A Past Patient Needs to have Medical Abortion during the Pandemic (entry # 76)

When I realized that I needed help, I was worried because upon checking, I thought Project486 was no longer in operation as their site was no longer active since Ive noticed it doesn’t have any new posts or even recent ones, so I thought baka given the situation during this pandemic, nag stop na sila. But still, I tried my luck and went to send an email to Sir Alex, and here I am 2 weeks after my procedure, and the bleeding has stopped now.

During the procedure, I am glad that I was able to sleep through most of it. The cramps came and go, and there was even a point at around 9:30am, where I woke up and broke into cold sweats due to overall cramps from my abdomen and the position I had to maintain in general, but everything was fairly bearable during those time, I was even able to sneak work in while lying down at around 10am-12pm. But at around 12:20pm, thats when the feeling of having to push became overwhelming for me, paired with the feeling of having to defecate as well, so I sent a message to Sir John requesting to be allowed to stand and walk around already, which he then allowed me to do just that, but at 1pm, and gave me an instruction to bear with it for a while, and I did.

When 1pm came, I sat and stood up, gathered the things I would need to take a bath, and the things I’d need with taking a photo of the POC, and went down the stairs to go to the bathroom, but even all those commotion wasn’t enough for the POC to rush down from me yet. It took a little while for the POC to come out, and I had to give a little push before they came rushing down the diaper, then I set to work on cleaning and gathering the POCs I would need in taking the photo for evidence, and immediately sent an email of it to Sir Alex right away. Took a bath, placed 2pm buccal miso, resumed work for a bit, swallowed what was left of the buccal miso at 4pm, and ate at 5pm.

I only suffered from diarrhea for the remaining of that day of the procedure, and couldn’t feel full no matter what and how much I ate, and had abdominal cramps just like what I would experience when I have my normal mens for the next 3-5 days after the procedure. Took amoxicillin every 8 hours for 5 days as per Sir John’s post-procedure instructions and always washed with feminine wash whenever I visit the CR.

I knew I had nothing to worry about during the whole process because I am in good hands with Sir John and the whole team of Project486. Beyond grateful that the transaction and the procedure itself went as smooth as possible despite the given situation. May you never get tired of helping women in need of assistance. Again, an immense thank you po to Sir John, Sir Alex, and the team behind Project486.

Sharee, 27,  Pasig City, Metro MAnila, Philippines

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