Abortion Pills in Mandaue, Cebu: She failed twice using medicines from sketchy Facebook sellers (entry# 126)


To project 486, it took a while for me to write down my story.

I waited till my regular menstruation was done. Flashback last February 2023 I noticed that something was not feeling normal with my body, like I felt sleepy most of the time, I hate walking and just want to lie down in bed always. I want to do some things because I am an adventurous person but still my body wants to rest. I crave more foods often, foods that I am not used to eat much, everything I felt was suspicious already and last March 3, 2023 I had the guts to take a PT which turns out to be positive, first I did not believe and I did think that was a false positive, but as days passed by my lower belly is a bit bigger than how it used to look.

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I was paranoid and worried already because I am not yet ready for this. I worked full time and studied at the same time.

I never thought that I would get pregnant because of almost a year with my BF together without protection. I always had my regular menstruation, so maybe I am not able to provide a baby. We still continue thinking that it is not possible for me to have one not until it was confirmed last March. I was so happy that I could be pregnant but sad at the same time because it is not yet the right time for me.

The moment I have decided to abort the baby, I checked on the online platforms on how to do it and what are the meds that I should take. I was scammed twice! First scam was that I was provided with 4 methergine 8 Rotec pills (they said to cut it in half) and 8 Mifepristone in a plastic type package. Since I have no knowledge about it yet I gave it a shot. I did the procedure which is hell the POC did not go through because they told me I did not do it the right way.

I consulted another online seller and they have said that I must avail the Cytotec because Rotec will not work on me. The next scam is that I have to steam, like adding hot water to a backet and sit on it to steam , it hurts and doesn’t feel right but still I go through all the process, I did elevate  for 8 hours and follow their instructions on how I should take the meds. The procedure failed and the seller blamed me again for not doing it right, I fasted for many days thinking I was not going to survive, I sacrificed a lot but still it failed. I have lost hope already.

I searched in google about abortion and Project 486 caught my attention with all the testimonies and stories posted. I tried to email them about it, they replied and scheduled a call. Project 486 regained my Trust and I have high hopes this will be the last time and the procedure will be successful. I availed the right number of meds for me and yes, they are all stored in blister packs not like other medicines I received before it was stored in a plastic zip lock. The person who guides me through the procedure was Sir John, I felt safe because he replies immediately if I have concerns.

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The moment when the meds arrived, I did fast and followed all through sir John’s procedure. The last procedure was not difficult. It only took me 2-3 hours to elevate because I had intense bleeding even though I wore 2 pads and when I stood up on the floor of the bathroom the POC went out it was twins!

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Twin embryos digitally covered by dark circles. ————————————- Even with permission from the patient, we don’t publish fully-formed (with limbs) embryos/fetuses without digitally covering/hiding them


I did not expect it and I really hated myself. I cannot explain how I felt after the procedure especially when I saw the POC’s. I am not yet healed emotionally and mentally but still I have to move forward to go through my daily routines. I am still thankful for Project 486 that helped me pass through the hard times of my life. I have no words to say more but readers you can definitely trust them they are very patient with you. I highly recommend project 486 than those you see on Facebook. The end.

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  1. Hi Sir,

    I have emailed you and im hoping to get help from project486 too. I badly need it.

    I’ll be waiting for your reply, Thank you.

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