Project 486 has a new home!

After several years of being at the mercy of “free” blogging sites,  Project 486 has finally settled in its new home,   The blog was started in the early 2010’s but the underground group of pro-choice doctors and medical practitioners that created it  has been around  as early as the turn of the 21st century (2000). The blog has been the primary online arm of the group and   has pave the way to educate and inform countless Filipino women (and men as well)  about birth control and reproductive health. The blog itself is a constant reminder that  despite of the very restrictive setting, Filipino women do have a choice– that no one has to die from an otherwise very safe procedure. Three women die in the Philippines  everyday and many get serious complications  because of  wrong procedures. The leading causes of these ‘misfortunes’ are:   unscientific unhygienic backyard abortion practices,  fake and substandard medicines,  and the sale and promotion of misoprostol/cytotec-only procedures.   An underground group of Filipino health practitioners is willing to lend an ear and a hand to fellow Filipinos who are desperate to gain access to safe, effective, efficient and affordable medical abortion procedure  through the use of the pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol (cytotec).

The blog is basically a collection of unedited (only private information are altered) stories of patients written by themselves. These are the honest thoughts of patients on their procedures. Sharing them to the whole world is one good way for patients to unload the emotional burden and in the process, women out there who desperately need the same assistance are able to learn a thing or two.

Patients, at least most of them, are not medical professionals. Their insights should not be taken as medical advice. All patients undergo a prior consultation with an assigned consultant. The assigned consultant will tell the patient all the things she needs to know about the procedure.

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  2. Good day po sa inyo. I badly need your help. I sent an email already. I hope you notice and reply on it. I’m on 8th weeks. Pa notice naman po. Thank you.

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