Abortion Pills in Rizal: Never had problems with unprotected sex until now (entry# 159)

Medical Abortion story of a young professional couple, just starting to build their lives together. (Very long detailed story ahead)



Hi, I’m sorry that it took so long for me to send my personal journey and experience with you as I have been taking my time to recover and make peace with myself from the situation that I had been.

Being in a relationship for quite a long time now, my partner and I had always been active sexually and in all those years, we never had any problems with pregnancy and the likes even without contraception. But, eventually, our luck ran out and the most dreadful news came to us. Symptoms for my usual menstrual cycle came as usual in its scheduled month last April. It’s usual for me to bloat, have headaches, and even tender breasts a week before my scheduled menstrual cycle. So, like anyone would, I didn’t pay mind to it. But, when my menstruation never came even after 2 weeks, and with a still tender breast, my suspicions grew strong. Although I was afraid to take a PT and face reality, I took it.



And within seconds of dropping my urine in the test kit, the two red lines immediately came up. Right away I knew that I am screwed. My partner and I still have a lot of plans in our career and we were just starting to put our lives together and make a living on our own. This pregnancy isn’t planned at all and cannot happen as it would damage much of our plans and careers in the future… So, with a solid decision, we scoured the internet for information on where to reach out for safe abortion in the country, even though it seemed far fetched at that moment. Thankfully, a friend of mine had some knowledge on where I can reach out to for my medical abortion. She suggested project486 without hesitation. So, we immediately looked it up and saw the numerous testimonies and experiences of other women and couple like us who has undergone the same situation as ours. Reading all the entries has made us calm and confident that help is not impossible to reach.

So with this knowledge, I contacted the organization through email and answered the questions as needed. Afterwards, they notified me to contact Dr. John/JJ for me to have my consultation. At first I really was very nervous, even thinking that the people behind this may not be truthful and may only be after the money.


But, after the consultation, I felt relieved and reassured that I came to the right people. I was so relieved to know that there are people like them in this country. People who are risking their lives just to give us another shot at the life that we choose to have.


Day 1 of procedure

I received the package via LBC pickup right at my scheduled 1st day of the 3-day procedure. I took my mife as scheduled and followed all the instructions dr.JJ has given me. So far I felt no side effects from it and my day went as usual.



Day 2 of procedure

The same procedures were applied for the day 2 of mife. The only challenging part is the part where you need to fast for 3hrs. Sometimes it can be really hard because you cannot drink even a little bit. Just like day 1, my day 2 went as usual. I took this time to rest my body and prepare all the things needed for the crucial day 3.



Day 3 of procedure (crucial part)

My day 3 went a bit different than the others because the usual time it starts is during the afternoon until midnight. But, because the people at home may raise suspicion on me if I went home past midnight, I requested dr.JJ to have my procedure start at 8am since my partner and I will do it someplace else.

So, upon arrival to our private place, I checked my phone and saw dr.JJ asking for an update about how I was and whether we had already started the procedure (we arrived late, around 9am, so we started a bit late from my 8am schedule). So, I updated dr.JJ that we were just about to start the pillow maneuver.


9am – 10am: I am in place and in pillow maneuver. I am not feeling anything yet as of this moment.

10am – 11am: At this point, I am already feeling light cramps, similar to when I’m having my menstruation. Dr. JJ instructed me beforehand that I can take an ibuprofen if I felt any unbearable pain

11am-12pm: Cramps starting to intensify at this point and I kept in mind that I should drink ibuprofen if it becomes unbearable (my mistake). I should’ve taken an ibuprofen the moment I felt it a bit intensifying (I have low pain tolerance). So, because I waited for it to intensify, it caused me to experience a very painful cramps and made me throw up because of how painful it was (it felt like my usual intense menstrual cramps when I forget to take meds immediately. Also, low pain tolerance).

12:30pm: I drank ibuprofen but my cramps were still very painful for me and enduring it made me throw up so the ibuprofen I took was just wasted as I threw up once more after 15mins of taking it. While throwing up, I also felt a sudden gush of bleeding (like a big clot) in my diaper. I immediately asked my partner to contact dr. JJ what to do and he instructed me to take 2 bonamine immediately and retake my ibuprofen. He also assured me that don’t mind the gush of blood and keep my pillow maneuver.

1:20pm: So, after I calmed down from throwing up, I took my bonamine and ibuprofen. Afterwards, at 1:40pm, I took my buccal miso, after feeling that I will no longer throw up. And because I was weak from what happened, I immediately took a nap without noticing.

2:50pm: Woke up at this point with the buccal miso still in place (from time to time I wake up from my nap to suck my saliva as instructed). I became fully awake at around 3pm. All the while I was asleep, dr.JJ kept on asking for updates (which my partner answered) and upon waking up, I updated him properly on my condition. Because I have a heart condition, monitoring me was more crucial for them but everything went well (apart from the cramps and vomitting) I didn’t experience any palpitations nor any complications, connecting to my heart, during the procedure (except for when I was enduring the pain. It of course elevated my heart rate). So, while waiting for 4pm (the time I will be swallowing the miso remains in my mouth) dr. JJ was there all throughout, giving me strength and guiding me properly.


5pm: after swallowing the miso remains, I was allowed to standup and move around at 5pm and also check my diaper. As I stood up, a gush of blood rushed in my diaper and I immediately went to the bathroom to check myself. So, I took photos of the blood clots and tissues that passed me and sent it to dr.JJ immediately. Their reply took some time so I set everything aside (my diaper, blood clots, tissues, and the like) first and took a shower (I put a block on the drainage as blood clots may still pass as I shower). My partner accompanied me and was the one who cleaned me up as I was still weak from the procedure.

6pm: they replied and asked me a few questions and finally, dr. JJ declared that I was no longer pregnant. The relief I felt that moment was unimaginable. I felt that I once again had a shot for the life that I aim and dream of…


There are no words to express how thankful I am for this organization. They always made sure that I was safe with them and that I could trust them. All throughout the process, pre and post abortion, they have always been very patient to answer my queries and even my nonsense paranoia whether the procedure was really a success. Many many many thanks to dr. JJ and his team as they sacrifice much of their time and even their own lives just to help people like us. Women who are desperate to be given another chance. Up to this day, their team still entertains my messages and answers them with patience and kindness. I will forever be grateful that I found this organization.

So, to all the girls out there who are scared and lost on what to do and who to trust, I assure you, this organization will not fail you.


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