Abortion pills in Talisay City: She’s taking birth control but still got pregnant (entry 130)

Hi Sir Alex,

This is my story and my experience

On the first week of June, I had doubts, and I was already 2 to 3 weeks delayed on my period.

My partner and I had unprotected sex from April to First week of May, but I was taking birth control pills to be sure that I won’t be pregnant. But as I doubted more and waited for my period, I took PT to be sure and hoping that it’s a negative, but after taking it I got 3 positive results and the news came to me with a shock and many scenarios were taking place in my mind. First I told my partner, and we talked about it and pondered upon it, and we realized that we were not ready to be parents, and we were just building our careers, and I was just about to graduate college. All this was an emotional rollercoaster for me and my partner as we were really not ready, and our current financial statuses would help out with the situation as time got by many things crossed my mind and many what ifs and scenarios playing out, would my sisters hate me or despise for this or even cast me out because of this, would they be disappointed? The thought that was always going through my mind was disappointment, from my siblings to my peers and others.
Here is when I thought of getting an A, but I wasn’t legal here in the Philippines, but I’ve heard rumors and also my partner was searching for legitimate sites and pages on Google and there I stumbled upon project 486, at first me and my partner were skeptical but as soon as sir Alex replied to my email there we found hope. My partner did the digging and went through the testimonies and research, and there I made the decision to just the leap. I sent the emails back and forth detailing the information needed by sir Alex, and there I got the consult with sir john, and he detailed to me everything that is with the procedure the risk and what might eventually happen.

My partner and I made the decision to proceed with it and to trust the project as it would not go this far for us to be scammed, we made the arrangements with sir john, and we were mailed the medicine for the procedure.

We received it and after 5 days and upon receiving it we scheduled the procedure during our rest day and booked a hotel.

On the day, I was lucky to have my partner beside for the support and love.
It’s was really a painful and long procedure that I had to endure, but following the instructions given by sir John was really the best help we got.
At the time when it came out, I was crying and really had an emotional roller-coaster, maybe due to the hormones acting up and also from the reality that I’ve done an abortion ( which is a sin in catholic church) but nevertheless we prayed both me and my partner the we may be forgiven, After the procedure we both had a long needed rest. With this experience we were talking about how we should be responsible with having sex and make sure to do necessary actions to prevent unwanted pregnancies. This was all a new experience for me as I was really not ready to be a parent and not ready to have that load and emotional stress that it may bring to me.
I hope my story will be able to give other women the choice on what to do.
Project 486 really helped me to have that answer. Really thanking sir John for answering my call for help and sir John wihh helping throughout the procedure and beforehand ( education and risk)
Thank you project 486 may you able to continue helping others.

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  1. hello project 486, i am also calling for your help, i already sent an email 2 hrs ago and hopefully you would reply as soon as you can.

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