Abortion in Bulacan: She couldn’t find Project 486’s old website so a past patient almost used unreliable meds (entry # 99)

Abortion in Bulacan:

Patient’s name: Elena (a repeat patient)

First day of last menstruation : May 12, 2022

First day of missed period: June 9, 2022

Date of conception/unprotected sex (best guess): May 21

Date(s) of procedure: July 2-4, 2022

abortion in bulacan july 2022

Good day

I’m Elena, I’m a former client of project 486 back in 2018. Unfortunately, I need help again. I might be 6 weeks pregnant and I just found out last week. I was trying to Google the organization but I couldn’t find it so I thought it’s no longer active. I also couldn’t find which email I used for the interaction and out of desperation I contacted group of resellers on Facebook.
I’ve already paid for the meds and it was already sent to me before I found the project 486 emails and looked up the new website. I was reading the files sent to me back then and comparing it to the instructions given to me by the fb resellers, they sounded like they were just taking it by chances cause the preparations were long and ridiculous. They did not even consulted me on my symptoms when I told them I was spotting for a few days. The resellers have different methods so I’m afraid the procedure might not work on me. I was hoping you could help me again. Thank you

– This was Elena’s comment on   one of the stories of patients from Bulacan  ,  probably her own story when she had her first medical abortion procedure back in January 2018.


Below is Elena’s reflection on her most recent medical abortion:


I never thought I’d be writing up for Project 486 again but here I am. The first time I did I thought it would also be the last time so I put everything into it. 2018 version of me must be embarrassed. Like I’ve never really learned anything. Looking back, not much has changed, only this time I didn’t feel alone while doing the procedure and also this time, I’m with a partner who I made the decision with and he trusted me that I know what is best for everyone. He was religious but he let me decide what I wanted to do with my body. It means a lot to me.

This pregnancy is really different from my past 2 pregnancies. I was nauseated all the time and everything I eat, I just throw up right after. I spot almost everyday. It was a nightmare. I didn’t know that could happen to me. Makes my respect for women so much higher. I couldn’t even bear it for 3 weeks. The procedure went smoothly though, happy thoughts really did help.

abortion pills in bulacan

6 weeks abortion

The first time I did it I was so stressed coz I was tending to my 3-year old while doing it and we were alone in the house. The universe really conspired that everyone went home right after it was done. This time I was texting my partner, I didn’t want him to be around me cause I am somewhat hyper independent and he is much nervous than me.
Project 486 also changed a lot with the procedure and the strict dieting. I’m glad they did coz this time around I really craved a lot of food and I couldn’t help it.

We’re in a moment in time wherein a lot of historical events are happening, specifically the overturning of roe v wade has also impacted me coz I talked to a lot of US residents about it. If only the Philippines and the world would progress, women won’t have to suffer like this. Good thing there are progressive thinkers in this country and groups who help like Project 486. I have never seen other groups in the Philippines that I could trust with my life more than them and I’ll be forever grateful in behalf of all the women that they will help in the future. Cause let’s face it, more needs to be done in our health care system for birth control.
This experience also made me realize a lot has changed in me. I was more respectful to the embryo and even talked to it for it’s brief time with me, the first time I had an abortion I absolutely detested it. I’m into spiritual practices now, some might call me superstitious and this time I had given the embryo a proper burial. I told him I’d see him in his next life, and I hope he gets the life and parents he deserves

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