Victim of online scammer finally gets genuine help for her Medical Abortion procedure (entry # 81)

Name: Marga
Date of Procedure: May 10, 2021

*Good afternoon Sir Alex, here is my reflection from the procedure last
May. Thank you so much again to your team for giving me a chance to live my
life like before.

Hi! This is Marga, I’m sorry if it took me long to write this and gathered
all my courage to write what I have been through for the past 3 months.

It was a week before my period starts, and I’m feeling very different with
how my body feels. My breasts were always sore and my nipples began to
increase in size. And so me and my partner waited for my period that week
to come and it never happened.He was confident that I’m not pregnant while me,

I was already in doubt. I bought 2 PTs just to make sure and  I did what
I did the morning I woke up. At first nothing came out, but then i added
more drops and then in an instant, 2 bars started to appear in front of me.
Then decided to try the other PT and same thing happened, it came out

I was so scared and I did not know what to do. Then I told my
sisters about it and they were all very understanding. I looked through a
lot of pages about abortion websites and actually we came to find one.
Turns out it was a scam. We wasted time and money for nothing.

Until my sister asked her friend and recommended me to email project 486 and look
for Sir John. Within hours I received their reply and they were all very
helpful with me. They have been my support system all throughout my
journey, on call consultation and they reply asap whenever they have their
free time.

They also provided me a time table to be aware of what will happen if I proceeded with the

method, and for more accurate results trust them with everything and they will guide you smoothly.

I was 4-5 weeks pregnant and irregular, and the results were accurate as to what they told
me in their time table, I was now officially not pregnant.

abortion 4 weeks pregnant
embryo at 4-5 weeks from LMP

Ladies, always remember to trust your gut and do the procedure fast in order for you and
your baby not to suffer in the long run. May this serve as a lesson for you to always have protected intercourse.

Sir John and the rest of the project 486, thank you for your guidance and understanding with my journey.

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