bring another child into this world yet. Sobrang hirap ng buhay. Sobrang daming responsibilities. I’m not ready in all aspects: mentally, emotionally, and financially. I’m glad I was able to find this org, and Doc John is here to help me through this path. Hope that everything goes well.

    To all the ladies who are like me, I’m really scare, but I hope you too have the strength to do what you think is right for you.

  59. I am Jemjem, 25 years old. I was not expecting my pregnancy, I just felt that I am not yet ready despite my age.
    I decided to seek for project486 help since I am not 100% into having a child as of the moment. I am scared right now but I am putting all my trust to the procedure and Doc John and Sir Alex help.

  60. My Story

    Project 486 is a really big help to women. This is not my first time to do this procedure and I always seek help from Project 486. They won’t give you any judgement tho they will remind you to be more responsible in your actions. After 3 yrs of my last MA, I contacted Project 486 again. I was really scared that time since I thought they are not active anymore. I was relieved when I find their website. Since I am a previous patient, I’m a little bit familiar with the procedure. On the other hand, Sir John made sure to still provide the information that I need in order to have a successful procedure. The transaction was very smooth and after 2 days, I already received the product. During the procedure, it is important to provide real time update to Sir John. I’m also lucky that I am with my partner that’s why the procedure became bearable. I’m really thankful that there are organizations , like Project 486, willing to extend help from women like me.

    1. I’m 5 weeks preg at di pa ako handa sa reponsibilidad. Because of legit reviews na nababasa ko sa website, nagtitiwala ako na matutulungan ako ng project486. Salamat kasi mabilis sila magresponse sa email at message ko. Thank you kasi willing sila tulungan ako at sinisigurado nila ang safety ko.

  61. Due to financial and family issues we seek help of people how are knowledgable to do the procedure. We chose project486 because in my opinion, the personnel here are legitimate on their work, knowledgeable, professional and always thinks the safety of their clients.

  62. I decided to end my pregnancy because I believe that I’m not ready yet to have a little one yet, I’m not emotionally and financially stable and I have family to support to, even my partner have a personal reasons why he ended up agreeing to end this. My partner found this site and I was hesitant at first but after they emailed me about the procedure I was relieved because a lot of patients have success rates, thank you project 486

  63. Hi I’m Ann, 25 years old. I already have 1 kid. So I know the hardship of being pregnant and in my experience it wasn’t pleasant for me. So when my partner and I found out that I’m pregnant again – took 2 PTs just to be sure, I immediately response that I’m not yet ready physically & emotionally. We both agreed and he was the one who searched and found the Project 486.

    We immediately contact them through email and luckily they responded within the day, the same day was my consultation with Sir John, we talked for a while and I knew through our discussion that he knows what and how the procedure works. My anxiousness faded as we continue the consultation and I knew that I’m in the right guidance.

  64. I just recently found out that I am 13weeks pregnant, i thought it was just about my pcos kaya hindi ako dinadatnan but then nag pt ako for 3x and positive siya.

    I decided to end my pregnancy because i don’t want to raise my child na naghihirap.

    Thanks to project486 and of course to Doc JJ who’s patiently explaining everything to me.

  65. I just recently found out that I am 13weeks pregnant, i thought it was just about my pcos kaya hindi ako dinadatnan but then nag pt ako for 3x and positive siya.

    I decided to end my pregnancy because i don’t want to raise my child na naghihirap.

    Thanks to project486 and of course to Doc JJ who’s patiently explaining everything to me. More power to you guys.

  66. As a second-time patient, I cannot express how grateful I am to have found this team. I agree on the position that women in the Philippines generally are helpless and have little command on how to go about in situations like these without any judgement.
    As a mother in my 40’s, I am at the point where we know this is all we could manage. We all have our reasons and not all will accept it.

    The first time I came to them and was connected to Sir John was a smooth and successful experience. The second time, I was extremely embarassed and ashamed. Despite taking extra precautions, I was given the same fate. I contacted them immediately and told them my situation. This time, a part of me was expecting some form of scolding. However, knowing that this team is reliable, professional and trustworthy, I know in myself that I will be in good hands so I wouldn’t want it in any other way. I was ready to take it all in. I’m glad that there was no scolding. They were right when they say, “We will help without judgement.” What I got this time was a sound advice before deciding to go through it again. Most importantly, they did not leave me at times when I had nowhere else to go.

    Thank you so much, Project486.

  67. Unexpected po pagbubuntis ko so nagsearched po ako sa social media platform ng abortion pills, and I met my seller from Manila..pero nagfailed po ako sa gamot na binigay nila na akala ko complete abortion na po nangyari sa akin kasi nilabasan na po ako ng dugo..pumunta ako ng Manila para maghanap sana nga abortion clinic then I found this site PRJCT486 and I talked to Sir John and explained everthing to me..

    1. I’m a previous patient of 486. I was one of those women that was helped without judgement by this organization. I couldn’t be thankful enough to have found someone like them that will truly helped you with everything. I have trusted them since the first time I have asked for their assistance and up until now, there’s no changes. When I found out about my unwanted pregnancy, I was disappointed at myself because I thought I have taken enough precautions yet I got pregnant. I was very helpless. I knew I had to contact 486 because they’re the only ones whom I trusted that will help you all throughout the procedures and made you worry less because with them everything’s gonna be fine. I hope 486 will continue to help women who have unwanted pregnancy and are not ready yet for the bigger responsibility. Thank you so much.

  68. Thanks to project486 especially to Sir John who’s patiently explaining everything to me hanggang sa mag success ako, kahit napagkamalan pa nila akong spy 😁..was 13 weeks pregnant at nakakawindang dahil hindi ko inaasahan ang pagbubuntis na iyon. PROJECT486 is legit at solution sa mga kababaihang hindi pa handa mag buntis at ayaw ng magbuntis ulit..

    Thanks again from patient prjct486-030424DK

  69. I knew project486 from a friend of a friend. I am 8wks pregnant and not yet ready for the responsibility. That friend told us how legit project486 was and the way she succeeded with the help of project486. So we tried and contacted them and they were very accommodating. They respond very quick too. They also sent me links and proofs online so that I will be complacent that what they are saying is legit and proven.

    1. I am a repeat patient of Project 486.
      I have this opportunity to work abroad and this is one of my biggest dream, then it came; I am pregnant.
      My boyfriend planned to go back in college to pursue another degree and to follow me abroad just in case na makaalis ako.
      Wala sa plano namin magka-anak this time dahil binubuo pa namin kanya kanya naming pangarap.
      I made up my mind to email project 486. After all the consultation, buo ang loob ko to do this. Thank you so much project 486, I know nasa safe ako na kamay. Thank you for doing this to all the women who needed it the most.

  70. Im Jamie 22 and unexpected pregnancy sucks not in a way that you will hate the child in your stomach but more you will feel dissappointed because you know it is not the right time, and you still have many things to do for your future and being pregnant now will not help you to achieve that dreams.

    So, when I got the result that Im preganant I search and found project486 and I actually read all stories that posted here and I immedietly emailed them if they can help me, I still have trauma from scammers but I know project486 help and will not disappoint us who is not ready for this.

  71. As a first-year college, I’m still at a point in my life where I’m exploring greater things for my future, and being in this position is not it already. Initial , I had 2nd thoughts about proceeding with the procedure, but i know deep down that continuing this abortion will benefit the child itself, as we’re not physically, emotionally, and financially ready for it. I haven’t even started the procedure yet, but i know that this will take a lot of energy, time, and effort to accomplish. I would like to acknowledge the efforts of my partner from the beginning, and i know he’ll be with me until the end of this journey. I know in myself that without him, i can’t get through with it.

  72. I definitely have no plans to have a child, especially that I’m still a student. So the day I got positive results in my PTs, nag research agad ako for abortion. I’m scared, shocked and definitely lost pero alam ko na hindi ko pa siya kayang buhayin. I contacted a page sa FB but the vibe was so off and scary kaya I tried to search more, then I found project 486. At first I was really hesitant but after reading some reviews from their patients, I decided to send them an email. After talking to my consultant, I felt assured and dun buo na loob ko to do it. Thank you project 486 for doing this for women like me and being there to guide us.

  73. I am still young with so much goals and dreams to reach. So, being pregnant is the last thing in my list of goals to achieve. At this time where my career is just starting, I cannot afford to bear a child that I wouldn’t be able to support. And in my desperation to terminate my pregnancy, I scoured the internet and even asked some trusted colleagues until someone referred project486 to me. I searched for them and found this website where countless of successful testimonies are posted. Suddenly, I felt relieved… I was relieved that there are people I can trust to guide me through this process. I know that this won’t be easy but reading all the stories and being able to talk with Sir John, my worries were put to rest and relieved that I can count onto someone that I’ll be safe in this journey.

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