Abortion pills in Las Piñas Metro Manila solves unplanned pregnancy

 Abortion pills in Las Pinas helps unprepared career woman

I’m CM, from Las Piñas.

To all the people behind Project486, I’m grateful beyond words for giving me the option to undergo a totally safe medical abortion. I had my procedure last May 6, 2021. I wrote and sent my story on May 9, 2021.

I want to share how my procedure went because it’s a little different from
what I’m expecting and from what I read from other patients. Reading others
exprience help me a lot on what to expect so I was able to prepare myself
physically and mentally.


Calendar App ( Rhythm Method) is not reliable

I have a calendar app that tracks my period and for the past 2 years this
calendar method seems to be accurate for my fertile date and when to expect
my next period. According to my app, I’m expecting my period between April
14, so to be safe, we did the unprotected contact on April 11 that is the
26th day of my period.

So the following week came and no period yet , I’m
not worried at all. Then another week has passed and still period, that’s
where I started to worry but inside my head, there is no way I can be
pregnant because we did it 3 days before my next period. April 21, i took
the first PT and it came negative, 2nd PT on April 28 and still negative.
Another week has passed and still no period but I tried not to think much
of it.


May 03, when I went to supermarket, I saw a drugstore and there I
bought another PT because I want to test again, not really sure why, maybe
a woman instinct? At home, I use the PT and to my surprise, a red line
shows on the bottom part where usually the red line I see is on the upper
part only, I’m totally horrified to see two lines!! but I stop thinking how
on earth it happened instead I hold myself together and think of what I
MUST do, because the first thing that came on my mind when I saw the two
lines is “I’m not yet ready” Me and my partner have been together for
almost 7 years.

abortion pills in las pinasabortion pills in las pinas metro manilaabortion pills in las pinas metro manila

Financially ready but emotionally unprepared

We both have a very stable job and a small business,
everything is going in our favor right now but still, I’m not yet ready to
have a child. I have decided not to continue this pregnancy at all cost.
People who dont know project 486 might think I’m heartless for not having a
second thought of keeping it, but you know what I want to cry, Its not an
easy decision because at the end of the day we are talking about another
life here, there is another heartbeat inside me, but my resolve outweigh my
conscience and so I made my decision.


Delivery of abortion pills  in Las Pinas is the answer

I contacted Project 486 the same night. I Sent them this e-mail message:

Good evening sir,

I know I may look like stupid right now bad I needed your help for real
now, last time february my period came that is why I did not reply but
because I’m stupid now its positive that iam pregnant, i dont know why but
mu period became so unpredictable starting February, but now I’m 100% sure
that i am pregnant because beside from not getting period the PT came

I have attached here the 3 photos you required but I think the
code had date back in february so if you need me sire to make another photo
let me know, I dont know why this time I’m not thay afraid to write this
email like last time I’m trembling just for being delayed for weeks. The
thing is I did not expect to be pregnant now because i dont have any
symptoms aside from missed period but since I know what we did I decided to
take PT today and it came positive.

Please help me sir, its not the time now.

I received their response the following morning and had my phone
consultation with Sir John that evening. After making payment May 5, I
received the meds May 6 evening thru Lalamove.where to buy abortion pills in las pinas

May 6, I started my diet and fasting before I took the first Mife (Mifepristone)

May 7, same diet and fasting regimen for second Mifepristone (Mife#2) intake.

May 8, it’s the 3rd day, the Miso (misoprostol) day. I book a hotel for this day since I
have to do it on a stress free environment. I book 2 nights because I have
to start 8AM. I have my bestfriend with me, sadly my partner dont know
what I’m about to do, he does not have any idea that I’m pregnant.

8:00 AM, I inserted 2 Misoprostol tablets in my vagina, I was able to insert them
easily because my cervix is already soft (sign of pregnancy) I did not feel
anything for almost 3 hour aside from wanting to pee but nothing is coming
out. 11:00 AM, I’m already allowed to drink a cup of water, I’m so relieved
because at that point I’m already dehydrated.abortioin pills in las pinas manila


12:00 noon, 1st buccal misoprostol, 15 minutes before my 1st buccal miso, I felt a
bit of cramping on my uterus but not really painful, more of a heavy
feeling. I decided to put a hot compress because according to what I read,
the painful cramps will start after taking 1st buccal miso but to my
surprise, I did not feel anything, no cramps at all and no bleeding for the
whole 3 hours untill I swallow the remaining misoprostol tablets.

I started to worry that the meds might not be working because I’m not feeling anything at all and no bleeding.

Around 3:45, I started to feel light cramping again, not
really painful but more of a discomfort, I feel the cramps like every 3-5
minutes that last for 10-30 seconds only, it continues until I took my 2nd
miso 4:00 PM.

4:00 PM, its time for the 2nd buccal misoprostol intake and this is also the time when I
can finally stand. The end of 8 hrs pillow maneuver. I’m expecting that
there will be a gush of blood when I stand up but I feel nothing so I feel
more worried at that point, I decided to pee because I couldn’t pee on the
diaper, that’s when I saw blood coming out but not a lot and some clot
only. I felt relieved because finally I started to bleed and the meds were
working as expected.

5:30 PM, I have a hard time swallowing the remaining misoprostol tablets because

my mouth were totally dried, almost no saliva left. I almost throw it up but I was
able to close my mouth and swallow it. 5:45 when I started to passed clot,
the first one were totaly big and a lot almost half of my palm. I tried to
check if the POC is there but every time I touch the clot it breaks down to
small pieces so the POC is not yet out.

6:00 PM, when I’m allowed to eat light meal.  I only ate small meal because
the POC is still inside me. I started to worry even more because from what
I read, they were able to deliver the POC from first buccal miso. Sir John
texted me not to worry as it will only delay.

Before I can relax, I started
to feel cramping again, this time its more sharp and more frequent every
two minutes interval. Still not very painful for me but very discomfort.
Every time I feel the cramp I felt my hand is getting cold so I use the
heating pad on my hand instead on my abdomen, I also pass a lot of gas like
every 15 minutes. This time I felt very tired and heavy so I slept.

9:30 PM, I woke up because I want to pee, when I took out my diaper I sawabortion in las pinas manila
there was a small round white flesh. I took it out and check, at first I
thought it was the amniotic sac because I saw fluid inside, I felt nervous
and the urge to pee was gone. I’m staring at it for like 2 minutes and whenI pee, a big clot suddenly came down, this time the clot did not break down so I’m thinking that this must be part of the POC (Products of Conception) .

I tried to open it and I saw more white flesh inside like a nerve like flesh, and I stop checking it as I’m afraid I might see the embryo already in pieces.

I took a photo and sent it to sir Alex to confirm if those are POC but for me those are without a doubt the POC, I dont know why but I have that sure feeling.

Officially not pregnant on Mother’s day

I’m relieved that the procedure has ended successfully. It took 13 hours
and half to complete my procedure, a lot longer compare to other. The whole
procedure was long for me but it was not painful, totally different from
what I’m expecting.

I bought 6 pieces of ibuprofen and thankful I did not took
any of them. I told sir John that I have never experience dysmenorrhea and
he told me that I may not experience a painful cramps during my procedure
and it really came true, the migraine after period is more painful for me.

The hard part and real challenge was the 8 hours pillow maneuver while on
16 hours fasting. Just trust them, trust the procedure and surely it will
not fail. PS. it’s a bit ironic that I’m officially not pregnant on Mother’s day.

I’m now on my way to full recovery and so far I have not experience any
discomfort since I did the procedure. I’m taking the antibiotic and all the
after care instruction sent to me. I can tell that the health and well
being of their patient is far more important than what they can get out
from selling the medicines. Believe me, you are in good hands.

To the woman who are reading this especially those looking for abortion pills in Las Pinas, my hometown– I know what you are feeling right now, the anxiety, fear and so on, I’ve made it through safely so I’m sure you too will as long as you seek the help of the right people which in my case is  none other than Project 486.

CM, IT Analyst, City of  Las Pinas, Metro Manila, Philippines


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  1. Hello. im also in las piñas, i hope someone can help me in here how or where to go about this unplanned fetus inside me .

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