Abortion pills in Metro Manila (Mifepristone and Misoprostol / Cytotec) saves single mom (entry# 66)

Abortion pills in Metro Manila saves single mom

Abortion pills are the best option

The abortion pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol (Cytotec) are the combination of medicines used by a single mother of two from Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila, Philippines to successfully  terminate an unplanned pregnancy after failing to do so with various “natural options”.  The burden of raising two kids from a previous relationship and the uncertainties with a new lover  prompted her to decide so.  Here is her story.

Warning:  Do not take the insights or opinions  of patients in their stories as medical advice. Consult with a medical professional for more accurate information about the medicines and the medical abortion procedure.


August  27, 2018

Mena, 32, Marketing Executive,  Patient code: PRJCT486-081218gk1
Ayala, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Metro Manila, Philippines


Sir Alex:

I have attached my personal account on my experience with Project 486. I believe you will be posting this. I hope my details ( name, age, occupation and location) will be withheld or may be changed for confidentiality.

There is no exact word to describe the feeling and relief I had after the successful procedure. Thank you so much for all the help and guidance you have extended.

More power!

Motherhood Challenges

One Love Lost after Another

I was faced with the challenge of motherhood three times; the first, although shrouded with fear and doubt, came into full term; the second, although within the bond of marriage, was voluntarily aborted because we both cannot sustain an addition to the family; and the third pregnancy, although already on a rocky marriage, also came to full term, away from the indifferent husband. The children grew up with me, their father distant; in the end, the marriage ended.

One love lost after another, I was bound to live my life and focus on my career. Then I met this guy and we became constant confidante. We hit it after a couple of months of being chummy. I was literally “dry” for years and the idea of a younger and aggressive guy seems pretty much exciting. And at just one night, I had no idea, totally oblivious of the problem that was coming.

We had this no label kind of relationship. We spent time together but I still end up confused after. More so when I realized I was delayed from my monthly menstruation.

pictures of Pregnancy Test are needed before patient is given an orientation on the abortion pills (Mifepristone and Missoprostol / Cytotec) and procedure

Abortion Plans: Natural Options

Immediately, my mind went to work through the whole situation and I created my own plan and options. It was not easy weighing on things as I am on a very complicated situation. I could not count on the relationship or the guy to take responsibility and I have my career waiting to boost anytime.

Initial plan was to terminate the pregnancy the soonest. So I scoured through the web and found the more natural options: vitamin C overdose, parsley, pineapple, raw papaya, etc. all incorporated into the diet. Another week passed, I considered Dong Quai into the regimen. But everything were in vain. Back to the web I flipped through blogs, and that’s where I found Project 486.


‘Abortion Pills’ is the Answer

I was afraid that everything I have taken to induce menstruation may have bad effects on the baby so I pushed through with the plan of terminating the pregnancy without the father knowing. I went abortion pills payment project 486on with the Project 486 consultation and was well on my own to do the procedures. Except for the slight delay in the delivery of the meds (not Project 486’s fault, just some logistics problem of the courier) , the plan went on without a hitch.

abortion pills mifepristone and misoprostol in the Philippines from Project 486
Mifepristone 200 mg, Misoprostol 200 mcg, Antihemorrhagic – – related study: BIOAVAILABILITY OF MIFEPRISTONE IN CAPSULE VS TABLET — https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/18477493/ —This study suggests that the two formulations (tablet and capsule) of mifepristone are bioequivalent. ——Bioavailability – The degree and rate at which a substance (as a drug) is absorbed into a living system or is made available at the site of physiological activity


Day 1 on low folate diet was a struggle since food is everywhere in the office. Determined not to fail the plan, I mustered all strength to control my binge eating habits only to endure another “hunger game” by night time before the Mife ( Mifepristone ) intake. The second day was another challenge but I was more adamant for it to end so I could get on with the vaginal Miso (Misoprostol or Cytotec) .

And so with all systems a go, I prepared all stuff, cleaned up and finally introduced both Miso as instructed. I did the pillow maneuver and went on to sleep until my alarms sounded at 2AM for the Ibuprofen intake and at 4AM for the first buccal Miso. Within those times, I already felt the contractions.

Around 8AM, in time for my 2nd buccal Miso, when it was okay for me to sit and stand, some liquid gushed through from down there and I could feel some solid things coming through. I went to change diapers and laid the used one on the floor to check. And there it was covered in blood, the POCs (Products of Conception)  which I think were the gestational sac, some soft tissues and a little one with somewhat eyes on it that I could barely identify perhaps as the fetus. I cleaned them up, placed them on a clean tissue and took some pictures for documentation. I emailed the pictures and waited for confirmation.

abortion pills Mifepristone Misoprostol Cytotec Philippines Project 486
The embryo at about 7.5-8 weeks from LMP (Last Menstrual Period). Half of the embryo is covered by the red circle. The size of the embryo and the other Products of Conception (POC)  can easily be compared to the coins in the photo.

Within the day I received confirmation from Sir John that the procedure was a success and I am now officially NOT pregnant. Relief came through me like it was all I have long waited. I was glad to have done the procedure earlier to cut short the agony and stress of being pregnant and confused. I was glad Project 486 is here to help troubled mothers like me. It may not be the right option there is but it is the most practical and safe especially because of the sad fact that abortion pills in the Philippines are prohibited by law.

Having a consultant all through out the process is very much reassuring for me who didn’t have a companion to share with me the physical, emotional and psychological pain of going through the process with a heavy heart. I honestly love kids but I wouldn’t want bringing another one into the world without a complete family, or worst, a baby with birth defects because of the complications from earlier intakes I did. It’s the most I could do at the most critical moment.

I am well on my way to recovery now. My only prayer is complete healing and recovery. I would still want to create a family in the future, if God allows everything in my life to be settled. As for me, I have to focus on my career and kids and fix whatever I can salvage from this current relationship I have. This episode of my life may be something I will forever keep on my own. I am just glad I could look further ahead of me now because of the very significant choice I have made….and that is to trust Project 486.

More power to the people behind Project 486!

This is the 66th blog entry that features a patient’s reflection on her  Medical Abortion using the abortion pills  Mifepristone and Misoprostol / Cytotec in the Philippines.


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    1. I am a working student and was not yet ready for the responsibility, i didnt really know what to do and tried to research about abortion pills, luckily i found Proj486 at first i was worried but after researching and learning about them, i’m glad i came to them first i almost got scammed by a seller who claims to be selling abortion pills for a cheap price, Hoping that the procedure will be succesful.

      1. I am at the right age but not at the right time to have a baby with my partner. We’re both planning for our future so we do it safely pero accidentally nakabuo kami. We’re glad na nahanap namin ang proj486 to resolve our problems. Sana magwork and maging successful ang procedure

  1. I am an ofw and i took this med because i am not yet ready for being a mom and also a reason the country where i live today

    1. In my past experience it only has 50-50 chance of being successful for it was too late in doing the proceudre. But it turns out to be successful at second try of taking the medication. Now that I made a mistake again, I am hoping it would be successful again for the second try around…

      1. hello, i am a college student and hindi ako ready sa lahat nang nangyayari sakin ngayon. Hindi ako financially stable pati narin yung boyfriend ko. Parehas padin kami nag aaral at ate ko lang nagaasikaso sakin. Kaya nung nagresearch ako about dito nakita ko tong mga stories at naconvience ako na legit talaga ang project 486 and sa ngayon palang sobrang caring nila lalo na pagdating sa patient nila. Super thankful ako na nakita ko at nabasa niyo ang email ko, project 486.

      2. Hi sis been reading insights from this website. Sobrang relate ako sa story mo kaya nabawasan mga worries ko nung nag email back sakin si sir alex. So far with the guidance of sir John and reminders of sir alex i know i am in good hands. #1 key to prepare is educate yourself and thankful ako kay sir john sa details na binigay nya sakin hindi lang sa gamot but throughout the process, like i’m talking to an OB. Importante yun sakin kasi iba pa din kapag panatag loob mo and confident ka na kaya iexplain ng kausap mo ang ngyayari. Lalo pa i have a 7month olad baby na dependent pa sakin. Bukas na big day ko, and i look forward na it would also be a success like yours sis.

        1. Hi, I am about to take 10 cytotec for abortion on July 30. I was given an instruction by my seller that I should take 1 orally and 1 inserting to my private part simultaneously. It is my first time doing this. I don’t know if this procedure is correct but I really hope that you can also help me since I’m really confuse. I am only 23 yrs old and I hope that you can help me.

        1. check your email. We sent you 3 messages. We edited the email address you posted for your privacy but we have your real email address on file so don’t worry.

          1. We did not receive anything from you but we already sent messages to the email you just provided here. If you didn’t receive anything, try to use another email address and send another message moreinfo@project486.com

  2. The team of project486 has always been such a great help for every woman out there, they never judged and are always so professional when dealing with their patients and for that I am always grateful for them. I am a past patient and I would like to seek the help of prjct486 again.

      1. I knew that I trusted the right persons when I researched about their team right after I had consultation. Hoping that this will be also a success for me.

        1. I purchased the meds for the reason I cannot afford to have a baby right now. I’m still too young, my boyfriend and I was not ready yet for the responsibility.

      2. The consultation was impressive, they answer all my questions regarding on the procedure. And they’ll never judge you. I can feel that the procedure will be successful.

      3. Goodpm po Sir. I emailed you sir please please. I can’t afford to have a baby right now lalo na po I have a heart problem. Help me po.

      4. Hello Mr. Alex i am a student and i need your help i think i got my girlfriend pregnant and im not ready to be a father cuz im just a highschool student im not financially stable so is my girlfriend so plss help me

      5. Hello po Mr. Alex i am Stephen and i am a student i need your help cause nabuntis ko ang aking girlfriend i could already tell cuz i felt a bit of my sperm enter her inside while i was about to pull it out abd im not ready to be a father cuz im not financially stable and atill young ayoko masira future ko and my partners future so pls help me

    1. Abortion pills…entry #66
      I am a breadwinner to our family and not ready to have a child yet. Project 486 is very professional when dealing with their patients . I knew their team because it was highly/proven recommended by my friend trusted friend.

  3. ” Is it safe? because I just give birth last sept.03 then I didn’t have
    menstruation until now then my pt was positive.”

    1. Hello Mr. Alex nag send napo ako email. I think I am 2months preg. sana po kaya pa nang meds. Working student po ako and need ko po help nyo

    1. I was a past patient of Project 486. They have been a great help for women like me who are not ready to be a mother. I hope they can help me for the second time too.

    2. I was a past patient of Project 486. They have been a great help for women like me who are not ready to be a mother. They are highly recommended.

  4. Im IJ, 25 years old, government employee. Project 486 has helped me multiple times when it comes to medical abortion, 3 times to be exact.
    Im a mother of a 4 years old boy and having another child for me at the moment and the past years is not convinient for me and my partner especially when it comes to financial stability. Project 486 has been a great help to me, they never judged me for doing the procedure 3 times for the past 2 years (and now im asking for their help again for the 4th time)
    Making these decisions was never easy for me especially when it comes to my health and family, i had to consider a LOT of things first. But I never regret that I trusted Project486 for giving me this chance and I will always be grateful to them.

    1. I am not physically, emotionally and financially stable to have a child yet. Thankfully, I found out about Project486 helping troubled women like me. After and even during the consultation, I knew they were the right team. I hope everything will be a success for me too.

    1. Sana po matulungan nyo po ako..
      Sa totoo lang d pa po talaga kme ready ng partner ko. Nabuo lang po ng d inaasahan.., kakahire ko lang din po sa trabaho..and six months pa bago ko maregular, pag nalaman nila na buntis ako matatanggal ako sa work…ndi po pwde kse ako lang ang inaasahan ng pamilya ko..nag aaral pa po ang dalawa kong kaptid..
      Sana matulungan nyo po ko..
      Salamat po..

  5. So ayon po Nag sex kaming couple and kinakabahan ako since nag sex kami 2x ina row without condom and my girlfriend started to have spotting na and sa tingin ko naka buo kami. I hope matulungan nyo kami

  6. nag work ako kc medyo di ok ung pag start nmin ng family with my husband thats why we decided na wag muna mag 2nd baby, nid muna namin mag stable lahat,.i trust project 486 because of a close friend recommendation,. and she tried it already na and success,.kya panatag dn ako khit pano

  7. Sana po matulungan nyo ako. I am pregnant po. Nag PT po ako kahapon Dec 18, 2019 and this morning po. Puro po positive… I’ve been delayed for about 2weeks. Hindi ko pa po kayang magkababy ulit dahil nakapag loan po ako para sa pagppabahay ng magulang ko and besides hndi pa po tapos sa pag aaral ang bf ko. This is supposed to be my 2nd baby. The 1st onr is already 7 years old. As I have said hndi pa po ako ready sa pagkakataong ito. Although I have a stable work, hindi po yon enough as of now dahil hindi kumpleto ang salary ko. Wala naman po akong maaasahang financial support from my bf. I hope u could help me po.

    1. I have a secret love affair and got pregnant buti nalang na detect ko sya early pa,,, i am married and blessed with 3 kids my husband doesnt know my present situation , sana matulungan ako badly needed, it’s the only solution that comes up in my mind

  8. Hindi na po ako magpapaligoy ligoy.. I badly need ur help po. Nag PT po ako kahapon (Dec 18, 2019) and this morning (Dec 19, 2019) and it both came out positive… I used 2 PT to be sure po… Almost 2 weeks na po akong delayed… Nalaman ko po ang about sa inyo nung mkita ko po sa net yung about sa post ni Maam @meannsampa I hope na matulungan nyo din po ako.
    Isa po akong teacher sa public school, single mom. Hindi pa po kmi nagsasama ng papa ng anak ko. Hindi pa kmi pinapayagan ng magulang ko to settle down unless makapagtapos ng pag aaral ang boyfriend ko. Ito po dapat ang ikalawa naming baby pero dahil wala pa pong stable na work ang boyfriend ko ehh ayaw ko pa po magka anak kami uli. As of now yung 1st baby po namin ay 6 years old na. Although we already have a baby hndi pa po kmi nagsasama sa iisang bahay, sa magulang ko pa rin po ako nkatira at ganun din sya… Hindi pa po ako ready nag magkaroon uli ng respobsibility lalo ngayon at nakapag loan ako pra sa pagpapabahay ng parents ko. Aside from that magiging mahirap lalo ang sitwasyon para sa amin. Sana po matulungan nyo ako. Maraming salamat po.

  9. I am 4 months pregnant now and I have done medical pills nung 10 weeks pa lang but it doesn’t work. I brought it in Quiapo and I think it’s fake and the women where I brought it convincing me to do medical abortion pero natatakot po ako dahil sa mga nababasa ko online na namamatay dahil sa maling paraan, nag google ako para mahanap contact ng mga underground doctors para matulungan ako then someone send me about Project 486 and how they help women in needs about this matter. They will entertain you through phone consultation and very knowledgeable about this topic tutulungan ka talaga nila kaya trusted ako na magiging successful ang process sakin.

  10. I’m needing the same help I needed before, and I choose this team to help me again with my situation. They are very helpful and I feel comfortable with them.

  11. Project 486 has been a great help to me. I am a repeat patient and trusting them was one of the best decision i made.
    Looking back to all the choices I have made, I know its wrong but I know its a tough choice that has to be made, for me and for my son. Thank you project486.

  12. For the second time around, we need to do this. Its unpexpected pregnancy. We choose Project486 again because this is my second time to do this. It is difficult for us to this but we need to do this again. We’re both not ready. Trusted talaga ang Project 486 since the last 2018-2019 first time ko maging patient nila and its my 13weeks of being pregnant and its successfully procedure. Kaya malaki ang tiwala ko sa Project486 especially to Sir John and to Sir Alex and to the staff behind them. Thank you do much Project486, sana maging successful ulit ang procedure ko this second time. Their meds are 100% legit.

  13. I really need help. I tried other ways such as resorting to the use of dongquai capsules and parsleys,yet nothing happened.Please. I have no one to turn to. And you guys can be my only chance.

  14. Una ko nahanap yung Project486 nung 2018 kasi naging undecided pa ako na ituloy yung pregnancy ko that time pero eventually tinuloy ko din. This time nagdecide ako na ituloy na talaga yung procedure dahil di ko pa talaga kakayanin na ituloy yung pagbubuntis ko. Base sa mga comments at testimonials na nabasa ko about Project486 at pati na din sa pakikipag usap ko kay Sir Alex at Sir John naramdaman ko talagang mapagkakatiwalaan sila. Ngayon pa lang po nagpapasalamat na po ako sa inyo.

  15. I just found out I am 6 weeks pregnant and I am not really into having kids. Me and my partner agreed to do this procedure. My sister’s friend recommended this site to me.

  16. I have just received the result and yeah it was a success. Sobrang specific ng process lalo na nung 3rd day every hour halos si sir john keep on messaging me to check on me. I make sure that i didn’t miss a single detail of the process and I even prepared myself of the possible effects of the meds (based on my research) pero ang tanging naging difficulty ko lang naman is the long hours of waiting in the same body position. But on the effects of meds i am glad na wala naman ako naexperience. Pero mas masaya ako kasi safe and success ang procedure. Thank you sir John, sir Alex and team for letting me keep my confidentiality yet trusted me completely and for helping me with “malasakit” like every doctors’ will do. But, I hope this will be the last time I will be visiting this website.

  17. Project486 has already helped me before and I will always be grateful for them. Unfortunately, I need help once again and they didn’t judge me in any way and just offered immediate help. I chose them to help me again because with them I felt that I was in good hands. I can’t bring myself to imagine what if I haven’t found them online. If I didn’t, I would’ve just ended like every other mothers who did not want to carry a fetus, carry it to full term, and raise a child. I hope that women who need help with their situation would eventually read and find out about project486 just like I did.

  18. I am about to leave the country to work overseas however I just recently found out that I am a month pregnant. My flight schedule is fast approaching thus, I am grateful to find Project486 that is willing to help me with proper guidance and without hesitation. Having a child is the most wonderful gift a family could have receive but for now I choose to secure first my family’s future and mine. I am very confident I am with a safe hands with Mr. John and project486 because they are very professional in terms of handling their patients. More power.

    1. Last week of October 2021, we found out I was expecting. It was unplanned. We are not ready yet. We started to look for abortion facilities in the Philippines and found none. We browsed on FB, and only found some sketchy pages. Then we started looking for articles online, stumbled upon project486 and read the articles. I felt their legitimacy immediately and sent an email. Got to talk with Mr. Alex first, then Mr. John. They are both very professional, very kind, and very comforting. Procedure is safe but not easy. But they will assist you all the way. Also, they are not rushing you to do it. They will only advise you to do it as soon as possible, but do it when you’re ready. Thank you so much Sir John and Sir Alex!

  19. I currently one of sir John’s patients right now and I am so glad that when I emailed them, I was able to get a reply from Sir Alex, time was my enemy and I am already getting so stressed that when they replied, I was so relieved, I am now finally on day one of the procedure. Keep yourselves safe, and get some guidance from Project486 if you have all the valid reasons not to bring the pregnancy to full term.

  20. Hello po, please I badly need your help . Hopefully po na matulungan nyo ako. I really need assistance soonest possible po sana mapansin nyo po ako. Huhuhu

    1. I’m a college student and I’m not financially ready for having a child, so as my boyfriend. As I’ve searched in the internet about solving unwanted pregnancy, someone mentioned that “Project486.com” had also helped her and says it is legit. I was very thankful that Alex replied to my email and willing to help our problem. I can tell that they truly care for their patients, they don’t judge and they handle their work professionally. Project 486, we are very thankful for your help. This website is legit that we can trust.

  21. I don’t know that to do if Project486 is not here. This is not my first time but the help and response I get from them is still same like the first time, the concern is there and they will surely go thru the process with you.

  22. Hi! I am Kath, from Zamboanga Peninsula. I came here to ask help from PROJECT 486, I am 23 years old and currently still in 2nd year college. I cannot take the risk of having an early pregnancy. I choose to decide to accept the help from PROJECT 486, among I inquired, they are the only ones who look legit like having a consultation while others just need to wait for you to settle the payment.

  23. I badly needed help. My partner and I are not married and I don’t have any plans on getting pregnant again. I want to focus on my career for now and I have plans to work abroad. I can’t work there if I’m pregnant.
    I don’t know where to go and ask for help. When I searched on Goggle for abortion clinic here in Cebu, I messaged a certain “clinic” and I was scammed. There, I saw someone commented that project486 helped her. Without any second thought I emailed and I got a response after sending my story.

    1. Nag google ako ng mga pwede ko maging option since baby no. 3 is not a good time to have at this time.. good thing lumabas ung comment ng isang successful client dun sa page na binabasa ko and I tried to search for Project486 website at dinala ako dito sa site na ‘to.. planning in doing it this week.

  24. It will be my 3rd time to do this.I’m happy I was able to reach them since it really help a lot. I’m not ready to have another child since it struggles me to work which it really affects my work emotionally and mentally even if I have the support from my husband

  25. This will be my first time doing this and it’s good to know from the comments and the reflections ng iba na I’m in good hands, also I’m well informed of every steps ng procedure. I’m not really ready for a 3rd child. So thankful na I get to find project486. Be doing it this week.

  26. I am again pregnant and I can’t have it right now. I am grateful that project486 is here to help me in my problem. This will be my 3rd time and they are always willing to help.

  27. My partner & I have been living together for more than 2 months now. This stage being new to both of us, we were very happy and excited and undeniably, we became very sexually active. We did follow the calendar method though and we have been talking about the consequences right from the start. But, still, after 2 months of living together we have conceived. I almost didn’t experience any symptoms except for the missed period. I took my first PT on the day of my missed period and it already came out positive. I have long discussed to my partner that I do not want kids, at least not right now because I wanted for us to be 100% ready. Not just emotionally but financially and mentally. I have always talked about how there’s already so many children growing up without the proper support that they need, and if I ever come to terms into having children, I want to do it the right way. Where he/she can have what he/she
    or other children deserves. We do not want to raise another child that has to sacrifice their education in exchange of being able to financially support themselves. I felt like this isn’t the time for us.

    My partner & I talked for days and we researched trying to find someone that can help. I reached out to my friends whom I can truly trust and advised me on where I could secure abortion pills (mife & miso). Although, some of these sources I felt like could be offering genuine medication(not really sure), it still doesn’t satisy the need to be rightly and fully informed on what to do. In this time, we are in a state of panic and it would be easy to cave in on the bargain prices we see on the internet. That is until we came across an article. This article is from one of the news provider in the Philippines and it was talking about underground abortion and how women are deprived of this option and the inaccessibility of it makes you turn to desperate choices. With what we read, my partner start digging on the internet until he found project486. Now, I’m not saying that the one they wrote about was this organization but it almost fit the description. And, in my opinion, even if this isn’t the one, the consultation itself would make you worry less and would bring a hint of relief that you have found the right place and right people to help you.

    I’m very hopeful that I this procedure will be a success and after a week of worrying and just being utterly confused and afraid, this is the first breath of relief we had.

  28. When I found out that I’m pregnant 4 days after my supposed to be emp. I talked to my partner and we planned on doing the natural miscarriage which is drinking pineapple juice and excessive exercise but for the past days I’m so stressed because I feel like it’s not working at all and next month will start the school again and I can’t be pregnant because I’m just a third yr college, so then i kept looking at clinic abortions and i found project486 in one of the comments, I e-mailed them right away when I found their website. They are so reliable that you know it’s all legit and you’re in safe hands. They have to all the information you need to know and nothing to be scared off. I’ll be doing my procedure next week and I know it will be successful. 🙂

  29. I found out that I was pregnant. Again. It is my second time undergoing medical abortion. It’s still the same anxiety, worry, fear, and all other emotions mixed. I know it is a big negligence on my part and it is a big lesson to be more responsible. To be honest, i feel a lot disappointed with myself. I feel like I was off the hook the last time, and yet I went and put myself back in the same position I was just a month ago. For the second time, I am trusting project 486 with my situation and I hope with every bit of me that the procedure will be as smooth and successful as before.

  30. Words can’t express how devastating it is to try so hard to not get pregnant and still have it happen. When you do all the things to protect yourself from it happening and yet it still happens. I’m thankful for Project 486 not just because they gave me a new lease on life but because they really cared for me and also guided me the whole time. I felt understood and safe unlike with other sellers, Project 486 will make sure that you have a safe procedure. No one else I trust with this than them.

  31. Hi po, please notice my email i sent tonight.. I am desperately in need of your help. 🙏 I hope I could reach out to Sir Alex/John for my situation 🙏🙏 please po notice me.

  32. sir alex, please help me desperate na po ako kasi baka huli na bago maagapan need ko po tlaga ng help niyo :((( may baby pa pong akong nakadepende p saakin kaya di pa ko ready sa pangalawang anak lalo na’t iniwan napo ako ng partner ko :((

  33. I’m a college student when I found out I was pregnant. At first, I don’t even know what I’m going to do about this matter. I was petrified because I know my parents will get disappointed on me. My father is a police. He’s very proud of me, especially my mom. At this age, I’m not ready to become a mom. So my partner and I decided to do such a perilous decision. We visited a lot of abortive clinic but it was closed. So I searched on google then I found some contact number that says they can help me with my problem. But I sense that it was scam because they tell me to send first the money. So I searched again and I found someone’s comment. She says that project486 help her with her problem so I searched in google and share about my matter. I chatted them and sir Alex replied immediately. He recommended me to sir John. He was very kind to me when we spoke on phone. He never judge me by my decision and I can sense that I can trust this project486. Sir Alex did help me and explain to me what I’m going to do. Next next day I’m going to do the procedure and hoping it’s going to be success. I’m going to thanks in advance to sir John and sir Alex for being there when I don’t even know what I’m going to do.

  34. We are a young couple, my partner and I, so when we found out that we were pregnant, it was really an anxious moment for us. We weren’t ready for the duties of being a parent and even more because we don’t have a stable income as of yet. We spent a few hours looking on the internet to no avail until we stumbled upon someone’s comment on google to check out this website. Immediately, I sent them an email and they replied quickly as well. I was assigned to John as my consultant, and he has really been a great help in fully understanding the procedure, and you really feel reassured about it. We will be starting the procedure in the next few days and some of our anxiousness has gone away, but we really thank the people who made this possible.

  35. My partner and I had a slip and I ended up getting pregnant. We are both working now but we both know that we cannot give the life we want our children to have just yet. Also, I am very scared of what our parents will say; especially to me, a child of a single mother. Also, I know in my heart that I am not mentally, physically and emotionally ready to have a child. Thank God I found Project 486 before I decided to go to a *clinic*. I read many articles in here and I was very much convinced that here is safer than anywhere else. I’m about to undergo the medical procedure and I pray that it will be a succession one too.

  36. I am still a student and the youngest of my siblings. I feel shame at the same time I will be a big disappointment for my family. Since I am still studying I don’t have money to support my needs nor income to make this come to life. I am very grateful to project486 for taking care of me while undergoing with this medical procedure. I hope it will be safe. This is not an easy journey for me and for all the women who are experiencing the same situation. I know it will haunt me for the rest of my life. I just really prayed that I can find peace after this decision.

      1. The medical procedure is only recommended to pregnancies not longer than 3 months. Some would do it up to 4-5 months with success but the success rate will be not as high as it is in the first 3 months

    1. hello ..hnd po ako ready maqbuntis ulit kc hnd po kmi financially stable nq Asawa ko .kaya naq desisyon kmi na hnd ko nalanq ituloy ..kaya naq research.ako.at nakita ko tonq project486 binasa ko unq mqa naq share nq story maqanda namn po lahat anq results kaya NSA isip ko sila po anq makakatulonq sakin sa pinaqdaanan ko nqaun …

  37. I was about to try this pill hoping na maging mabilis at madali ang proseso para matapos na ang pinoproblema ko, thanking alex and john and the whole team in advance for making this pill available here.

  38. Goodpm po Sir. I emailed you sir please please. I can’t afford to have a baby right now lalo na po I have a heart problem. Help me po. Please keep my confidentiality po. Salamat

    Sir please don’t approve my other commend as I have put my full name. thank you. Ope to hear from you soon po. Para habang maaga pa po. Ayaw ko na lumaki pa ang tummy ko. Salamat po sa tulong

  39. I’m Sandy from baclaran,I’ve been looking for people that could help me,tried to search thru fb and other sites but I have a lot of doubts since I’ve seen so many post about being scammed,I can’t afford to be one of the victims.Luckily found one comment from a clinic that project486.com helped them.I’ve read the reflections and i felt that I’m on the right hands,specially when I was able to talk thru consultation .They were very professional and detailed on how the medicines work in your body w/c I doubt a scammer would bother to explain.I learn so much from them,Hoping for the success of my procedure on the coming days. I hope I’ll find peace after this decision.

  40. I need your help in delay in 2months gusto qo malaman kung pano makkabili ng abortions pills nio need qo talaga mawala hindi kc aqo makaabroad kng matuloy ito sana matulongan nio aqo

  41. Good evening Maam/Sir. I’ve sent my details already through email, the pictures are attached. Please get back to me soon. Thank you so much. I’m terrified

  42. Already sent a reply and also followed the instructions to your email, please get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you

  43. I am childfree by choice and this pregnancy isn’t planned at all. I am a member of Childfree Ph and that is where I found the information for Project 486. I trusted that group so much so I think that project 486 is the best place for me to ask for help. I sent them an email and received a response from Alex. I got a call from my assigned consultant and he cleared all my confusion and doubts. I am about to take the medicine this week and hopefully, it turns out successful.

  44. When my partner and I discovered about my pregnancy few days ago, capital A was our first and last straw. We already have one baby and taking care of our family while studying is no joke. My partner and I are both in college. We’re not capable to have another baby as it’s out of our family plan.

    Thank goodness, a friend recommended PROJECT486, without second thought we reached out them and luckily, they replied as immediate as possible. PROJECT486 has been very helpful to us and we put our full trust with them.

    Now, with the help of PROJECT486, we are assured of our decision.

  45. My fiance and i discovered about my pregnancy earlier on. I have to yet pass my board exams, and he has yet to go back abroad to work for our budding family. We knew we were incapable financially, mentally and physically since we have to achieve our goals. A reached out to a friend who suggested PROJECT486. And to my relief, they reached out to help.

    I am very thankful to their team for the support and the fast response given.

  46. Hi

    How can I get an abortion treatment? We’ve been practicing safe sex with my
    partner for months however she is having anxiety because she is 5 days
    delayed from her period. We are aware of proper sex education but anxiety
    hurts my partner. Seeing her suffer kills me everyday. I want her to be
    okay because I love her so much. She initiated the idea of abortion, but my
    point of view on it coming from an ultra conservative family is a sin. But
    being enlighted by her, abortion now for me is a proper health care. I
    can’t lose her, she staked her life if everything went through unless we
    opt for abortion. She won’t tell me, but her heart speaks louder for me. I
    want to help her from my own neglect. Please I am asking for help for the
    both of us. I want her future be okay, and not to disappoint her family. A
    lot of her relative is eyeing on her to be a role model but because of my
    decision, it is near to fall.

  47. Good day po, sana po matulungan nyo ko 5 weeks na po akong delay sobrang hirap na po ng kalagayan ko ngayon di ko na po talaga kayang mag anak pa sana matulungan nyo po ako

      1. This will be my second time doing the procedure and promised my self that will be the last. It so happen on the very wrong timing found out it was positive the day after I got my long awaited visa and new work oppurtunity abroad so the situation left me with no choice. Currently on week 7 and after many days of contemplating I made the decision again to not continue with the pregnancy, do it as soon as possible with the help of these trusted people.

  48. Hi gusto ko po malaman kung magkano ung abortion pills, di pa po kami financially stable ng boyfriend ko and malamang papalayasin ako ng mga magulang ko pag nalaman nila na buntis ako. Sana po mahelp nyo kami

  49. Please po i need your help, pano po makakuha ng abortion pills and magkano po i really need na po talaga ayaw ko po na dumating sa point na lumaki yung stomach ko. Pakisagot po asap

  50. I was pregnant 8 weeks when I decided to abort the baby. I knew that I don’t have the means of raising one. I am not financially and physically stable to raise one. I was raped by one of my supervisors and I haven’t had the courage to speak up. I was lost. Not until I found this site. They helped me through, sir John and Alex guided through every steps. Sir John even took the time informing me what I need to do and the risks. I know it’s scary, but what’s more scary than giving birth to a child in this godforsaken world? Everything and everyone’s just so cruel. So to all the women who needs help, You are not alone. I am now living my life as I should be and all thanks to project 486. To sir John and sir Alex, thank you!

  51. I am 5 weeks pregnant but i decided to have it terminated because of so many factors. I searched through the internet of possible remedies until i stumbled upon project486, i get to talk to their consultant and he is very knowledgeable about the procedure. He explained everything to me, i felt secured. I will do the procedure this week and i am hoping for the best result.

  52. Good day, may I ask if we’ve just had unprotected sex during the last day of her period and then I didn’t cum inside her. Will she still be able to get pregnant?
    P.S. after that day I gave her trust pill the pink box and until now she’s taking it the same time as she take the first one.

    I’m hoping for the response please, thank you very much.

    1. Kenny, a woman can get pregnant at any point in her cycle even right after menstruation. Rhythm/Calendar method is not reliable. Neither is pull-out method (Withdrawal). Precum (fluid) that comes out before ejaculation, contain enough sperm that can get a woman pregnant. Simple arousal can make you secrete pre-cum. Good thinking in doing the Yuzpe as emergency contraception. With trust pills you have to take 4 pills then after 12 hours, take another 4. The Yuzpe method has a success rate of around 75%. It will not be effective if the woman is already pregnant or has already conceived. You already did the best that you can do to prevent a pregnancy. Pls use more reliable birth control methods. Withdrawal (Pull-out) and calendar (Rhythm) are the worst.

      1. If ever she gets pregnant, how much will it cost for an abortion pill or I don’t know what other things can be done?

          1. I’m only a teenager and i’m not ready to be a mother yet, aside from that i’m a working student so i know it’ll be hard for me. After knowing that i’m 4 weeks pregnant, i immediately search for some abortion pills on facebook but they are offering me expensive pills, after trying searching on google i found the website of project 486. And then i visited their website to check if they’re legit. I also tried reaching them thru gmail and good thing they immediately respond to my message, after waiting for a few a hours they sent me again a message which contains the information and the things you need to filled up. After filling up and sending them my information sent me a message to my cellphone number. After that, i already talked to the doctor that they assigned to me, we had a conversation and talked about the things and procedure. They also give me knowledge about the medicines that would take to get abortion. In the next three days i will doing the procedure and i’m hoping for a good result.

  53. Me and my boyfriend are Undergraduate students that ended up in a very stressful situation. We didn’t want to tell anyone because it would cause panick in both of our families. We found Project 486 by searching through the internet for options on Abortion in the Philippines. We emailed them hoping this would help us in our time of need. Overall the team has been very helpful and insightful with what the procedures are and how the payment terms go. The consultation with John is very straightforward and to the point. We will comment again after the procedure to update. Thank you Project 486.

  54. We found Project486 through my friend who also experienced the same situation as us. We’re both breadwinners of our own families and have to support our siblings through college and also the daily necessities of our family. We decided not to continue it since we’re not financially stable and there are still lot of things going on on our lives. We honestly feel that we can’t still provide the life our would-be child deserve right now. The organization are really responsive and helpful and I feel that I am constantly ensured and being taken care of. Talking to sir John were informative, I am walked through each of the risk and steps I’ll be taking. Thank you Project486 for helping women who are in need.

  55. I’m At the right age right now but I can’t be pregnant because I’m the breadwinner and I’m the only child to support my parents having a child is never been easy financially, physically, and emotionally I’m thankful for project 486 to helping me right now.

    1. My age really a mother age..but for my part being a mother right now is not my priorities. I am a breadwinner of the family and I need to do it until my brother finish his studies, I have so many things to do for my carreer and future, that is why I when I knew that I was 5. 5 weeks pregnant I am really scared and make plan to terminate immediately before coming more worst. I researched a lot and gladly found the Project486. I thought they will never assist me but when sir Alex reply to my email ,i feel relief and visualized the light of my future .. now I feel more safe when I talk to my Consultant John .. thanks to you guys ,for helping a one in a million Filipina like me who is not yet ready to being a mother.

  56. I’m glad that we’re free to feel safe and protected on this site. Also sir John the one to talk to me will give me assurance regarding my situation and explained very well every details.

  57. My age really a mother age..but for my part being a mother right now is not my priorities. I am a breadwinner of the family and I need to do it until my brother finish his studies, I have so many things to do for my carreer and future, that is why I when I knew that I was 5. 5 weeks pregnant I am really scared and make plan to terminate immediately before coming more worst. I researched a lot and gladly found the Project486. I thought they will never assist me but when sir Alex reply to my email ,i feel relief and visualized the light of my future .. now I feel more safe when I talk to my Consultant John .. thanks to you guys ,for helping a one in a million Filipina like me who is not yet ready to being a mother.

  58. Is this still available and legit? i left a message in your email address, please reply i really need it. I think i am 7-8 weeks pregnant, i just took a pt yesterday and it is positive, me and the father are in a ldr, it happens before he left. we’re being careful as possible but this still happens. he can’t comeback because we don’t have a money and he’s still don’t have a job in their area for it is a province and is hard to find a job there. I really need to end this privately, i haven’t introduced him to my family as a bf yet and we’re definitely not ready for this. please help, i have no one

      1. Hello po sir Alex. I’ve sent a message in the email account po. I’m 22 y/o currently having my board review for 2023 board exam. I’m a premed student. I am one week delay now, my boyfriend can actually take the responsibility but I just can’t. I am the eldest among 4 siblings, my parents have high expectations of me coz I’ve been an achiever ever since grade school. I can’t sacrifice the ambition I’ve been working so much for years now for the baby. I know I might feel all the guilt sooner but I really can’t afford disappointing my parents. I came from an average family. We use protection during our sexual intercourse with my boyfriend but all three PTs turned out to be positive. Please help me. I’m really desperate. Thank you.

  59. I think my partner is pregnant and we are not yet ready because we are still studying, also we do not have money to raise the child and she is willing also, she just not want to abort in just someplace

  60. Hi alex. Badly need help. Though im not sure if im pregnant but i want to get rid this as soon as possible. I already send a msg thru email. Thank you.

  61. for everyone who is going through tough times like us we are very proud of you. I myself have been through this as a repeat abortion patient, things will be alright soon stay strong. I thank project 486 for helping along the way in my first and up to my second try. To everyone I assure you that you can trust project 486.

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