Abortion in Metro Manila: “I was raped by a family member …it is impossible for me to keep it” (entry# 97)

Hi Sir John & Sir Alex!

I’m sorry that it took awhile for me to write about my journey with Project486. I had to recover, emotionally and physically.

I don’t really want to go on so much detail. But as I opened up to Sir John, I was a rape victim, by my own family member. I knew I had to look for other ways because it’s impossible for me to keep it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still my own flesh but I had to do it, I had to get an abortion because I’m scared and of course emotionally not ready to commit to something like that as I am only 21 years old.

abortion in metro manila



abortion in metro manila

See, I was in doubt for the first few days. But when I got to talk to Sir John, he was very front about the whole procedure, he told me and explained it to me briefly what I’ll be expecting and how the process is gonna go.

When the I received the pills, I had mixed feelings, should I or should I not? After the night of receiving the package, I buckled up and decided to do it.

There were a lot of rules and steps that I should follow, very strictly. Again, I doubted myself, I thought that I couldn’t take the whole process but I did! A part of me feels so disheartened but then again, I knew I had to do it.

So on May 11, that’s when I started the whole procedure. I swallowed the first Mife, I kinda had struggled because I had to fast.
On May 12, swallowed the second Mife. still fasted. Nothing was really happening. Everything was normal to me. Just a spot of brown stain I noticed from my undies. and of course, still fasted and follow the steps/rules very strictly

And on the last day, May 13. This is where I kinda panicked, I thought that I still had to do the pillow maneuver but Sir John appointed me not to anymore because I didn’t stop bleeding until I had to take my Miso. Since I didn’t have to do the vaginal intake, I did the buccal intake instead. 2 Miso(s) on my upper teeth.

After a few hours a gush of blood and and a big chunk of water came out from me. Thought that it wasn’t it, then I updated Sir John about it.

abortion in metro manila

And at 11:25pm, Sir John told me that I was not pregnant anymore. I had a lot of mixed emotions about it, again of course, I feel disheartened.

But after all, I just want to thank Sir John and Sir Alex, PROJECT486 for helping me get through this. And to anyone that’s reading this, and still in doubt, just trust them. I was in good hands, I’ll forever be thankful to PROJECT486. “

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    1. Ms. Lordita, we received your email message. We already replied. Check both your inbox and spam/junk/trash folders

  1. I was somehow in the same situtation as this one patient here, raped and impregnated without my consent. It’s very difficult for me to accept what happened and so I asked around and found this page. My friend told me her experience with project 486 and she said that she felt safe and she never felt judged for her decision. She trusted everyone who runs this project and I know that I am in safe hands.

  2. Reading these stories saddens me. Everything here on earth has a reason and purpose. I just finished the consultation yesterday. I felt relieved that there is an organization that will understand and help you with your status

  3. Sir good day. I emailed your account. Hopeful po ako na matulungan nyo ako. I need your help po.

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