abortion pills in u-belt manila

Abortion pills in Manila: Goal-driven fresh grad surprised to complete her procedure with just Mifepristone alone (entry # 125)

Abortion pills in Manila saves soon-to-start career of a goal-driven fresh grad I am Felicity (alias), 22, from Manila. Things were looking good for me after I graduated this year with flying colors from my dream university. Since I am the oldest child in the family, my parents do really have high expectations on me […]

Abortion Pills in Makati: FuBu relationship to cure loneliness resulted to unexpected pregnancy (entry# 124)

Abortion in Makati It has been 10 days since I succeeded the procedure, and all I could think of within those days are all the lessons that I never thought I needed. But before I continue to elucidate these lessons, I would want to let you all know my story first. Lonely and confused I […]

Home abortion in Manila: After 5 months, patient updates Project 486 about taking contraceptive injection (entry# 123)

Hello, project 486 This is patient PRJCT486-092522PB <click to see her story>.   I am using a different or separated email address and I hope you can still consider me. I wanted to reach out and thank you for all the help and support you have given me. I apologize for not updating you sooner, but […]

Abortion Pills in Angeles City, Pampanga: She accompanied her friend before, now it’s her turn (entry # 122)

Abortion Pills in Angeles City, Pampanga Multiple Pregnancy Tests February 26, 2023. I took 5 PT tests. 2 came out negative, while the other 3 had a faint positive line. I got scared, but I remained calm. I bought 3 PTs again just to make sure, 1 came out negative, and the other 2 had […]

Abortion Pills in Bacolod: Got pregnant with ex, fortunately her bff was a Project 486 patient (entry# 121)

Abortion Pills in Bacolod Hi sir alex. I’m sending my reflection and my experience about the procedure. I’d like to thank all of you for helping me.   Broke up but pregnant with ex bf BFF was there the whole time I found out I was pregnant on the 2nd week of December 2022. My […]

Abortion in Quezon City: She completed her medical abortion even without taking Misoprostol (Cytotec) yet (entry # 120)

Abortion in Quezon City, Metro Manila Mifepristone alone did it The following reflection is rather short and seemingly not so different from previous stories in this blog. What makes it stand out however is the fact that the patient has completed her procedure by just  taking Mifepristone. The patient  expelled her POC (Products of Conception) […]

Abortion in Isabela: Thankful that her friend, a past patient recommended Project 486 (entry #119)

Abortion in Isabela, Cagayan Valley, Philippines   Hello po. Eto po reflection ko.   Simply not ready Life right now is so hard, I can’t afford to raise a child without being financially and mentally stable. Part of me wants to continue my pregnancy but 90% of me isn’t really ready to move forward to […]

Abortion Clinic in Cebu City: This is my body, shouldn’t I have a say in what goes on..and correct mistakes I’ve made while I still can? ( entry# 118)

Abortion Clinic, Abortion Pills in Cebu City Warning! : Abortion pill scams abound in Cebu. Don’t be a victim.  More stories: Metro Manila    Pampanga  Bicol  Cagayan de Oro  Davao More stories of Project 486 patients (medical abortion) from Cebu (click here) A Project 486 patient  (click here & see story #2) proved she is […]

Abortion in Rizal: Couple not convinced with meds without proper packaging (no label, no blister pack, just ziplock) (Entry# 118)

Abortion in Rizal Light at the end of the tunnel Dear Alex and Sir John Good day! First of all, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to both of you. You really give me and my girlfriend “the light at the end of the tunnel”. Our decision to end her pregnancy so far […]

Abortion in Pampanga: Despite her low tolerance for pain, working student had a successful procedure (entry# 117)

Abortion in Pampanga Hi, this is Jill. First of all, I want to thank Sir/Maam Alex and Sir John for assisting me and with the guidance they had given to me. Sorry if this testimony is going to be a long story but I just want to make it detailed..   FINDING OUT I WAS […]