Abortion in Cebu City: She wanted to have a child but finds out partner is still legally bound to his ex (entry # 103)

Abortion in Cebu City

abortion in lahug cebu

Patient: Sheryl, 25 , Sales executive

First day of  LMP:  June 20, 2022

First day of missed period:  July 18-20, 2022

Date(s) of Medical Abortion Procedure:  Aug 10-12, 2022


An otherwise welcomed pregnancy may have serious legal repercussions

We may share different stories and experiences, but we share the same goal:

I’m a regular employee as well as my partner. We always have unprotected
sex, which I don’t mind because I want to have a child and plan to settle
down with my partner, believing that nothing can stand in our way. The
biggest plot twist, however, was discovering a few days after we found out
I was pregnant that my partner was legally bound with his ex, which was too
late. I was extremely stressed out at the time and had no idea what to do.
However, my partner explains to me that his ex was the one who cheated on
him first and that he has no plans to go back to her. After much
deliberation of pros and cons, we discovered that the consequences are
severe which led us to make this perilous decision. And it is a decision in
our life that we may never forget. We seek God’s guidance and forgiveness
for our decisions.


Found legit help after almost losing hope in the online jungle of sketchy sellers

Because of our desperation, we searched the internet for ways and people
who could assist us, but all we found were people who were scammed while
attempting to solve the problem. We had almost given up hope when, late one
night on July 24, 2022, a comment caught our attention referring to
project486.com as a possible solution to our problem. We immediately
contacted them via email, and they responded an hour and a half later. And
they assigned me to Sir John, a consultant. He is friendly, nice, and
approachable. He talks to me about the medication and the procedures. After
our conversation, half of my worries were blown away which helped to lift
my stressed self.

Abortion pills in Cebu


Sir John was always there as I began the procedure, which reduced my
anxiety. The first day of my session was so simple, just a light diet.
However, on the second day of the session, I began fasting, which is not
easy, especially with the cravings, but I persevere and follow the
instructions given. The third day of the session, the Big Day, is the most
difficult and crucial because of the pillow maneuver with no movement for 8
hours. At 12 a.m., as I slowly stood up from my pillow maneuver, I felt
nauseated and blacked out for a second, feeling that there was a lot coming
out of my V. At 12:56 AM Sir John announced that I’m officially NOT

Aabortion clinic in cebu city
the major POC or embryo itself was expelled on day 3, Aug 12,2022

abortion in lahug cebu city

abortion clinic in Cebu
minor retained POC’s were expelled on Aug 13 and Aug 14, 2022. The size difference in reference to the 5 peso (see Aug 12 POC above) and 1 peso coin is evident


I’m grateful that this organization exists to assist women in difficult
situations like this, as abortion is illegal in our country. You can rely
on them and rest assured that they will always be there to assess you in
your journey. As a piece of advice from their successful patient, please do
update them from time to time even if it is only small things so that they
can assess you and give you further instructions so that your journey will
also be successful. And another thing is that religiously follow their
instructions to avoid any complications.

Again, thank you Sir John and Sir Alex for helping me.


Officially* NOT PREGNANT*,


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