A Patient’s Reflection on her Medical Abortion (pills used: Mifepristone and Misoprostol / Cytotec) in the Philippines (entry #70)

September 29,  2018

Karylle, 28, Housewife (separated)

Zambales, Philippines



The moment we found out that i was pregnant my partner and i were really in shocked. It’s not that my partner and i don’t want a baby,it’s just that my annulment to my husband is currently in the process. This was unexpected,so terminating it was our only choice. We tried using alternatives at first like overdosing myself in vitamin c. I also took dong quai and parsley infusion and Pessary but it didn’t worked out. So i tried searching the internet looking for a medical abortion as i was really desperate to end my pregnancy immediately because i was running out of time. Then i found project 486, of course at first i was hesitant because i was thinking maybe it’s a scam just like the other websites found on the internet. I have no choice but i have to take the risk. Gladly they’re legit!!! 101%

I sent an email to alex asking if he could help me and then after several hours i got a reply and i was asked some questions regarding my health condition and of course about my pregnancy. After giving all the details being asked, alex sent me the number of my consultant (John) and then i immediately contacted John. In fairness, John was very hands on, he was there for me all through out the process. He knows his job very well, he explained me the things i need to know and what to expect during the process. After the phone consultation which lasted for an hour, he constantly checked out for me for an update. He’s the best. Kudos to team project 486 and to John of course!they were very organized, easy to work with and 100% success rate.

The transaction was fast and smooth so we started the procedure as soon as we got the package. My body’s reacting very well to the medications John said as i followed his instructions carefully. Day 1 and day 2 was very easy to follow. Day 3 (the miso day) was the hardest, i had to stay in bed for about 8 hours and fast for 16 hours but after that it’s all gone.

The moment we saw the embryo,i felt a roller coaster of emotions. At first i felt glad that it’s all done and then seconds later i felt guilty about it. I never knew i could do this as i love children very much but my partner reassured me that this was the best decision we ever made and he was right. We may lost a baby but had an angel instead.

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