Abortion Pills in Zamboanga: My family is unaware that inside my room , I am undergoing self-managed medical abortion (entry # 150)

Hi, Sorry it took a while to send and share my story, I’m still in the process of moving on and healing physically and emotionally. Please do hide my identity. It’s been 3 weeks since I had my A, and up until now, I’m still recovering from what happened— from all the pain, guilt, and […]

Abortion Pills in Bohol: One night stand got me pregnant but I dont want to lose my fiancee who is working overseas (entry 149)

Abortion Pills in Bohol I ALREADY HAVE A STABLE JOB, A COMFORTABLE LIFE, AND A FAMILY-ORIENTED PARTNER BUT… Hello everyone! I just want to share my story, my journey with Project 486. But before that, let me share with you the reason why I am in this situation. I grew up in a religious family […]

Abortion Pills in Cagayan de Oro: BF wants the pregnancy but GF already decided long ago (entry# 148)

Abortion in Cagayan de Oro An abortion story in the perspective of the boyfriend A week before knowing… We were travelling early January for a Vacation, di pa kami aware na may dala na palang bata yung jowa ko. Di naman kasi sya nag pakita ng signs of pregnancy or symptoms kaya bulag na bulag […]

Abortion Pills in Bacolod: Still feeling guilty but I know I will heal in time (entry # 147 )

Abortion Pills in Bacolod   When my period was late, nung una I thought na ok baka late lang ako. Regular talaga ako ever since kaya nung almost 1 week na me na late, kinabahan na talaga ako. Nilagnat pa ako nun nong supposed to be the day nang aking period. I didn’t know na […]

Abortion Pills in Biliran: Mom of 2 and partner decided not to have another kid but “hilot” & “cytotec only” failed (entry # 146)

January 23, 2024 Its been 3 days since the successful procedure. Im still healing and I know I will get there. I am a mom of 2 kids, a 4 year old and a 10 month old baby. As a kasunduan namin ng partner ko, d na talaga kami dapat magka baby because ang hirap hirap […]

Abortion pills in Muntinlupa: Financially stable and yet not ready to become a mom (entry# 144)

Hello everybody. I’m J, patient PRJCT486-010924Aj. 1 week delayed na ako at may kutob na ako dahil sa mga symptoms na nararamdaman ko. Nag-PT ako January 10 at agad agad akong nag-email sa Project486. Ni-recommend ito sakin ng kaibigan ko at sinigurado niya sa akin na matutulungan ako. January 10, morning, tinawagan na agad ako […]

Abortion Pills / Clinic in Caloocan: My parents are excited for a grandchild but my partner is a jobless, immature party animal (entry# 142)

Abortion Pills / Clinic in Caloocan I was really looking forward to message you like this. This procedure has been a roller coaster of emotion for me especially that I was doing it alone. I am certain that I will regret my decision and I am also hoping that I can forgive myself in the […]

Abortion pills in Mindoro: This might be something I will not ever want to do again in my life, but this time, I’m glad I did (entry# 141)

Hi Alex, – You can call me JAV. I am 31, a solo parent with an 8-year-old son, a breadwinner of an extended family, and I am Patient PRJCT486-121923Vj. This is my Project 486 journey. – Dec 19, 2023 – This is the day that I found out that I am pregnant. At first, I […]

Abortion pills in Iloilo: I can barely support myself, how can I raise another human? (entry# 140)

Hi Sir Alex hope you have a wonderful happy holiday I’ll be sending my feebwck before the year ends Feedback mj Sorry for sending veryvery late feedback Hi gals out here seeking for help well you’ve come to the right place I myself been there; although I’m still in my healing process but its going […]