Abortion Pills in San Juan City: Twice they’ve done it , they promised the next one will be brought to term (entry # 157)


Hello, Sir. Sorry it took quite a while. Sharing my story here. I hope this is okay–


As a middle-aged woman who has undergone a lot in life, I’ve learned the hard way that raising children is no easy feat. I’d say, Im at a point in my life where I’m already certain about my limits as a woman, a mother, provider, and more importantly as an individual. I’m extremely lucky to have found project486— Sirs John and Alex who helped me carry out this critical decision in my life not once, but twice without judgement.

In our society, it’s pretty easy to say that many women face this crossroad lacking proper education, guidance and most importantly— help. Admittedly, I am part of that census. Going through this once would have been considered a mistake, but going through it the second time made me question myself with a lot of things. As a grown woman with children, I thought I already knew my body enough to have taken care of it the way I thought I should. I was wrong.

I’d say, this has been one of the darkest and toughest time of my life, and I felt very alone as I stared at my home PT kits. To me, child-bearing and raising children definitely takes a toll on a woman’s body, mind, heart and soul. And whether you get help from family, friends and loved ones, the weight of the responsibility is heaviest on you rather than them. Sadly, our society is quick to judge when you deviate from the norm, or when you trudge a path less-traveled. But then, you’re left to survive on your own once you succumb to be conventional.

Going through the procedure is risky if not properly guided. Unfortunately, this is what we lack the most, and finding help from professionals like Sirs Alex and John may be difficult as well if you lack a bit of resourcefulness. I feel lucky to have come across Project486 and stand testament to its effectiveness and safety.

Thank you so much, Project486. My respect goes out to you for safely helping out women including myself.

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