Iloilo City woman needed abortion because of mental and emotional instability (entry# 94)

Patient’s name/alias : Ly

Patient code:  PRJCT486- 041522AL

Age: 23

Location: Iloilo City

LMP : Feb 03 2022

Missed period: Feb 28, 2022

Date of conception (unprotected sex): 1st-2nd week of March

Date(s) of procedure: April 26-28, 2022



Hi sir, here’s my story to share.


“ Hi, i’d like to share my story and personal experience. My name is ly, 23
years old, from visayas. I am young, cheerful and positive type of person,
i always try to look for the brighter side of things.

abortion in iloilo

When i found out i was pregnant, i didnt know how to feel. One thing I
surely felt is being overwhelmed. Im still young, i want to do things in
life and i have always believed that having a child limits you to what you
want to do. To be honest, i never wanted a child, i cant ever see myself
raising one, maybe in the future but not now.

I found out late and it was over 10 weeks already. When i told my partner
that i didnt want this, hee was supportive of my decisions and kept
reassuring me that whatever I decide, he will support me 100%.

I tried natural ways of aborting but nothing happened. I searched abortion
clinics here but i know there isn’t one since it’s illegal, then i saw one
comment at a certain post about project486. I looked it up and at first tbh
I didnt feel any sense that it was a scam, reading all those stories made
me think that i never was alone in this and i truly believed it was legit.
So i tried emailing them then hours later they replied. Thats when i
started. I told my partner, he was hesitant at first because it might be a
scam but i trusted my gut more than anything else or maybe i was just that

When i started my consultation and sir John started explaining everything,
it was so overwhelming that i cried whiled listening to him explain the
procedure. Then after I purchased the meds. Once the meds arrived i started
taking it.

abortion clinic in iloilo

The first 2 days of taking mife capsules was smooth, nothing major really
happened. When the time came to take the miso tablets, i asked my partner
if he could come and assist me, luckily my parents were away that time.
After inserting the miso tablets in my v, i did the pillow maneuver. Tbh
this was the worst 8hrs of my life. At 12 midnight the pain started to kick
in, and i didnt take the ibuprofen, so the pain was 11/10, it was
excruciating. My partner held my hand the whole time. I started having
severe chills and high fever. Sir john guided me every step of the way and
assured me that all i am feeling was part of the process and i had to
endure it.

At 4am i went to the bathroom, changed my diapers and did the documentation
like sir John instructed. When i saw what came out of my heart started to
beat so fast i could feel it in my ears. I was so overwhelmed but i couldnt
cry. All i felt was sadness and i kept thinking did i do the right thing?
But it was done. And it was my decision to do it.

abortion pills in iloilo

Right now all im feeling is sadness, i kept saying sorry to whatever came
out of me. Im a religious person and i still felt like i did the right
thing, but I couldn’t help but wonder did i really. I asked God for
forgiveness for what i have done.

My partner also told me “dont feel guilty okay? I am here for you” and
hearing that relived me. We buried it only me and partner knows.

I know what people will think, especially when we live in a place where
doing these kind of things are taboo. But i also believe that raising a
child needs effort, time, investment, money and most of all, emotional
preparedness. A child deserves to live in a world where there is support,
love and having parents that are mentally stable. And I dont have that, i
am not mentally stable, so i did what i did. People can judge me all they
want, but i do not care. This will be a secret that only me, my partner and
God knows, and of course the team of project486.

Advise to all ladies, do what you think is right for you, and dont let
others control you. I just hope that soon in the future, in our country,
women are given rights to do what they think is best for their body.

Thank you sir john and project486. Thank you for guiding me and for helping

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