Abortion in Cagayan de Oro: Cortal and Coke failed, Herbal failed, cytotec-only procedure failed then single mom found success with Project 486’s abortion pills (entry #68)

Abortion Pills in Cagayan de Oro


September 3, 2018

Ms. Capricorn, 31, single mother

Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines



It never came.So I just thought I was delayed.Its been one week already and I can already felt the early pregnancy signs such as having sore breast,tiredness,irritability,and headaches everyday.So to be sure about it,I bought 3 Pregnacy Test Kit at Mercury Drugstore .From the moment I saw a 1 clear red line and 1 faint pinkish line,I felt straight away that I could not have another child again.

Home remedies didn’t work

As the weeks went on I found myself battling with my emotions whether I should keep the baby or not . I told my partner about my situation and I am decided to get a Medical Abortion. But since I am still early I tried to search online if possible to induce the baby naturally .I’ve read ” sis ” blog and I tried to email her ,she responded quickly and told me about the herbal/natural way of aborting early pregnancies, so for like two weeks I tried Vitamin-C overdose,Dong Quai Roots Capsule overdose,Parsley Tea every hour ,Papaya Seeds,Pineapple Fruits,Black Tea every hour and I even tried my luck with 15 tablets of Aspirin Cortal with Coke but unfortunately its ineffective.


Blogger recommended Project 486 but they had doubts so they tried pills from a local midwife and failed again

I emailed “sis”again that Herbal Way is no good for me ,at this time she recommended PROJECT486 Team to me just incase im thinking of Plan B which is the Medical Abortion .I immediately emailed Project486 and Sir Alex answered after an hour ,He told me to send in my details and as their protocol I need to send photos of my PT result or an Ultrasound Result with the code written in a piece of paper . I regretted that I was not able to replied them back in my early weeks . In short I did not trust them first and the reason is that I might get scammed online. So again we look for another source of abortion pills in the city.


July 1 2018- My partner told me that he found someone who can help me abort my baby .She is a midwife from a government hospital and we have to wait for 8 more days because we will wait for her friend ,a medical representative from another city and the pill is still out of order due to its high demand .So we waited and it cost us P8500 for 5 pieces tablets of misoprostol.(Can you believe that?)

July 9 2018- The pills arrived.I checked-in to a hotel for 3 hours because she texted me that it would be quick .So after 30 minutes she followed me in my room ,she inserted one tablet of cytotec tablet vaginally .After 10 minutes she let me stand and let me go home .She texted me that night if possible for me to check -in again the next day because she will insert the remaining 4 tablets vaginally .So I just followed her request even if I’m out of budget already. 20 minutes after the insertion again she let me stand and let me go home and told me to update her about the bleeding. Yes i bleed after 5 hours but theres no pain ,there are some blood clots too and brownish discharges .

I bled for 4 days and I really thought that it was over for me but after one week the pregnancy symptoms came back. I just thought that it was just maybe the effect of misoprostol tablets so still I continue my daily life. Its been 4 weeks already and Its really a strange that I still have bloated stomach,I had frequent urination and Im feeling fat so I rushed to Rose Pharmacy that day to buy two pregnacy kits , I was shocked and I realized that the procedure failed.

I told my partner about it and he told me to just continue my pregnancy.I told him what if the baby was poisoned already because of the tablets or the baby might have deformities when delivered? So I told him about PROJECT486 and he just supported me about my final decision.


The right medicines solved the problem

August 26,2018- I emailed Sir Alex again.I told him what had happened to me 4 weeks ago .Without questions ,Sir Alex replied back and the usual i have to send him details ,my PT result photos with its code. He replied back with a contact number of my assigned consultant Sir John.So I texted Sir John and he replied the next day telling me to call him for my consultation.It was very pleasant to hear Sir John’s angelic voice, it was like talking to a long time friend.I told him my story and without judgement Sir John listened ,he answered all my questions and told me that what we did was an incorrect procedure .So first he told me to get a transvaginal ultrasound first so that he can examine the baby.As soon as I got the result I emailed it to Sir Alex as instructed.After how many minutes Sir John confirmed that I am on my 13 weeks and fours days already and my last procedure failed.He asked me whats my plan and confidently told him to continue my medical abortion with their help and assistance ,and without hesitation

Sir John replied we have to do the procedure soon .The next day I paid the Medicines through smart padala and he suggested me to have the C2 package(9-14 weeks)I agreed to everything he said because I thought I should I trust this guys this time and believe them.

The parcel#1and parcel#2 arrived just in time .

And the close monitoring started.
Day 1-August 30 Thursday
6am-6pm had my low folate diet
6pm-11:59pm fasting (no water ,no food)
11:59- Mife#1 intake with a cup of water then I went to sleep
Feeling drowsy the next morning I still continue my chores, thinking of positive results soon
Day 2- August 31 Friday
12:01-6:00 Am Fasting
6:00 Am -12 Noon- Low folate diet
12 Noon-6Pm – Fasting
6pm – Mife #2
I was very hungry and feeling dehydrated already but I managed to control it because I am aiming for a positive result .As per instruction of Sir John I have to be stress free,to relax,and to be positive at all the times for a successful result.
Then came Day 3 (the big day)
September 1, 2018 Saturday
12 Mn -1 am Low Folate Diet
1 am onwards Fasting
6:30 am -Defecate ,Urinate
I took a bath before the final pills

7:00 AM -Vaginal Misoprostol 4 Tablets and pillow maneuver
20 minutes after the insertion,I felt already the cold air in my back , 30 -50 minutes was the worst pain I ever experienced .

I texted Sir John that I had chills and I my whole body was shaking He told me to apply hot compress and I can take my Advil (400mg) with a cup of water .As instructed I cannot sit nor stand and I cant even turn on my side ,It was difficult but Im thankful I was able to survived the position for almost 9 hours.

I don’t want to scare you but 30 minutes after my Buccal Miso (placing Miso Tablets between Upper Gum and Cheek),I had the most intense pain of my life  <the earlier you do it, the smaller the POC/embryo, the lesser the pain>. And this is really how it went ,the pain was like contraction pain,its very hard to take but Sir John was always texting me that it was part of the process so I continue to use my warm blankets and my socks .At around 1:36 pm I texted again Sir John informing him that i i need to defecate and I cant handle it anymore .So he let me do it in the Arinola He let me watched for the POC’s/tissues/bloodclots that may expelled.When I sat down in the Arinola a watery blood came out of my anus .I went back to bed after and do the pillow maneuver again.The worst pain was still there ,getting more intense every minute ,I just listened to my cellphones playlist and at the same time watching cartoon network to lessen the pain.

2:45PM I tried to streched my other leg ,It felt so numb already ,then there I felt something came out of my vagina two times .It was big,warm and soft and I knew its my baby.After my baby came out rush of blood was next .I texted Sir John and he told me to do the documentation .I was shaking when I pulled my diaper because what I saw was unexpected,there was my baby still intact in its placenta .I cleaned the POCs.Took photos and sent it to Sir Alex for confirmation.I cleaned myself up while waiting for Sir Johns text .I felt relieved at the same time sad when Sir John confirmed that I am now officially not pregnant.I was really not prepared of what I saw ,at 13 weeks and 9 days the development of the baby was very obvious .I know everything will be very raw and painful at the moment but in time it would probably heal.

To My PROJECT486 Friends,Sir John,Sir Alex,Miss Dizon and to Sis Sampaguita ,Thank You for your effort and time .You are really are my angels.I dont think I would have done this without you.Your Support and Guidance means a lot to me!!!!

I love You Guys!!!

Yours Truly ,
Miss Capricorn

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  1. Hello 🙂 The reason why I wanna undergo a medical abortion is that my partner and I are both not mentally and emotionally ready. Nasa point pa po kami na papunta palang kami sa mga plans namin sa careers namin. We don’t want to give a burden sa both fam namin. Though kaya naman talaga e raise ang bata incase pero di ko pa talaga nakikita ang self ko na magka baby. IT WAS AN HONEST MISTAKE, ngayon lang nag sink in sakin yung phrase na “safe sex”. I chose Project 486 to help me solve my problem kasi I felt really comfortable and safe, while we’re having conversation with the Doctor, very professional and informative. I really do hope na successful ang journey na tatahakin. Will give an update once I’m done na sa procedure.

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