Home abortion in Manila: After 5 months, patient updates Project 486 about taking contraceptive injection (entry# 123)

Hello, project 486 This is patient PRJCT486-092522PB <click to see her story>.   I am using a different or separated email address and I hope you can still consider me. I wanted to reach out and thank you for all the help and support you have given me. I apologize for not updating you sooner, but […]

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Abortion pills in Manila: Ineffective pills (naked Mifepristone tablets) from FB failed, Project 486 to the rescue (entry #112)

Abortion pills in  Manila “On that day, we knew that the meds …procedures, methods, or steps provided from this online seller has completely failed– sira, palpak, at bagsak.. everything has resulted to an incomplete abortion. Now, I am messed up.” smilar story: Cebu student gets fake meds from Facebook seller This is patient “PRTCT486-092522PB” and […]